Picker Uppers

This is for the picker uppers.

For the “I got it, don’t worry”ers

For the fixers

For those who take life’s weight off of shoulders.

For the rocks

For the support beams

For those who bring others to the skyrise of success

With a shortcut right to the top.

Like the trusty elevator going up.

Then it returns to the ground

And goes back up again

And again.

You’ve seen the best 

And the worst

And you’ve seen everything in between.

You have risen and fallen 

Not just on your own

But due to those who cannot find the strength 

To fight their own battles.

You find the strength for two

You dig deep and fly high

Even weighed down by the world itself.

This is for those who care

But are not cared about.

Everyone is so focused on themselves

That they cannot see 

The strength for two 

Residing in one  

Is fatal.

And no one else is allowed to see that

You have to be the strong one, always.

So this is for you

This is your cry for help

To open the eyes of those who take you for granted

This is your riot.

Scream and claw and fight

Until they understand that without you they would be alone

Still at the bottom of the rope

With no one at the top to pull them up.

That without you

They’d be nothing.


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