This is not a love story

Thu, 01/16/2014 - 15:16 -- Yoshi2

This is not a love story,

the same old boy meets girls gets boring,

and the cliche of the shy and timid

getting their true love gets too vivd,

in this journey, it's starts with me,

a promise to wait and not date,

and yet not a day passed

when i found her in my first class

it was as if my life became a sitcom,

unamware of the tragedies to come,

the first strike came when a loose friend let slip a tight secret

 second strike came when she ignored those words, i felt the reject

it took three years for me to pull out cupids arrow

and the wounds made the way to my heart narrow,

there are days and months when i forget

but my heart holds tight to whats left

and the sad part is it would've never worked

the truth is i don't want to get hurt

and the queen of hearts likes to play joker

 and countless broken kings fall behind her,

i sometimes wish i never felt this way

but i have already passed that day

it's sad that this love didn't end in glory

but this is not a love story



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