Witness to the Cloud

Outside open winds, blue skies, and black dens.

The bright yellow sun which gives light to all things.

people pull triggers and think there's no shame.

The clouds is a witness to all names. people who take, what don't belong to them and put others in pain.

The wind knows, clouds hang high carrying all shame, in the world of decisions that we can't tame.

Witness to the cloud, as god watch children play, aldults make plans, ministries spritually carving new born men.

We fight everyday, collecting our sin how can we change, if we don't see the issue?

Witness to the cloud, oh how you see everything, we won't have to explain, gods knows why he created all things.

The decisions we make builds a pathway, for bad and good, we will fight till our last day.

In such an imperfect world, being a witness to the clouds for your decision, god watches you in the best of your ambition.

He's with all people. We just can't see him. He is the connection between life and death. He is a witness to the cloud, watching our world and building the future of how?


Paulishia Bard




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Our world
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