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The click of a button bottoming out, fans whirring from lifelessness with the rush of pixels illuminating darkness. Images of information reflecting within eyes revealing unknowns at the press of a key. 
Dear IT Department,  My PC is dead. It no longer whirs and beeps Its CPU is void of warmth An amateur's cheap creation
How can you control me when I control you? You may control my life,but I organize my life through you. You determine my productivity,yet I use you to create. You can do everything,yet you need me.
They say slavery was abolished years ago. That every man,  is now his own.  But look around at what surrounds you. No I don’t mean on your phone.  Stop tapping at your screens, Halt the scrolling through your feeds. This isn’t about race this time
The whirring gears slow To a quiet hum. Powering down. The hard drive store its information And hides tomorrows plans. Powering down, powering down. The pumping memory starts to calm
After September 11, 2001 When there was yellow magnetic ribbons on cars?  And American flags flying in the USA?   Black and White TVs? When gas was under $2.00?  
But I'm probably just rambling to air at this point.  No matter how prolific,
I am the boy named Koid The boy who loves the world around him the tv he watches, the video games he plays, the family he loves, the boy goes online a lot, he finds a whole universe.
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" -My child ears were berated by this question "A Doctor or Lawyer, or Undersea Explorer" -Why does it matter?my child mind would wonder  
Age 4 You can become anything Nothing is stopping you A firefighter, a teacher, a dentist
The complex, compound, and "critical to our current culture"contrivancecreates continous complicationsin an already confusing conundrumwe so happen to callour world.The deafening degrees
People make connections, families, ties, My dream job would be to help preserve, save lives. Working with patients in foreign beds, Helping them fix things they feel are in their heads.  
From coast to coast, From Heathrow to JFK, I'd run to each terminal just in time to save my day   Screwed up internal clock, The source of this jet lag Well, it wouldn't be such a drag  
I want to change the world There is no simpler task All that is required Is the courage to wear a mask     Intellegence is key In stopping the killing spree
Year after year, class after class, A dull grey ooze of shapeless mass, Squishes through one sleepy ear, But out the other to disappear. Oh, how I wish it were not true,
I believe in myselfbut why can't they?photography is my cup of teathey just disagree that's not a real job they stateall of this hate
Ain’t been many jobs I’ve thought I’d like to have, In fact there’s only one I love that I’ve seen, And you know it happens to be directing, film making, It’s putting movies up on the silver screen.
broken young weak ill alone not worth breathing anymore a warmth comes in the cold white coat gentle hands nourishes cares hope        
My dream job is to work in childcare I desire to be children's support in life before they go off into the "real world" My dream job is to work in childcare I feel the need to help other children suceed in life
Everyone deserves a beautiful smile, Help yourself and I can help as well. I'll be your dental hygienest And you will be the patient. The patient that changed my life With your shiny teeth and you.   
My mother always taught me, That your career shouldnt be a job It shouldnt be where your miserable
I could fly a plane,  I could be a chef,
Since I was six, I had a computer.   Computers were so strange. Words and pictures come with a click, Words and numbers I summoned. Soon the computer was an extension.  
In high school I was smart, confident, but quiet Never was one to propose a riot But now I'm in college and I've seen it through What time-worn technology does to you  
Our lasting words written in code The internet becomes our new home Interconecceted for better and for worst The hateful words we type and curse We succumb to a wealth of knowledge 
I don't like to be ignored. Actually I HATE to be ignored. And fuck those of you who immediately think that I am an attention whore. I'm not, I just don't like to be ignored.
The Dissonance of Numbers In my head I see the swirling data up above, Cacophony, delinquincy, when push becomes a shove,
I am the quad core intel i7 chip in the beautiful aluminum unibody MacBook Pro. I am the retina display in the iPhone 5. I am the 4g LTE in the all new iPad. I am the 32 gb of storage in an iPod touch.
So many days in that black swivel chair Clicking on clues, who needs fresh air? Staring at the screen with its curve like the earth You’d think I’d been doing this from at least birth
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