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The boy next door has scars that he hides. He goes to school sad and teary-eyed. His father beats him with a leather strap. I feel so sorry for the little chap.  
mirror mirror on the wall tell me if i've gotten prettier at all. don't tell me try harder, starve, carve. mirror mirror on the wall why is it so hard to stay so small? i've done all you told me to do 
just words written down nothing more nothing less until they were words about bodies respect food fuel no longer words but a path to recovery
"Freak Geek She's sweet Oh please  Stop with the name calling While in far away places soldiers are falling Babies are crying                  Starving                  Parting   ways
Me. Its not as simple as most people would think to define me.
Hunger yawns in me Like some waking creature It grows, reaching angrily Searching, scratching, howling, For something to consume I give it nothing So the hunger sits, smoldering
Betraying my body.  Excersing to oblivion.  All food maticulousoy monitered.  Under the control of the fear of gaining weight.  Telling myself if I lose a few more ill be happy. 
With an empty stomach I go to bed. There is no food for me tonight. With an empty stomach I wake up. The result of the night before is taking its effect.
Don’t eat,
Starving Desperate, Hopeless Wishing, Wanting, Begging College, Debt, Wealthy, Employed Striving, Achieving, Believing
She starves herself through the night Just to find her own experiences to write She strives for talent and strives for attention Just to be known by her word inventions   A girl deprived of her own dreams
i scrubbed violently at the grime on my skin filth dirt stain soot struggled to cleanse the grease out of my hair dirty oily unwashed
  Just Listen…     Just listen to the words I have to say ‘cause it just might make a difference to you and me  
Children are starving, yet people ignore this fact, engorging themselves
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