Grow With The Flow

Bloom. Life begins to zoom.

Growing up too soon.

Been six years in school.

Not my first crush but closest

to first love.

Went through things no kid ever should've.

Years of off and on revealed to be


Because of a bet is why he decided.

Naive little me was so excited.

Lost a lot that year,

realized I was blinded.

Trust became very little

for those with sunflower seed spittle.

It was the first time learning

a lesson I continue to learn.

Trust will always be

something you have to earn.


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HB Rita



omg, as soon as I saw the words "because of a bet" it felt like something just hit me in the heart not even lying. i completely agree with you, even though we have the instinct, dont trust him, we ignore it and in the end our instinct was right all along. we constantly forget that trust is something you have to earn, as you said. your poem is awesome! :)

Yakira G.

Thank you so much!


Hi Yakira,

I'm an intern with Power Poetry.  We love your work and  would like to share it on our social media platforms.  We can link your twitter, instagram, and/or facebook or, if you prefer, keep you anonymous. Please respond to this comment.  Thank you for your wonderful work!




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