Dear, Kid.

Dear Kid, Wow man, hey, you missed a lot. You laughed with your friends when you never

got caught. 

You know now your older, and all the things they said, were all just stupid lies that 

they used to fill your head. 

You cried when it got ugly, you laugehd an awful lot. You undertsand now why you 

were just so distraught. 

You enjoy helping others, a few kids call you pop, and no they're not biological, they

find comfort in your cot. 

The cot that you lay out, for other kids like you, you're fighting for their 

survival, because you must stay true. 

Hon things are getting scary, way down in the south, you know it don't affect you, 

but you still open up your mouth. 

The words flow from it like honey, so sickly and so sweet, but they are all bitter words 

you're screaming for their defeat. 

Your rights aren't debatable, they aren't to be dismissed. 

Honey I will fight for you, until my bones are mist. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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