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“You’ve stayed by my sideEven at my worst moments.Don’t you ever getTired of it all? It seemsLike an awful lot of work.”  
Because I love you, you should do what I say. Because I love you, you can't hang out with your friends. Because I love you, you can't wear that. Because I love you, you should stay home.
My Recipe for a healthy relationship – You take two Adults with enough Common Int’rests
Your Love is like a willow, strong and steadfast. Growing faster than any other, 10ft higher each year. It flows with the wind, and never fails to sing out loud.  
Because I love you I listen to your feelings Because I love you I share with you my deepest feelings Because I love you I only want to make you better Because I love you I trust you in every way Because I love you I believe in the things you say B
I look in the mirror And see everything he couldn't. I see the angel kisses spread across my skin Even the one on my lip. I see the gentleness in my eyes And the hope in my smile.
Putting you first before myself brings happiness to  me. It brings peace and love to my heart. Speechless is the feeling I feel when I see you laugh and make jokes.
Because I love You I want to see you angry I want to see you cry I want to see you hurt I want to see you fail I want to see you fall I want to see you give up I want to see you at your lowest point
I love you this much, More than all the tears from your eyes. If you love me, You'll not worry your pretty mind over my lies. What I mean with my fists My love will persist;
Because I love you I will listen to what you have to say Because I love you I will never just turn and run away   Because I love you
hands that connect under a kitchen table over morning coffee and bagels hands that slip under jacket folds in the crisp winter hands that fumble together during the darkest point of the night
Nobody loves anybody for anybody, Only for the things they receive from them. No body? That’s a shame Because the body is the first thing that comes into
If I showed you the real me, you’d faint from the reality. Should I wipe away the fake, you’d realize just how cake faced I am.  I pile on shimmery hues of teal to hide the blues I truly feel. Why should I wipe them away and leave the real blues o
I yell at you because I love you... I hit you because Its a way to descipline you and make you better and I do this because I love you... I mention  how big of a mistake you are and point out your failures as motivation
It is because I respect youThat I never downgrade you. It is because I value you That I always listen. It is because I trust youThat I never doubt you.
I will stand with you though all your life’s seasons Sometimes I won’t know the reason Except, I love you I will stay through the cold times to warm you up again
“Because I love you” is what the unintelligent use to justify their actions “I love you” are more than words It’s the way you make me feel and the honesty
Because I Love You…               I trust you. Because I Love You…               Just give me a call when you have the time. Because I Love You…               We don’t need to see each other every day.
Because I love you Is such an idle thing I want to hold it dear to me But say nothing These words need actions To mean anything Throw away the ring I don't want these binds
Because I am in love with you... I will always anwer your calls,  Even when they are filled with nonesense ramblings Or your quiet sobs. Because I am in love with you... I will always hold you at night,
I Will.   I will lift you from the ground when you fall, Be at your side with even just one call,
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