To Our Canine Companion

Dear Lilli

Each morning I wake up and sneak to my sister's bedroom door

It's where you slumber, but I don't- because I snore...

While your hot breath and sharp nip may not be another's cup of tea

My heart starts racing when you recognize through the door gap that it's me

You can't walk straight as your hind legs wiggle with joy

Preparing to play with me, you grab the nearest toy

But listen, Lilli, for I have some things to say

And while you may not like these things, they are what make your life better every day.


We have to leave you in the morning, it's how the dog food bills get paid

And I know you want another scoop of chow, but we don't want to worry about how much you weigh.


At night our chocolate bars may look yummy

But trust me it won't seem so great when it upsets your tummy.


And we know you don't like it when the groomer cuts off all your hair

But if it stayed long, Mom would know we've been letting you sit on the nice chairs...


And after all our days at the beach, you hate being leashed up to the water hose

But it's to make you clean and pretty, so that all your beauty can show.


I wish we could tell you this

In a way you could understand

See, these terrible things we do

We do to make your life grand


You see dear Lilli,

We love you more with each passing day.

(Even if you don't listen when we tell you to sit, and stay)



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My family
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