The Language of God


The Language of God

By: Carrie Olsen


I am in a land that is not my own.

No one knows what I am saying.

Unrestricted, uncensored, I am free.

I have a power over them, they do not understand me.

But wait…

There is no connection,

So very alone,

No one to share in my happiness, my thoughts, my dreams.


This feeling, this separateness will be present until we can create a perfect world,

Void of anger, of hate, of prejudice.

We need to learn to appreciate each other and to cooperate, not bicker.

We need to realize the value of each person, that each soul is precious.

We need to remember that we once walked the same Earth together.

We are one.

We are a family under one Father.

We must work and spread love so that one day,


No matter what race, color, gender,

We will whisper, talk, sing, shout

In the language of God.


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