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Tue, 08/13/2013 - 13:27 -- Joy


I don't like to be ignored.

Actually I HATE to be ignored.

And fuck those of you who immediately think that I am an attention whore.

I'm not, I just don't like to be ignored.

I give my attention and my time sparingly

and only to those who I believe who are worth the effort 

If I am taking the time and effort to talk to you or be with you

Then I fully expect the same time and effort from you

Is that so much to ask for?

Is it really that hard to put down the goddam phone or laptop,

To close the newspaper or book even only for a couple minutes

So that we, you and I, can interact like human beings?

I am not your servant.

I am not your play-thing that you can use

and toss aside as you please.

I am a person, you are a person

So here is a crazy idea

Let's be more personable towards each other

Let's talk on the phone because I'd rather hear your voice than read your text

Let's go places for the sole purpose of talking to each other

and not staring at a screen in silence.

This generation is my generation yet I feel like I was born in the wrong one

I feel like this generation, my generation, is all about getting the newest smartphone

and the most online followers and friends and subscribers. 

I'd rather have offline friends and followers and actual people

who subscribe to my personal brand of bullshit.

People who I can see and hear and touch and even taste if I really wanted to.

I suppose I'm just an old soul trapped in a sexy, young body

Who misses having real friends and wishes she knew how to get some more.



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