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Who are you to define what a man is and what a women is?
You brag about our diversity
You say it’s important for a well-rounded community
And I agree
but a kid shows up and you can’t tell if they’re a man or women
and you panic because suddenly its your responsibility to determine what they are
who they are
Does it matter?
You jump to conclusions about
how they live their life

Can we only have differences if they’re obvious to the eye?
he paints his nails so he must want to be a girl
and she sags her pants so she is clearly transgender
they must have

bad parents

a drug problem


Because your uneducated mind tells you so
but it’s none of your concern.
and from birth we have a gender given to us but
some of us have to correct what is right
while others are fortunate not to
you so suddenly categorize
each person you see as though they’re a genre of music
a type of wine
a colored crayon
but we’re humans


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