Not just another pretty face

Scattered around the room... She lays piece by piece.

Doesn't matter what's her doom...

The days will cease...

And cease.


Captivate her... Steal her soul..

It's a trap, too late see... She feels the pull.

Sun fades down... Disappears when darkness descends.

She feels your frown... It's fears what your heart pretends.


Because lost unspoken answers demand to take vengeance, to end this,

SHOCK HER LIFE! Wield the knife, pain is in attendance.

She's a taker just a faker, and she falsifies the emotion.

Meet you maker, she's a breaker but it's all just a motion.


She's dying, just crying but she won't let you see... Won't let it free,

would rather bury herself,

A woman who would rather marry her wealth than open up to thee.

She'll make something of her own hidden need...

Her own forbidden seed,

she'll be the woman who climbs the success later and has ridden the sea.


Time and harsh fate won't stop her, she'll climb and climb till she reaches the topper,

fights what mocks her, and despite the pain, you won't rock her.


She'll burn, she'll cut, she'll descend to the rut,

but what lies inside will defeat the pride and won't stay shut....


You'll see her crumble, you'll see her hate...

But eventually you'll see her climb right out of that wretched state,

lift the weight, it's never too late, she'll be the woman who changed her fate.


You see her shattered... You see her fallen..

But what you don't see, is her hope is always callin.


Desperate and alone in this place,

she's just another woman seeking a little bit of grace..

What you see is not just another pretty face.


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