The Dissonace of Numbers


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The Dissonance of Numbers

In my head I see the swirling data up above,
Cacophony, delinquincy, when push becomes a shove,

The wires twirl around me and the screen is fairly bright,
The cooling fan keeps running in the stillness of the night,

The keys upon the keyboard clicking, in motion all their own,
Dial tone keep ringing like I'm talking on the phone,

Cursor blinking rapidly, while I'm staring at a blank,
With a clicking of the keys, making money in the bank,

The whirring of the printer as the paper scrolls to life,
Hidden bug is in the system, filling users full of strife,

Falling through a tunnel just like alice in a rabbit hole,
Crawling through a hard disk keeping files, save a byteful,

Shooting through the circuits, and blocking out the power surge,
Use an antivirus, run a cleaner, time to start the purge,

Finally, turn the power off, and save up all my numbers,
Then I go to bed and close my eyes, it's time to slumber.




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