bathroom tiles

I hold my breath.

Someone just walked in.
Just stay quiet and they won't know you're here.

I silently see through the crack of the stall.
Just two girls.

I suck in a breath.
I let out a sigh of relief as i hear their footsteps fade away.

I am alone again.

I quickly change stalls so one one suspects.
That theres a girl hiding here that has no friends.

I stay here to just pass time. To scared to talk to anyone.
I know i don't belong.

I count the black and white tiles in the stall I'm in.
1, 2 ,3 ....

Tick toc tick toc

Time goes by slow when your alone.

4,5 6....

My heart yearns, craves, screams for companionship.


A group of girls walk in.
They talk loud and obnoxiously.
I bite my lip.

A stall opens and closes next to me.

Tick toc

I shift my feet so they don't see my shoes.
So they can't feel my presence.
My sadness, deep inside that I'm hiding.

This shyness. This anxiety is suffocating.

But she doesn't care.
None of them do.

So indulged in their own worlds.
It's okay.

I don't really want to be seen.

I wasn't always like this.

I find relief within these bathrooms tiles.

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