The Common Men

I hear the marching of the soldiers heading off to war.

They put on armor to protect them from getting wounded and scarred.

They keep a steady pace and never let it show.

They walk in unison against the evil foe.


I hear the soldiers whispering-

They need a break—a rest.

They have to be brave but how long until the end?

They cannot keep drowning silently without a single friend.


I hear the enemy around them.

The soldiers don’t stand a chance.

They are strong but utterly broken.

They cannot fight because of the words that have been spoken.


I hear the enemy everywhere every single day.

The soldiers are the people who think they have no say.

They are told they are worthless and will not amount to much.

They are lied to by society and learn to never trust.


I hear the daily struggle of the common men.

The soldiers are all damaged but carry on with life.

They fight the falsehoods ringing in their ears in the dead of night.

They lift their heads in protest and show their quiet might.


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