Just Listen

Thu, 07/04/2013 - 10:49 -- Jamaya



Just Listen…



Just listen to the words I have to say ‘cause it just might make a difference to you and me


Just listen to my poetry

because you might reveal my inner mystery


Just because you don’t listen

does not mean you can’t hear


Just listen to our history

and try to solve my mystery


Just listen to the cry of hate

competing with the whisper of love


Just listen to my plea of help, to hear my woes revealed


Just listen to the words I write, speak, sing, or scream ‘cause I can make a change


Just listen to the music Mother Nature provides with all her care and love


Just listen to the cries of starving babies, who don’t care about the bills


Just listen to rich laughing down at the poor just ‘cause they got more


Just listen to the riots in the streets below


Just listen to the frightened child

who is afraid of the violence in the streets


Just listen to one’s sad story,

to learn their history


Just listen to this poem written down on my paper by my pencil cause’ this poem is my…



My view

My cue, to speak

My story

My life

My view through my eyes


Are you listening?

Just Listen…




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