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Mon, 06/10/2013 - 21:59 -- Hillary


United States
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This is like a non stop roller coaster
With more downs than ups
Everyday it's like eggshells
Not knowing what to say

I apologize a lot
Too much I think
Apologizing so much looses its meaning
It looses its feeling

Authority is not my favorite subject
It never has been
It makes me cringe when an adult tells me what to do
But when I respect them i don't mind

I respect her
One of the most interesting women I've ever met
Everyday that we sit and talk I learn something new
That is the best feeling

Knowing a strong women
That has done many things
That's just interesting to be in the presence of

This women
Will take the repeat offenses
Ill try better
It wasn't me
That was nothing


My future is the most important thing to me
And people who want to help me with that get pushed away
It's just a block
A block in my heart

I push because I feel that everyone won't be there forever
People leave all the time
Letting someone in my life is hard
Because either they disappear
Or I do

I want so bad to be that person
Someone to always show respect
Not to make her angry
I want to make life easier

But leaving

Maybe that's it
That's why it's the leaving
I'm afraid of it
I'm scared and I can't show it


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