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Grateful for the shit on my shoes and the shit on my floor   for the pain the the head when you run out the door   for the ruined rugs and the ruined naps  
Bitter and hot, the coffee slides down her throat. Soft, tired eyes stare at nothing. A distant intimacy envelops her.   A mother scrubs at a stain on a shirt.
A tick tock noise from the clock in my room Knocks my head on and on Till it wakes me up in the middle of the night, So I found myself looking right at the ceiling My body starts sweating
Left and right, front and back people Stand there. Inching closer to the doors that Slide. All for Saving their legs. The ding Sounds a high pictched tone. A  Sudden jolt forward, everyone ushers
It's not just the sun kissing my cheek and brightening my eyes It's not just the chime that tells me someone is thinking about me It's not just the wind flying beneath me as I ride down the hill on my bike
The days of my life is surely like the speed of light. Making the decision of poor preparation is never really that bright. I asked the Lord God in heaven for forgiveness everyday. I feel my sins worry me and my afterlife, O Lord mercy I pray.
Let it go along with the flow
Once I wake up,
Upon a mid-summer afternoon The curtains find release Dancing with the wind Fluttering with the breeze Silent
She's a frequency- I'm always tuned in.  The radio has only her station: 
   i am Foreging my way through college    no a penny in my pocket    no where to turn    daily i Look in the mirror and i see me    staring back     at me    i
Redheaded girl, who sits and waits, For the days of cold to be over. Whispers of other student's rates, On the always unnoticeable cover.   The pain she feels is always real,
Create a world and listen To the beating heart
Wolves in sheep wool.they climb over walls and breach the inner sanctum.infiltration of the darkest depth in your ocean,your seas of troubles are seen and screened.the poor souls don’t even know.
I hear the marching of the soldiers heading off to war.
YES I am to blame; I am to choose to repent?
If I aspire to nothing I will be nothing. If I work hard I'll only be disappointed But... If I work for me I will achieve greatness.   If I live to love I shall crash and burn.
Humans are such liars. We talk about how much we want honesty among us, but then we turn around and lie to the very same people we told that to.
                                            We go to school, we join the clubs.                                                 We play the sports, say it’s not
Your legs were too skinny for your shorts The day you walked into the room, your cotton shirt About to billow, as if it could, on the unseen zephyr of your shoulders:
Wake up eat go to work eat work eat  sleep A cycle that sits on repeat Five days a week Car is cold? Crank the heat Same song everyday, don't miss a beat
This is like a non stop roller coaster With more downs than ups Everyday it's like eggshells Not knowing what to say
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