My Freedom Shall Come

Speak softly, don't rush ahead

Things are real,

but not in my head.

The pictures dance and speak

I sit alone with nothing to keep

See the reflection,

and feel the growth of misery;

borrow the happiness,

leave none behind.

Fear and joy,

are far in-between

The pain I feel

When I am here


Grasping the portrait

of a life once lived

My distress is a roar,

That no one hears


The grace of light, 

glowing and polished,

shines the brightest

Illuminating my dark world,

opening its doors to the unknown

Elation, surround me,

Fill me with peace


Until then, 

I sit and wait,

For that one day, 

where my life becomes real

Where the birds may sing,

Where the children will play,

and where I can join alongside them

Stay calm, release the pain

Speak no sorrow,

love thyself

For I am, who I am

And though this hurts

my hope is strong

that one day, 

my freedom shall come

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