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It's crazy how it is YouR my Friend And then The Next your gonE` Our Love is Like a Circle of Energy that connects us its Like your right in front of me And then your..ūüėí ..ūüėĮ.
I've had a vision Of a world that's not governed By outlandish political decisions A world without problems It's wonders what can be achieved through imagination Creative the contents we've been shown
Outside open winds, blue skies, and black dens. The bright yellow sun which gives light to all things. people pull triggers and think there's no shame.
He stared at the eye of the caliginous sky, accepting its shining, warm embrace. An eye white as jasmine, a healer of aches;  His grin extended to the dimples on his face, 
Do not leave your house, my loveYour face is rather petrifyingI will strive to push and shoveI'd rather you be dyingCancer came and took your eyeTook your self-esteemKidnapped your pride
Dear Eyes,   How do you see? I know your retina, the film of  Photoreceptor cells (now that’s a five dollar word) Seems Counterintuitive to most. That’s because it is.  
A year is the blink of an eye That sheds a tear, That makes things clear. A lot can change, And stay the same.   As the eye opens And sees the light What once was a blur
Vivid is the mind                 Evocative translations Of that which we see
Eyes Eyes have been said to be "the window to your soul," but they are so much more In some ways, yes they are the physical windows to which we see the world, and from this world, our soul is created. 
a true blessing they are they upgraded my eyes no more silly glasses to hide me from the outside   although they may be costly I do love them so for I'd choose sight over money
she came she saw she took what she needed with soft hands by her touch   she then approached him he came again she called him in she wanted
She saw Him He saw Her   Both on contacts with the eye   whatever were the distractions to be   it was but a sweet meet   a sweet feast a joyous joy
the words didn't come easy when i sat down to ... write I almost claimed writer's block and gave up without a  fight "no filter", my topic a pretty broad umbrella
To wake up and see a part of me
  Flawless - without any blemishes; perfect.  
If the eyes are a passage into the soul,Than it should be easy to find a soul mate,Love at first sight must exist,Because the souls will connect with just one glimpse,Compatibility will be instant,
The serpents eye is misleading, 
An artist’s mind is often swallowed by indigenous thoughts. Trying to balance ones conceptions on a fine thread.
Dye my jade wings red And let them burn into white Until we are free But make no mistakeOur wounds will never heal true, For we are the dead
BeautyIs a curse on The world. It IsThe thing that everyone wants. No one looks at what is In
The light blurs out any sensation you sense Your clothes are stained, but you wait in suspense The picture frame is tilted agains the wall It never bothered me, for imperfetion is beauty after all
We all bleed  That doesn't mean  We all need to    We try so hard  To make a face  With these scars    You are looking through me  Like I am inseperable  From society 
I saw you dancing in the rain As your body swerved The treacherous wind swayed Your foot skudded skud skud against the pavement floor and with it the rain beat beat against the earth's core
(laughs) that's what i was thinking just the girl? i was barely coherent she was following my every step and yet i found that very staircase that set her free to her death but i passed it
Kiss me good night As the stars crash around us And day turns slowly to night-- As fog rolls across your face Blocking you from my view, But not from my heart. Hold me close As the clouds dance above
In the realm of gods and men Man shall prosper, god will end Broken mind, strong will is bent Soul is freed, body now spent So stand and pretend And embrace as if friends.
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