The Knot


The day you left me was the closing of my heart like a  knot 

My life soon became a dead pulse just as yours caused by the knot 

I was without words and my tongue was twisted like the knot 

I could not believe that i had to blame the knot 

Maybe if life wasn’t so challenging then you would not have resulted to the knot

Should I honestly blame the knot ? 

Or do you want me to the blame the knot ? 

Everyone knows that a knot can not create a knot 

But one himself had to create this knot

This is not a regular knot 

There are certain qualification to this special knot

It takes fear, hopelessness, and selfishness to 

construct this knot 

I want to untie the knot 

I don’t want any human alive to create such a dark knot 

Personally I have experienced the knot 

This ordained knot took my mother 

Since the summer of 2016 this knot has been my enemy.  


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-Arianna  Apodaca 

This poem is about: 
My family


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