Because I Love You

Sat, 11/04/2017 - 19:55 -- SydMoe

I look in the mirror

And see everything he couldn't.

I see the angel kisses spread across my skin

Even the one on my lip.

I see the gentleness in my eyes

And the hope in my smile.

I see it all, and I promise myself

Never to lose sight of it again.

"Because I love you," I say to the mirror.


I look at the picture

And see everything in him he wouldn't.

I see the eagerness in his eyes

And the small curve of his grin that shows you

He's just scared of what you'll see.

I see the strength in his hands

The very hands I used to believe

Put the stars in the sky.

"Because I loved you," I say to the photograph.


I turn to the small girl next to me

The more innocent version of myself.

I grab her tiny hands and I hold them in my own.

I kneel down so we are face to face

And I tell her

That she is the most beautiful girl

And never to let anyone convince her otherwise

Especially not me.

"Because I love you," I gently squeeze her small hands.


The first time I meet him,

I'm still distracted with fears from the last boy.

I'm scared of who I'll become

Will I become the same monster I was?

Or will this love let me unfurl my wings and use them?

Slowly, I forget about him.

And hesitantly, I learn about this new boy.

This boy who is so patient with me and lets me trust him

"Because I love you," he promises to me.


He's shown me I don't have to let myself go

In order to be with him

He's shown me what it's like to not only be treated well

But to be in a relationship that is good and heatlthy.

Oh, to be in a relationship that thrives is a beautiful thing!

Because of him, I no longer am afraid to put myself out there.

He's taught me how to rely on others once again.

And every day I try to do for him what he's done for me and more.

"Because I love you," I finally confess to him.


I will tell him every day how beautiful he is.

And I will wipe away his tears

And heal his wounds with a loving embrace.

I will carry him when he feels weak

And let him soar when he feels strong.

I am bound to every word I breathe

And all of the little pinky promises I make

Because darling, this truth trumps every trial we will face:

"Because I love you."


I let him fold me in his arms and swing me around.

I let him kiss me and show me off to his friends.

He lets me play with his hair when he lies in my lap.

He lets me bring him around to my most favorite events.

But most importantly, we let each other love ourselves.

We don't block out the sun, but rather open the curtains of one another's souls.

Together we are one, sharing the same joys and conquering the same battles.

I promise to be by his side through eternity, always holding his hand

"Because I love you," I whisper in his ear when we're old and gray.

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