No Censors Please

I got a brand new mess in this same old head

shit never lets me rest, so I don’t ever leave my bed

Yeah, sometimes I drink myself to sleep,

and yeah, sometimes I force myself to eat

cuz there’s a hole in my stomach where there shoulda been meat

cuz I’m weak

but I pretend to be strong

I ain’t the type to admit when I’m dead fuckin wrong

Can’t be sure, but I don’t think it’ll be long

'till the next time I wake up and everyone is gone

cuz there ain’t a guide on how to survive

when all the noise in your mind makes you wanna fucking die

Why? Cuz even though I try, I can’t seem to find

a worse fuckin fate than being stuck in this place

where nothing ever changes, they just rearrange it

and blame it on us while we’re still dumbfounded

tryna remember when the fuck we felt grounded

Yeah, but you’re right tho, it must all be a dream

cuz nothing is ever as bad as it seems

I’m just tryna figure out what it all means

and it makes my heart ache to wake up day after day

and see that the earth keeps on getting less green

and looking more like a machine that processes decay

I’m just getting tired, losing my desire to fight

Losing my sight of anything that’s right

In fact, I’m blinking back cataracts

still tryna make contact and get back that

visual response that I lack

I’m slackin off, my brain’s been jackin off

taking a mental walk whenever I start to talk

My body’s moving slow but my mouth is runnin

and I only like myself when someone else is cummin

because of me, and that ain’t how it should be

I just wish I felt something like free.


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