Falsity of Love

“Because I love you” is what the unintelligent use to justify their actions

“I love you” are more than words

It’s the way you make me feel and the honesty

Those words shouldn’t be an excuse

For the way you leave my heart and cells broken

Or the way you leave my skin soaked with the prints of your hands

Your laugh should be like feeling the sun rays upon my skin after being engulfed in the icy winds

Instead I hear the red man laughing at my pain

Your smile should bring a wave of happiness into my life

Instead it brings the darkness and oblivion to your true self

You blame me for not being pretty enough

Instead of taking responsibility for your actions

I’m alone because you don’t trust me with other people

When really you know that I would leave like people running away from a fire

Because you’re the flames

I try to speak to you about my pain

But instead the words float into the air

Because your ears shut it out

I love you doesn’t mean the same with you in my life

You twisted the meaning

Your  “I love you”  

Tore me in half

But because I love me

I will leave and not take your nonsense


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