I March Downtown Against the Rain

A single drop of rain 
Is a bullet from a sniper in the sky 
Targeting my eye as I march Downtown 
Past the bank, around the cable company,  
But I stop at a traffic light. 
Because they say the cars go crazy 
On days when the sprinkles set to storms 
So I stand at the light and use my breath to warm 
My hands tonight. Why would I be crazy 
As to cross the street while my sight's all 
Fogged-up and hazy?  Ain't I still blind in my eye? 
And why should I disobey what the advisors say?
Suddenly, it pours. Dark and cold.
My, oh, my. 
My Lord, why does it always rain in this city? 
The soil's brunette, and the lakes are overflowing. 
This Earth would be perfect if only the sun were showing. 
But instead everything is so dark and cold and gloomy 
Like the church across from me, all dark and cold and gloomy 
With the limousine parked in front, and the attendees dressed in  
Black, so bold, walking stolid in and out of the red and blue 
Of the police cars' lights that zoom down the street, out of view 
Behind an ambulance the hue of the moon 
But soon, it's all gone.  The sky showers down 
Either the angels are crying hard, or the snipers want  
The world to drown. For my city wears a crown of death 
Whether it be unfortunate sickness, or intended ruins of health 
But now I can see the pain. I've been seen the pain. 
It's my fault for worrying so much on the weather vane.  
So despite what they say, I cross the street  
I may now be crazy and my sight's still hazy
But I can see far enough, As I move with straight feet
As I march Downtown against the rain


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