Fairy with pixie dust and pixie cuts I feel like flying I feel pretty and I never want to feel no other way so I Let my hair grow to fit into the norm of a pretty girl but is pretty only pretty when over shoulders and lipstick doesn't get stuck together When curls that frizz and break like my confidence only splits my identity and force me to pick one side And I'm tired of straightening myself Sexual orientation does not have anything to do with hair length femme does not have anything to do with hair lengthBoy has does not have anything to do with hair lengthBecause in tee shirts I wish B cups were A's and hips would not be where hips are I wish dresses didn't require shaving I wish my hair didn't feel restrictingI wish gender queerness could be waxed off or cut or burned with nairBecause Lesbian was hard enough to explain. How do I explain that I might be boy and femme and hairy and only daughter and in love with a woman who loves women.. Hair styles are not limited to gender But if boy hair makes me feel pretty let me be boy Maybe Lesbian is too small of a word to braid myself around Maybe femme is a choice My hair is a choice  Maybe being the only girl out of 4 made the acrylics and high heels less appealing but had nothing to do with my identity Maybe the woman I love loves me beyond gender Yellow is her favorite color Yellow is a color that makes me feel safeIt slows down It does not make me feel less human like blue that drowns me, flows so perfectly with sadness and feeds the flowers of a color made up of blood and privilege that is often taken, picked and chosen but all flowers are pretty. Blue is not sad, pink is not just pretty Yellow is freeing, yellow is happiness and gender neutral Yellow is pretty Maybe pixie cuts and tee shirts make me feel yellow And Maybe I'm not boy or girl I just want to feel human Cause when I don't have to choose, I'm free to fly. 


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