Reality Remake

There is something wrong.I can’t put my finger on it...but I’m gonna tell you what I observed.Not even fully developed brains, and we out here getting murder chargesThis stuff is depressing.Same age as me, in a gang and in these streets, this needs some addressing Because they rapping about running away from cops,But we all know that Tay K aboutta get locked up.It’s upsetting to see these African American men sagging when they should be risen.I don’t need to see your draws man!I’m pretty sure it was meant to show your availability in prison!Black-ish talked about Juneteenth and slavery.That episode was meant to open up thousands of eyes,Just like my boy did at the BET awards, Jesse Williams said  the more we know the more we will mobilizeSee, because I’m actually tired of being immobilized, my mouth on pause when my coworker touched my braids out of nowhere saying “ I love this,”But ya know I had to stay “civilized”.On pause whenever I feel like what someone said was stupid, Because if I express my feelings it’s seen as angry black girl, undiluted. They see that we are convoluted, with our beautiful cultures!Every single one of us are beautiful wonders!But have you ever noticed how they magnify our unintentional blunders?Steve Harvey said the wrong name for a pageant and got called on it for weeks.It took him four minutes to correct his mistakes !But it took Paula hours to apologize for sayin nigger and it did not take us long to forget and label her once again as a southern keepsake.Is this surprising to you? If it is, you need a reality remake. 

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Our world


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