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i slept in my binder last night, the fabric compressing tight holding my ribs close
We are all placed in two boxes at birth   Boy or girl? Is always the main question   But there are many more genders on earth   Sometimes we don’t fit into a binary pre-possession  
  it came to me under the guise of well-meaning concern for my body, my chemicals, my family, my voice, my potential future lovers
For those of us who have never had gymnastics in school Here's what it's like to lose balance. Because that's what it is Balancing on a fence
What is normal?In the womb,I was God’s perfect creation,His treasured possession,Fearfully and wonderfully made.When I was born,The doctor cried out:It’s a girl!As they rushed me down the hall to NICU.When I was in kindergarten they told us to sta
Fairy with pixie dust and pixie cuts I feel like flying I feel pretty and I never want to feel no other way so I Let my hair grow to fit into the norm of a pretty girl but is pretty only pretty when over shoulders and lipstick doesn't get stuck to
 it’s not easy to explain, or maybe it’s easy But i just don’t know the right words or maybe i have the right words
They've written "pink" in permanent ink on everything I own: my body's curves, my voice's verve - they scratched it into stone. The word is there on everything I have and have not known - 
I am not a girl or a woman or a bitch - not a daughter or a lady or a mistress or a maybe - I invite the saints to hate me for my gender's inner glitch - for the figure in my coding 
I’m pretty sure that public bathrooms might just be the most important invention of our modern world, I mean think about it,
occasionally you meet a person or people who strike your heart like a hammer to a bell. it hurts when they don't return the feeling. they become the reason for the cracks
So, I poem about me? Well, Me isn't the me you see. At least on the outside,that is.   Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen something you're not?
While the world splits meAnd everythingIn twos,The only option that fits meI'm not allowed to choose.When I tuck up my hairIt's not to impress you.So don't tell me what I should wear.
Since I'm destined to be a coffee ground, I want to be fertilizer.   I don't exist in your bookshops or museums. I don't have a place on your TVs or radios. You'll never hear about me.
It feels soft, smooth, curves at the bust.
There is a disparity between my mind and my body, like wearing a suit two sizes too small and pressing out desperately but unable to flee.   Looking in the mirror, facing fears,
A human body is made up of trillions of cells Those cells form together to make people People vary in size from babies the size of a hand To still growing adults above eight feet tall
Who are you to define what a man is and what a women is? You brag about our diversity You say it’s important for a well-rounded community And I agree but a kid shows up and you can’t tell if they’re a man or women
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