I Saw You


United States
37° 45' 44.8704" N, 121° 58' 53.166" W

I saw you dancing in the rain
As your body swerved
The treacherous wind swayed
Your foot skudded
against the pavement floor and with it
the rain beat beat
against the earth's core
you clapped--
the thunder roared
lightning flashed and you shouted in triumph
your body landed on the floor
your body and soul
danced, your spirit danced with soul
you flung your arms
this way and that
outwards and in
your legs stretched--
towards the sky and towards the floor
rain clung to your body
the shirt on your back clung too
I saw you dancing in the rain
With a spirit filled with haste
your soul danced with the wind
your limbs flew up
flew in
you swerved, you rolled, you swayed, you spun, you turned, you waved
you rolled with lightning and thunder
you clapped--
with the beating rain
I saw you dancing in the rain.
Making love to the wind
pressing, pushing, pulling yourself into the deep
molding into the storm unfolding
I saw you dancing in the wind
I saw you breathing
in with the wind
Breathing out
with the storm
flying, sighing
at how beautiful the storm
The storm, an untamed beast whirling about
I saw your freedom gasping for breath
as your foot hit the pavement
it skudded
kicking, jumping, spinning, choking, gasping, yearning for an
unending storm
I saw you dance with bare feet, skudding skin on pavement
freedom ringing,
slightly stinging, in your sole
waiting, molding
freedom waiting
storming a rage, a flame that burns untamed
not even the rain can calm the rage
I saw you dancing in the storm
I saw you dancing in the wind
I saw you dancing in the rain


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