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  The day you left me was the closing of my heart like a  knot  My life soon became a dead pulse just as yours caused by the knot  I was without words and my tongue was twisted like the knot 
You're having delusions of grandeur. Your heart is racing fast, Enebriated. You think you're inspired But this isn't going to last.
I am MONDAY, and I am here to tell you that   Dear, i m not that cruel..  just don’t compare me with your favourite friday. That hurts me all the way.    
Never touched a beer Never smoked a blunt Never laced on a lifestyle Never raised or loaded a gun Never snuck out the house Never found out who I truly am Maybe I'll touch a beer
There is something wrong.I can’t put my finger on it...but I’m gonna tell you what I observed.Not even fully developed brains, and we out here getting murder chargesThis stuff is depressing.Same age as me, in a gang and in these streets, this need
In a world where you see souls instead of bodies, I'd imagine it would be terrifying, painful, beautiful, amazing, and crazy.
Because I love you, Ill ignore the aberration feeling in my heart. Because I love you, Ill ignore all of the belated compliments you've given me.
When I was young I would avoid the crack in the sidewalk I used to think I had OCD… My need to not step on cracks in sidewalks consumed me.
I want to smile. I want to be happy all the time. I want to have fun with my friends. That does not always happen. Life gets in the way.
A single drop of rain  Is a bullet from a sniper in the sky 
Coming at u like a vulture By. NSKHaha------ im backAnd im black get use to it if I had a school I would teach knowledge cuz these niggas ain't use to it...Promoting all this drama like college was only for Obama...
Move on altogether  But don't forget the small ones Who loved you forever
Life is a scary placeWith a costant faceDreaming hard playing hardFinding the unknown traceBut down you stumbleCausing earth to rumbleLosing every breath
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