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Running scared down Defeatist Street, Trying to go back in time. Retreating isn’t security, Especially since I out grew mine.   I wish I could be me again, Feeling free to run and wonder.
I am jaded by the sun
Change Shapes
Stupid, Ugly, Scared, That is all I saw Looking at the sasquatch Staring back from the wall. Why am I not intelligent? Why am I not beautiful?
I got a brand ne
You look in the mirror but what you see isn't really you Sure it's you standing there but it's missing something too   You don't see the way your eyes sparkle when talking about something you like
I found the devil, not in hell, but in the infinite space  between my body and the mirror.
Looking down Left Right No eye contact They are looking They must be looking Something is wrong Something must be wrong Oh goodness, Everything is wrong
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