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If I could I would Fill the empty place in hearts To move on in life
The cost of a child. Two thousand forty one dollars.  Just to have a child.    The cost of  good health.  Three hundred twenty eight dollars.  Just to stay healthy.
There are a thousand thing
If I could change one thing in this world I'd change the viper snake Because, as far as im concerned They take and take and take   Once they bite, The poison starts killing
Please put down the gun. When at the end of your rope, Tie a knot; hold on.
US "he, she, them ,they, you" is what we say when things aren't going okay
The Language of God By: Carrie Olsen   I am in a land that is not my own. No one knows what I am saying. Unrestricted, uncensored, I am free. I have a power over them, they do not understand me.
STOP. Stop doing what everyone thinks is cool. Do you... Don't make fool.
Although it seems to be in the trees, or maybe that sun, or birds, or bees, that make us all feel a bit more alive, I think this solution resides inside. Happiness can't be contracted like the flu,
  Today a boy will fall down unconscious his trembling form on the bathroom floor one hand clutching tight a bottle filled with little white exit signs
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Flags are nothing but color. Caucasian, Indian, Islander, African Skin is not the issue in particular. Trans, Gay, Straight, Bi We are all the same.
I'd change the construction business. They stop traffic Take up time And NEVER seem to finish the job.   Late to work, The only thing the tires get is dirt.   The way it is built
What sustains life on earth What began life on earth What we rely on day by day for the relief in our bodies It’s chopping the thread that holds his life   The thread is cut deep
I dream of world, our world A world where kindess is a first instinct where we stand together in all times we work together to better the world my world, our world
  Imagine a world with no color How dull our lives will be Every moment the sky gray That’s not the way Our dreams won’t be dreams We will wake up with screams Because a world with no color
If I could choose to change
What has this world come to?Where we have to hold a slam to say what needs to be changed.
See the hustle and bustle of the world See how it people go about their life They lie and cheat to get what they want They hurt people with their words and get away with it It’s not right It’s not right
Death, pain, and sorrow. That's all that seems to follow.
Speak softly, don't rush ahead Things are real,
Is the value of simple paper more than what we make it? Does it matter if we break a twenty or we save it? Think About it, Why do we care so much about money, When there’s people surviving only off milk and honey?
What if I could change one thing about my life  I would take away all the pain and the srtife All the talk about my size and height I would want to start life over and do things right  
I was only seven when they said id never achieve it. I was just a girl and Id never achieve it. I guess I was stupid cause I began to believe it. As I grew up I realized I had begun to believe it.
There are many things That I would change. Some things revolving around Physical appearance. Some being people's personalities. The thing I would want to change most Is the way the society works
The whole world would love,  WIthout a doubt in my mind,  No one would be above, Everyone, a bit more kind.    Spreading happiness from soul to soul,  Instead of bringing people down- 
I already had three tests today so I'm stressed enough. I forgot my usual peanut butter and fluff. I stand in line with a worried look. God knows what the lunch ladies decided to cook. No dog would eat half of what is here.
So many things could change,Only to change one,How can you choose?I would change the way people see time.People are so caught up in tomorrow or yesterday,They watch the minutes tick by on technology,
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