The Voice in Our Head


There are a thousand things 
That I’d like to change,
But the one that matters most 
Is the voice in my head.

Screaming names and profanities
I’d rather not hear.
On the top of it’s lungs
Yelling doubts and fears.

I know I’m not the only one,
We all have that dark voice.
The one that tells us were not good enough,
That we don’t deserve it,
That we won’t succeed,
That we should just give up.

But ya know what?
We ARE good enough.
We DO deserve it.
And we need to fight like hell until we get it.
Because we WILL succeed
And no voice should tell us otherwise.
Especially not our own.

So if I could change one thing,
I would change that voice in our head.
It’s holding us back,
So I’d make it help us instead.

A push when we’re stuck,
Maybe a little extra hope.
Some courage thrown in there,
And strength to help us cope.

A kinder voice could go miles,
For not just me 
But everyone around,
Because we all have that voice
That only brings us down.


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