Eye of the Storm


United States
43° 4' 7.6512" N, 83° 52' 6.6252" W

Kiss me good night
As the stars crash around us
And day turns slowly to night--
As fog rolls across your face
Blocking you from my view,
But not from my heart.
Hold me close
As the clouds dance above
And cry jealously,
Wishing they could have
The love we share.
Shield me from thunder
And lightning
As the gods of nature
Growl fiercely,
Wanting you for themselves,
Longing for each sweet embrace;
As wind whips our hair
Trying to rip you
From my arms
And take you away.
But you hold on
Promising never to let go.
The oceans hiss at your words,
Cursing my name
And my very existance,
Throwing tidal waved fists at me
Soaking and trying to drown my soul
But you keep me warm with love
and revive my spirit,
Drying my lips with yours.
And as we kiss,
As we become one,
Nature halts and time freezes
Clinging myself to you
As we sit
In the eye of the storm.


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