a dog's life

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As vibrant as a summers glow As tough as woodchippers blade As soft as a silk woven robe But not as limited as a cloth but rather…. As intricate as persian rug
Howl outside my door you do He has nowhere to go that Lu Poor dog has nowone I will be his somewone I learned to love my dog  I even started taking him to play on the log
  Are you still dreaming? Or are you still wandering around in your sleep?  
There's something about an old dog. It might be in their soul. Those calming glowing orbs, So focused on your own.   There's something about an old dog. It might be in their bark. 
Cessna, Have I ever told you how proud I am? How proud I am of you. You grew from a little boy of twenty-some pounds. Twenty-some pounds at four months. As you grew, you learned
Dear old friend, In despair and gloom your golden figure emerges into light, Illuminating the darkness with its glowing presence. Like the sun bleeding through the clouds on a dark day,
Dear Lilli Each morning I wake up and sneak to my sister's bedroom door It's where you slumber, but I don't- because I snore... While your hot breath and sharp nip may not be another's cup of tea
They called you 'primitive' dear friend,
Grew up in a dog pound Knowing I would never be found Waiting to fight another round I’m just another hound  I'm just another hound   Let me tell you the sad truth About a pit in his youth
The brilliant white morning light Pierces  Through the clear sliding doors nearby,  And I Wince slightly as it comes, releasing a vexed huff.   
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