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Love oozes from the cracked crevices of my brain  It seeps through my veins With its syrupy sweet scent And it slips out of my mouth 
I was drowning and I called out for you, but you were nowhere to be found. The waves battered me again and again desperately trying to keep my lungs from reaching the air.
Living a double life I am Until somebody saves me From this painful darkness That awaits me.   Hungry wolves tear me apart So I can feel free
Self loathing for feeling like a king Inside a dream only meant for a kid Not only does your sharp tongue sting
A hundred years alone By myself Stuck in my own head No one to turn to Animals begin to speaking, Walls and furniture do too All these things my mind makes up,
She was the kindest friend I ever had, 
I hold my breath. Someone just walked in. Just stay quiet and they won't know you're here. I silently see through the crack of the stall. Just two girls.
I laugh to keep from crying All the fake crap they are buying They don't know what to do
its been so long and im still not over it we were closer to each other than i ever thought i could get to someone it breaks my heart when i see things that remind me of you but thats everything  everywhere
A Screaming Babe in her Mother's ams A Blackend Claw slashes forth accompanied by a Roar The Oppressor Towers above
He lives here. She, a few time zones away.
A young boy sitting with a girl They both look up at the sky
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