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This is for the picker uppers. For the “I got it, don’t worry”ers For the fixers
Love is an uphill climb Filled with trials and tribulations We hold on to one another and push forwards Only whispering to each other four words;
Rise out of the valley beholden with flowers Steep up the treeline as air grows thinner Trekking through snow with the summit in sight
I carry my canteen of hope in my backpack on hikes sometimes it weighs me down  walking up the mountains but as i reach the peak  the canteen refreshes me if i threw away the backpack because it's too heavy
Where do you go when you want to be alone? There are a thousand places in the world i call home.  Some I have only been to in my mind. Others are high rocks reached after a climb.
I needed
Out I came squawling into tender hands glancing back, and knowing loss before I knew my name. Already I had slipped. The cup of sadness, newly nipped, would sustain me as whips do on the flanks of black stallions
Scattered around the room... She lays piece by piece. Doesn't matter what's her doom... The days will cease... And cease.   Captivate her... Steal her soul..
  The cool breeze skims my skin, Giving me the chills. My toes crinkle in the sand, As I quickly look to the hills.   Remembering him was easy, But missing him was hard.
Scarcely tall but never short, Brown and green or white topped black. These giants look as if alert, To the changes and echoes of the world.   Go hiking, camping or on a ride, The hills and birds will always be there. The animals sleep and rise ev
I still don’t understand why you left,maybe I never will The confusion is crippling,I keep going downhill My mind is cloudy,like I’m mentally ill Why can’t I stop my thoughts,I need a sleeping pill
I told him I hope to be a poet.
High. High up I look down and see. Really see. See everything. I feel so separate. I am no longer a part of that. Any of that. I like it. I love it. I get to see.
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