Nobody Loves Anybody, Find a Somebody

Nobody loves anybody for anybody,

Only for the things they receive from them.

No body? That’s a shame

Because the body is the first thing that comes into

Clear view.

Because people do not take the time

to gaze at the mind.

To look it up and down.

To oggle at your… beliefs

And your aspirations in life.

Someone finally shows interest in you.

But is it in you?

Is it in your glorious manifestation,

Your hopes, dreams, even your favorite color?

Surely, you must have something in common with them.

Are they truly prepared

to love you as you



Will be?

Or is it because they know that you will be a puppet,

Obey them only to keep them happy,

And satiated.

And so that you can have the attention

People make you think you need.

You crave it.

You become naive.

They don’t love you if they look at your body

And only your body, no x-ray vision to view

The soul.

If you don’t put out, you won’t get loved

It is as simple as that.

DM is no written letter, no voice, no


There is no way that you can possibly love a person

Through pictures and vulgarity in the ruse of flattery.

Did you fall in love with her beautiful eyes?

The ones that are above her neck, by the way.

Did you fall in love with that “charming personality,”

That just happens to fill out those jeans perfectly?

Maybe you just fell in love with their skinny but curvy

Voluptuous but natural…  


Media killed chivalry,



The yearning to know another’s soul as your own.

Now, we feel forced to hide our aspirations,


Because nobody wants to caress or feel up

your aspirations.

Lust is not love and love isn’t supposed to be

One sided.

Love shouldn’t be for fame, for money, for sex.

That’s not love it’s manipulation.  

Nobody seems to have evolved to a higher love,

Where we can form relationships knowing that

The other person will not leave when the soul grows old

With the body  


Makes you feel guilty when you no longer want to be present

To give them what they came to you for in the first place -

A false sense of love.


The warnings.

The Red Flags. You don't want a nobody to love any part of your body over your health, beliefs, wants.You need a somebody...Somebody who will love your body after they've become fond of your struggles,hopes,fears,scars.They need to learn who you are. Were. Will be.They will need to find the strength to be present for your internal wars, your external flaws.Until they are attracted to your laughter,tears,dreams, fears, will they ever gain the right to utter the words I Love You. And this time,Mean it.

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