life lesson

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Albino gecko with alien eyesinhales my fragrant magenta guisecontemplating if i'm good to eati cannot move, i cannot sleep, 
Can we take a moment to just stop? Just stop. Stop and think. Think about people. The people in your life. How your life is with those people in them. How your life is without those people in them. 
Bloom. Life begins to zoom. Growing up too soon. Been six years in school. Not my first crush but closest to first love. Went through things no kid ever should've. Years of off and on revealed to be
fucked up life every day's a dark night there's no light yet I'm here like it's a delight
My teacher once told me he was 'in the winter of life'. And how beautifully tragic it seemed at first that we are all seasons.
2016 was a year of L's. On average I took an L every other month. Which means I learned from 6 L's that I wanna share with y'all.   
When it rains, it pours, They say, I've never known a grander truth. Skies turn gray and I Drown again In water, tears, and straight vermouth. Patterns, fractals, Seem to be
Why am I still standing here In this place where I was once happy Even though I close my eyes I still feel you staring down at me Why won't you leave me alone? How am I supposed to move on with this stare?
I figured out why I feel I don't have real friends So no matter who I'm with I feel lonely in the end It's because I don't live with love in my heart The distance between I and my true feelings keeps me apart
This is not a love story, the same old boy meets girls gets boring, and the cliche of the shy and timid getting their true love gets too vivd, in this journey, it's starts with me,
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