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I don’t write poems. To relay one’s thoughts into an arrangement of pompous words and literary contrivances is awful.   To use calculated words and chaotic stanzas just to appear
Je veux être connu sous un seul nom Comme Dessalines, Christophe et Pétion Comme Pelé, Ali ou un grand champion Comme Edison, Jefferson et Washington.
The darkness sweeps across the land It covers everything like a sheet Not a star is visible For even they were darkened Every light that was shining
The darkness sweeps across the land It covers everything like a sheet Not a star is visible For even they were darkened Every light that was shining
I'm writing this
This must be GROWTHIt's neither about an increase in size,nor the comeliness of my thighs,a lesson on puberty,or how time flies. It's an enlarging on the inside,though unseen by mere eyes,but cannot be denied,I speak of a strength supplied. See, t
Once the Poet is done psychically with his or her craft With the vernacular of his or her masterpieces It’s the role of the readers to add mentally missing pieces
Tonight I will write a happy poem A poem about how I survived the day Or maybe about the day I have intended to survive tomorrow Or the good memories  
For some poems, you’re punctual: You place your pencil on your notepad, You settle in your seat, You even read the syllabus, The poem introduces itself,
Someday somebody’s gonna treat you right They’ll take your hand and hold it tight They’ll keep you safe all through the night And remind you how you loved to write   I am waiting waiting for the day to come
I sit in my desk with silent, While my friend group talks bad about me in quiet,  They talk about how I dress, And they absolutely despise how I act,
This is just another love poem Nothing too exciting Just a lost soul grasping to words To try and pull himself out of the dark Love? dark? Didn’t expect those words together? Or maybe you did
...I Am the stone of Kindness dropped into the sea of Humanity creating an Eternal ripple effect of Good Vibes and Love. #MissionStatement
My mind is slipping Although the world is not actually ending, In the moment, it is for me I am in a confusing reality.   Words come at me, I just want to be free. Free from all the numbness,
You know, You never really learned to accept a gift Whether it was a compliment Or wine Or tear drops on your couch And especially my heart You never could fathom my love It’s depth or viscosity
Today I am tears of joy Triumphs on a mountaintop Autumn leave and funny T-shirts Today I am shaking knees Giggles for no reason I am songs hummed to no one The squeak of new shoes
Today I am a sad poem Not because of any man Or any woman either Not because there is nothing to be happy about And I have much to be thankful for I am a sad poem because I’m sad
The nets hold our dreams, 
As I put myself threw this pain.as I hide my face with shame .if only I knew the real truth about u I wouldn't of fell in love with you this will the end of my best friend
love is something that comes and goes love is something everybody knows Love is something you can't hide Love is something always by your side love is something you can't hate love is something you both create love is something that forever real L
Used to cry once, beyond the trance of feelings unassumed - used to feel bad.   I don't know what I feel now and I don't darken the room anymore.   Smokes don't fly like
Poetry has no rules it’s just me speaking my truth sharing my inner desires while trying to make sense of it all Its like a beautiful chaos or an abstract painting its like a abstract thought
order in the court! the judge yelled out loud as a loud uproar came from the crowd the judge asked if peace could take the stand the crowd proceeded with the questions how do you think you could help?
it was a stormy night 5 minutes passed the hour the birds had gone to sleep and the world was finally ours i took her for a ride and i saw how the waves crashed against her thigh
the calm after the storm reminds us that pain doesn’t last forever chaos is swept from under our feet we get a fresh start to try again to do better to be better rainbows are a sign
Words are more than words They're a reflection of our heart Speckles like the stars It's a art like you and Mars These words shape realities These words are like duality Life and death resides in it
Thoughts in my head feel heavy Why do the thoughts in my head make me weary? The past few days have been tragic  And while I was in it, I wasn't in the present moment. Distracted by currency
My love for you is greater than all the stars in the galaxy.  Love so pure and true.  Love so perfect, you’re my best view. 
Oh, planets Oh dear planets,   I wonder sometimes, how does Mercury manage to have icy shadowed craters with the Sun's warm embrace?   And I deliberately ponder,
Folks This Is NO JOKE A Creative OVERLOAD... Is Something That Now Flows When My Mind Goes INTO ZONES... Where Words And Verse Make My Hands HURT... !!! Because of ALL The Notes That I Now Type In Prose... !!!
Ya Know CERTAIN Dudes Have Told Me... “ That I’m Rude ! “... Well Now If This Is TRUE My Response To You FOOLS...
I noticed your wore down, determined hands held stories only you collect. I noticed how your skin held scars through the physical.   I noticed your childlike smile and how I wish it could have stayed there for a lifetime.
from being utterly unconscious about what she is doing, to being highly responsive to her mind a soul completely astrayed, out of dumbness
The only thing that cures my rage is love the only thing that matters in love is that they love me back so many sorowful nights have passed longing for someone to love me the way I do them
I've Had This Said A NUMBER of Times … !!! When It Comes To Lines In ….. " My Poems " ….. "Virgil Man, Your poetry is, just too long !" Well Here's A SHOCK Cos' This One's NOT … !!!!! Attention Spans Have CLEARLY DROpped … !!!
Within the writer's hand, She lays very calm, Writing down things with no delay, She remains busy all day.
  2 years   It's been two years now. Two years of hiding scars and razor blades, Two years of food deprivation and self-hate,
She broke you So many times That after awhile you couldn’t Feel a goddamn thing So I cried for you And you couldn’t understand why  
You used to bicker, holler, and fight Yeah, I still heard, even though I was in bed at night How could one sleep when you were yelling at the top of your lungs? Been that way since I was young
Immediately, a very rich and three-dimensional avatar of a beautiful woman appeared in front of him. She was standing in the middle of a forest full of trees.
Go ask Alice in her padded cell how she took a tumble and fell down a rabbit hole of illusion now don’s a straight-jacket of confusion.   Go ask Alice with her veins full of Lithium how she surrendered to her delirium of smoking caterpillars and a
Thank you teacher ,for your kind gesture. You reached deep in my heart, and encourages me to start. You polished me ,and I found what I could be. You made me a way ,to give me a better day.
Ya Know On My Travels I Now Sit in Sandals... In Rittenhouse Park In … Central Philly … But It's FAR From................ Chilly ... !!!
In the poetry reading,The Piano Magic, the inspiration comes from old buildings and theaters and what used to be inside... And even, the possibility within an imagination, of what might
I have no distinct poetic agenda Upon the earth I wonder, With a curious mind that can't help but linger  They birth thoughts that haunt me
MAN I Can Feel The CRACKS ... !!! As My Body ... LACKS ... The Youth It Once Had ... !!! When I Could Withstand Exercise Programmes .... That Worked All The Muscles That Slowly DO Crumble ... !!!
I wanna live, And not survive, I wanna be free, stop counting to three, Just like a bird,  flying from my past,
FINE LINES! Fine lines fine lines Between a life of blame and crime The eclipsed dystopia along the spiteful light of the heart.
Hello my guide, my ill-advised guide. I see you on my shoulder,  wings bent and mocking a pearl’s features. Do they gleam with motive or ill-intent that pushes me towards the moving shadows
Why must every metaphor be taken literally? For a dog that lays in the sun has no feline whiskers and a wilted rose still receives its beauteous name.  
Hast I lost my eyes, trapped in ceaseless times Where bleak clouds soar the skies and block my mind? From these clouds does rain fall; acidic crimes
look at us, can’t you see?   your weapons of greed tear apart this ocean all for self-gain in industry chains. are pleas for help not enough commotion?  
Tensions are rising, this country is falling. Are you a bystander or will you come?  Can you hear the strong voice calling?   United people keep on hauling
Words wander around wildly. Worldwide the words fly. The words wander wonderlessly. Wonderfully waiting until 
Yes, the finely floating feathers Floating in the sky One of the feathers Even caressed my eye! Ye olde agua,  Frozen is dismissed. Oh, my dear Elsa! Let us dance, dance,  Forever more.
I made you up When I was a lonely kid, You never talked to me But you always listened, When I was crying You’d be there with me,
You were my best friend, Until change suddenly came And took you from me
These Days I Stay... “ Elusive “... While Some Would Say... “ Reclusive “ …
Baby lookin' so pretty on the downtown scene Roaming around like you are the fucking queen Heading over to Coney Island for some fun, with your attitude in tow and little handgun 
Please ignore this poem!!! It was not meant to be Please ignore this poem!!! Because, you see   By some glitch of some sort Or error on my part It seems the same poem two times did depart
So It Seems That GREED... Is Part of The Disease That Corona Breeds... !?!
Maybe we lost our way, not recently that's evidentely, empathy is no longer  available in this piece of land like alchemy principles, to gain is to give.  
Again, An another sleepless night passed,Again,A chain reaction of thoughts occurred,Yet Again,YOU crossed,Again, I forced,Again,I missed,Again,Yet Again,Constant I feel, Room of emptinessThis pain, This rage,This sorrow, This bitterness  Wonderin
My physical body aches Terribly as it resonates through my bones like a chord plucked on worn acoustic guitar strings I beg for the release of the metallic chains of my inability to see beyond the depths of my own soul
Walking barefoot on the ground, I seem to understand it now
I dye my hair black to reflect the world outside  Other colors don’t mean anything now Have already been like this for a while People and the streets seem abandoned and grey
How did you manage to get this way?
So …. What's In A Word ? Well A Word Like ... F**K ... Can Possibly Mean You've Run Out of Luck ... !!!
As we cheered to the new year, That was supposed to be the start of gear, But Alas! we were embraced by an unwelcoming fear, Fear of mingling, for not to shed tears,
Now Virgelements' Set Precedents ... For Sentiments Fit For Regiments ... Where Expression Deals In LEVELLING ...
Don't Do It Bro, Don't Do it ... !!! ... " NOooooooo' " ... !!!!!!!!! A Sentiment Sent Because I've Lost A Friend ... In The WORST Kind of Way Leaving MANY Dismayed ... !!!!!
I wish there was a collection of words I could say to you. A phrase to stop the clock from ticking in the dark. To bring back the lights if just for a moment. Cast away the darkness so that I may see your face, one more time.
Man … "You Cannot Be SERIOUS !" ... You AIN'T … " John Mc….." ... !!!!! And That's A FACT … Why You Trying To Play BAD … ? When You AIN'T … " Mike Jack " … !!!?!!!
These Words Are Ones On Which To ... " CHEW " ... .... "Be careful what you do ! Be careful what you do ! .... If cops are in view, and you're being pursued !"
These Days It Seems ... " EXPOSURE And SHAME " ... Seem To Be The Themes By Which Most Now Play … Playing The Game of Lying Away … !!! About Who They Are In Their World of FARCE … !!!!!
" The Pressure... The PRESSURE ... !!! " Ya Know I'm Like … " V For Vendetta " ... When It Comes To … " The Pressure " ... !!! PRESSURES That Surround When You're On SHAKY Ground ... !!!
These Days It's CLEAR I've Now Passed ... " Those Years " ... !!! Where RUNNING My Mouth ... To PROVE WITHOUT Doubt ... That My Thoughts Are SOUND ... Is NO LONGER A Need That Lives Within Me ... !!!
Hear my chant, that I am crying, Allured by my answer, they’re all stuck admiring, Grasped by the gods, pulled by Poseidon, Carried into the current, by the Song of the Siren,
Hear my chant, that I am crying, Allured by my answer, they’re all stuck admiring, Grasped by the gods, pulled by Poseidon, Carried into the current, by the Song of the Siren,
With open eyes   Just a little thought in another place.It changes the entire structure immediately!   Just a little word in another spot.It changes the whole purpose of content!
Glorified self praise   I like to read my own words,they are of a "special sort"!   Everything else comes only from the outside!From there comes the biggest nonsense!  
Sometimes up, sometimes down   I ask myself; Who i really am.I ask myself; after the true sense.   I feel power; and much more!And yet I feel so often empty.  
Fight for freedom   I only see virtual pictures ...And on all corners only signs!   Sitting in a noble cage.Digitally scratching the days.  
Money, money and money   Where to go with all my money?How much does the whole world cost me?   I am in a material delusion.My mind is beautifully tame.  
The new way   The direction seems determined.Nothing takes my courage anymore.   Sometimes I get stuck and wait,on a mild fateful gift.  
The real criminal   A gangster - Deep in the heart,Deep inside of him is only pain.   The system - so full of contradictions.Only a moment before the collapse.  
Thought lesson   Open the eyes to see.Stretch the legs to stand.   Red, yellow, green - totally the same,poor thoughts - rich thoughts!  
Confused frequencies   My being - so beset and glum.A frequent wave is shifting my mind!   The control from the outside, so strong.The own will - buried in the coffin.  
The divine gift   I always give you only plain view.I always show you only truth!   Good and evil - all without judgment,The truth knocks - she hurries.  
The easy life   I do not need much for life!Because basically it's just a game!   Who know the rules and how to bend them a little,knows how to win in this game!  
Everything foolish?   Who feels the words and listen to the meaning,is justly outraged by this world!   Selfish, deaf and also dumb,the whole humanity is running around!  
Life "under control"   The calm and the strength,holds "that" which creates everything.   The big and the little,it comes of its own!  
Change of the eras   Why do I do this and that?Why am I acting this way and not otherwise?   Do I always have the free choice?Or do I really have the agony each time?  
The chemistry of the sky   The sky was dark blue any times!I still remember exactly!   Such a deep and fulfilling blue!I still remember exactly!  
The "small" life   Ants I have admired abound,when I was young.   Clouds I have admired abound,when I was young.   Birds I have admired abound,when I was young.
At the beginning there was...   I feel it in my stomach,others feel it too!   A state of happiness.Time - an endless piece.  
From the beginning to the end   At the beginning was the love.At the end in there was life.   At the beginning was the day.At the end in there was time.  
At the end comes the strength   The end is slowly approaching,That's what a faithful scout told me.   Now it suddenly becomes obvious to me;It is coming suspiciously close to me.
A fork far from all understanding   Like a blossom-white cloud on the horizon that nobody notices...... That's how many people live their time.  
Path of Truth   No one can follow the true path.Everyone will avoid this tough path.   But if one is very old and wise.Then one understands the meaning of the long journey.  
Paths of love   See over there. She wakes up.She have slept and rested for a long time.   Now she is truly strong and pure,so the evil end will be very soon.  
A world so beautiful   The green meadow blossoms to new life.The empty sky forms his artworks.My spirit, it lives. My heart, it trembles.  
Words in full depth...   A few words... They work miracles,They're like tinder for my mind.   A few sentences... with beautiful words,And my heart wants to hoard all love.  
Dancing...   I feel the rhythm,I feel every bass vibrate.My head is completely free,All concerns are far away.  
Change of feelings   I'm gonna open up to the big whole,I don't wanna keep hiding.   I opened up and freed myself,and had suffered a lot of misery.  
Confused...   What comes when something else goes?What's going on if something else is coming?   What passed when something new happens?What happens when something new passed?  
A wish for you   I wish you from the heart;No suffering and no pain.   No sorrow and no misery,and not pleading for happiness.  
A new star on heaven's tent   You left us very early.Many still can not believe it.   You went to another place.Without saying goodbye ... just gone.  
Wordless Love   She's more than a simple word.She is more than a beautiful feeling.She is more than an exciting experience.  
In the spirit   Words that enchant.Ideas that delight.Feelings that seduce.   It is so clear and close.Thoughts must travel.Love must be free.  
Sometimes I wish...   ... I would be a leaf in the wind.And haste from branch to branch.   ... I would be a bird in the air,and scatter my scent everywhere.  
The true power   My mind is now pure and clear.As beautiful as it has not been for a long time.It is powerful and strongly matured.Almost unbending and stiff.  
Love awakens!   Can you feel her?She is invincible and powerful.Evolved she is flourishing magnificently.   Everyone can see her radiate.Everyone will understand it soon.  
The biggest whore of all   I love to play with her.It's pure fun to abuse her.   Everyone wants to own and covet her,but only a few will really feel her.  
Freedom of thoughts   All my thoughts and my will are free now.The compulsion and urge for success is now over.   There the last veil is also falling,and reveals the true vultures.
Confused Ghost   Words which open doors.Thoughts which move mountains.Emotions which move worlds.  
Love   My true love is out out there somewhere,I'd love to rush to her today!   I want to tell her everything, describing how I feel,that her smile may flush all the bad out of me.
Fantastic voyage   Maturing spirit.Flowering landscape.Sun rays on my skin.   New but old.Old yet new.   Infinity in transience.Ephemeral infinity?  
Everywhere lies!   Detecting a lie is difficult for the most people.For they no longer know the truth of our world.  
Now or never...   Just a whiff, and then it's time.Just a blink of an eye and it's there.The certain moment, this particular moment,The one you've seen coming for a long time.  
Timeless tones   Words without love, without sound,Strokes along my ear.   Meaningless, playful sounds,preached to me of incredible beauty.  
Money is reigning!   All the false teachings of this world,teach you; the most important thing is money.   Everybody has understood itnot just who did not find it yet.  
Creative power of thoughts   Wherever I go, there is no darkness.Because I create the light!   Wherever I go, there is no pain.Because I create happiness!  
The Phoenix rises up   He rises from the old ashes.His wings are strong and broad,His gaze is undimmed and sharp.Imposingly he is rising into the air.  
was, wenn wir beide geh‘nkein licht am ende seh‘ndie liebe nur noch scheinwussten können nicht zusammen sein habe nie so geliebt wie dichoder diente es nur zum schutz für michwollte nie sehen wie du bistoder dir sagen du wirst vermisst wurden vom
All Around Teaching   Last night I was in paradise.I felt so good, not bad at all.Then I saw a bright light,I walked towards it, but I didn't touch it.  
I'll be waiting!   Together we hike on many paths,towards true happiness and enlightenment.Without seeing the goal in front of our eyes,we'll try to comprehend it.  
Roulette of life   You are in me and I am in you!And just together we create the "here".   Everything together results in the whole,It ripens and thrives, from seed to plant.  
The loneliness in the communality   Today we are leaving together,It goes in the direction of heaven, up and up.  
Ode to loneliness   Oh my faithful friend where we stand today.I have see it coming for a long time!   With you by my hand,I moved all over the country.  
The leading   The journey begins with the first step.Go, I will accompany you a bit.I'll show you the right way,it leads along a narrow footbridge.  
Carousel of Madness   Everything familiar repeats itself.Old things are just new polarized.   Just a few see the big lie.Even less understand it.  
The way   The road is dark and uneven,but I feel a pleasant warmth.I feel the warmth of a light from afar.I follow this warmth, I follow her far beyond...  
My friend   Only with one in a lifetime I would build shit.Only to this one I would entrust everything!  
Material wealth   I could…  
Here and now   A day may affect the week.But the week also the day.   An hour can create your day.But the day also the hour.  
Materialism of heaven   After many years I am finally ready.I feel; my time is coming now.Nothing can hold me here any longer,nothing will split my mind again.  
The path to destination   To know no path does not mean to search no destination.   Finding a path does not mean "having no destination".  
Young souls...   Young in spirit, mature in body.The behavior, it is still stiff.   Unreasonable and also stubborn,it's going through a tough cure.  
Always again   A new day, he is born.The last one, I have lost now.In the beginning he is full of hope and so wonderful.Until he's whispering to me; today, it will not be so great.  
In the heart of mother nature  
Insight   Honesty and love bring you true happiness,Did you understand it, there is no way back!  
Like all flowers   Like all blooming flowers in spring,I also like to flourish at this time.   But this year I will bloom more.I will unfold my whole splendor.  
The butterfly in the wind   I open my eyes but I do not see anything.Everything is so dark, not a hint of a light!  
I close my eyes and see a thousand worlds Made up of pictures tastes and handpicked words When my hands rest against The lettered keys I write myself into a lucid dream
Here’s to the mavericks! What a bunch of assholes.   To imagine a better world, They have the gall to challenge the status quo, By spinning thin air into gold!  
No one is coming to rescue us. It’s a hard truth to trust. Surely there must be a hero?   But there is none. It is only us versus them.
Epitome of Altruism   “Live and breathe kindness Selflessness is a guidance It is a lifestyle Helping you fight through every trial”
God will only find you in death, Your life won't matter to him. The help that you expect Is shortcoming with every breath.   I had a dream nothing mattered, Time just plays with us
Inspiration, for me comes from the ink carved squiggles of the written word. Never before has anything been more beautiful 
I am inspired by my mother Her tenacity  Her strength I am inspired by the care she shows to my grandmother Who no longer remembers her name I am inspired by the kindness she shows her patients
I am inspired by my mother Her tenacity Her strength I am inspired by the care she shows to my grandmother  Who no longer holds the ability to remember her own name 
The "real dream"   I want to live all my dreams!I want to take and give.   It's a wise and mature spirit,which shows me the way towards purpose.  
inspiration doesn't have one source from everywhere it takes its course lives in places, different faces graces nature with it's force if you can't see it all around us, start looking
My eyes are of waiver They click and tock onto  the views that are given-- calloused hands twiddling a sauce covered spoon make my vision spell a new line  on paper.
What does it mean to be inspired? Inpiration can be found in a place you feel safe, a person you look up to, an item with a lot of meaning. 
So What Does It Mean To Be .... " Corrupt " .... ?!? Well These Days It Would Seem ... A Good Place To Start Is Within GOVERNMENT ... !!!
A uniquely appearing demeanor, Plus a little surprise of texture in each bite, I proudly identify myself with a flavor known to be Premium, fresh, and light.
When the sun lifts, I think about tomorrow and the earth bringing foreign land, making rosemary and lavender that grows from three month rain.
Her mind His body Her attitude His ambition I crave what they have What they´ve worked so hard for I want it so I´ll fight for it My inspiration is competetion
Her mind His body Her attitude His ambition I crave what they have What they´ve worked so hard for I want it so I´ll fight for it My inspiration is competetion
Love inspires me to Adore, Pain gave me a reason to work for more. Love inspires me to be Active, Pain gave me a reason to break from being held captive. Love motivates me to do right by others,
They ... HATE IT Don't They ... ?!? When You ........................................................... IGNORE Them .....
What lays out there in the deep of the night with roaring blazes of life and light masses so big whose dance is so fine a sweet sound of nothing silence divine I realize I've been staring
Immigrants THIS And Immigrants THAT ... !!! All This Government Talk's Helping Hatred SOAR ... !!!!! Meantime They KEEP ON Making Plans And Setting ... "TRAPS" ... !!!
Love is not what it seems. It is not a delicate feeling that makes one bubbly and light inside. It is not flowers and sunshine. Birds do not chirp. Rainbows do not appear. Life is not happy and perfect. Love is the opposite.
They shed their blood, sweat, and tears. Doubt wasn't a stranger, but they still faced their fears. People who have made something from little nothings That have gone before me, confidently spreading their wings.
Oh! Thou sweet land of the free, 🇱🇷 You paved the way so others could find their ways Where men of letter fought for a better day, And find solutions without delay.   Oh! The first daughter of Africa 🇱🇷
Dear Black people When we ask about our history They show us a black man on chain Being flogged by another man of diverse color
It all started when things were "No longer at ease", for Chinua Achebe,  He has to take it because it was like " Things Fall Apart".
You are truly a product of love, Divided by the sum of your ego, Subtracted by the quotient of your imperfection,  Multiply by the difference of your commitment.
I'm ... " Back On Track " ... DESPITE The Fact That Some Believe I'm NOT THE MAN ... !?! THE MAN With Words To FEED The HERDS ... So I Think It's Time We Looked At THAT ... !!!
These Days I'm AMAZED In .... " SO MANY WAYS " ... !!! People Seem To Think That Things Are OKAY ... ?!? A Law Passed Today Has Left Me ... AMAZED ... !!!
Take Your Time Man USE Your Mind ... Before You Try To Ride With CRIME ... !!! Take Your Time When You Design ... Your Prose To Flow Poems In Rhyme ...
How Many Is A Simple Question ... !!!! How Many Now Require DETENTION ... ?!? How Many Times Do We See Crimes ... But Then Incline To Turn ... "Blind Eyes" ... ?!?
The man has superior citizenship amongst creations being earth's caretaker. He was created first and given a woman only when living alone was sadder. Formed in his Creator’s image,  GOD looks like a man and not like a woman.
So Many CLAIM They Want To HELP ... !!! But Seem To Me To ... " Help THEMSELVES " ... !?! From Charities To Families ... Who Help Long After ................... " TRAGEDIES " ..... !!!!!
Chill or KILL I've Had My Fill ... of Those Who Want To Test My Will ... !!! I Chill These Days Cos' People Prey ... Like RAIN FILLED Clouds In Skies of Grey ...
I've Just Read A Poem ... About ... " Child ABUSE " ... !!! It's Touched Me So Deeply ... !!! I'm Now Feeling ... BLUE ... !!!! It's Filled Me With SADNESS ... And FILLED ME With MADNESS ... !!!!!
Snow lightly coats the top of the river, Sides of houses covered in icicles, Christmas lights shine so bright Headlights look too similar. I danced in the riverbanks and couldn't help
The giant awakes  His empire calls From his glass castle in the sky A million feet tall   With mighty, heavy step
The giant awakes  His empire calls From his glass castle in the sky A million feet tall   With mighty, heavy step
The giant awakes  His empire calls From his glass castle in the sky A million feet tall   With mighty, heavy step
I've had this said a number of times ! When it comes to lines in ,,, My Poems ... "Virgil man, your poetry is just too long !" Well here's a shock cos' this one's not !
Persephone, Queen of the Damned Daughter of Spring A true vegan; Natural blogger Has a garden so elaborate; winter cannot crumple Flowers, Vines, Plants galore A great palace of Earth
This is a poem about police shootings. What’s are they doing? NOTHING!!! That might not answer your question, But I know something.  
I want to read books over here. I want to read books over there. Books are great to read everywhere.   I read with my friends at the library. I read with my sister at home.
when I choose you not the intention of the heart to hurt you when i love you not the intention of the heart to curb your freedom when I fell in love with you
the cutest thing is when we walk through a garden and the bees harmoniously hover around you miataking you for a flower oh silly bee, oh silly me i too make the same mistake   Kira
The Uber was early And more radiant than expected From it rope ran Into the setting sky’s Cerulean canvas Tugging what I don’t know,
Hard to say goodbye to you  But this is the only word, that I can say to you  After all the happiness and tears with you all along  A big step in my life that I have to do    Letting you go away in my life
I used to let my emotions out For it to fly in free motion  It was like a white dove poor and innocent The bird was not able to turn into an eagle Its soft wings spread through the air
 It takes a hero to live life,A master to love life,And a monster to take life.Ceaselessly pulling myself together, only to have everything unravel,Like twine in a fire,Ashes lost in the wind,Smearing the shore.Carrying my placid regretsThat I hav
Alone in the dark, yet brave Given the power, you've adapted and slaved. to the hateful men, and the judgemental stares.  They've taken your innocence  And turned you into tears,
 Why is the world filled with destruction. Why are we filled with so much obstruction. Trying my hardest to struggle through. Trying to believe and juggle through. All these obstacles I face. Leavin
Red lips take a sip of the evening's wine.  Heavily coated lashes gazed upon her victim. A man of 5'7", broad shoulders, able to scare any other man with a certain gaze.
Red lips take a sip of the evening's wine.  Heavily coated lashes gazed upon her victim. A man of 5'7", broad shoulders, able to scare any other man with a certain gaze.
 texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,texas,love, pull you close buy you a drank look you in the eyes wipe your eyebrows stare you in your face tenderly stroke your so beautiful an unique face texas,love, feel you tenderly all over lean close to your ear whis
texas.don,g,nutt,59,poem,fuck with me cause all eyes faceing me fuck with me cause i asked fuck with me cause i care fuck with me right here right fucking now fuck with me from sun down to sun up fuck with me in the telley room fuck with me in the
owtexas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,she,me from my very polite manner ball for the night she me by the way i am she me comeing from where im from she me down to the touch to the stroke the feel she groans im to real she me from my status to my manly vibe i
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,im,her,from the look to the style to the sexy classical way she is from her small size feet to her long maine hair to her apple bottom behind seating right sitting tight in her jeans im her im so her to the way she blush t
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,im,him,im him from sun up to sun down everytime i open up my weepy eyes to another sunlight im me im him better then most look the best no future in the front i go hard im him  the name the face the groove the smooth im hi
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,party party like a rock star party party on down its me once again full of juice an gin this time beyounce upgrade party like a rock watch this bitches this hoes drop down low touch they toes wiggle that ass id rather be f
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,g,thangg g,smooth in the game you know my name xrated from the hood leyts get this nation wide crip ride understood from a g to a key its the g,thang in a big homey like me poping off slugg after slugg its the deffinitiona
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,im me so who you im me so how could this be im me so who be you im me so what it do talking down get down round for round known but the thought the point is who you you say who me i be the m,v.p.
k cometexas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,reapping my hood reapping my block,comeing from the blvd ghetto super star off the chain you know my name drapped up drippying on them thangs you know the hood i claim its a real g,thangg reaping this streets reaping
texas,don,g,nutt,59,poem,flipping,layed back behind the wood lets get theflipping understood lean back in the fly ride hand from side to side reap ya hood threw the trunk on pop swangg bangg turn the musical funk up a notch full weed pull blow puf
texas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,still,mobbing, mobbing deep in this texas streets you know the name by now its fame no false claim as i mobb reaping texas magnolia soutern south side grooven my body straight moveing whats up to my family whats up to my p
texas.don,g,nutt,59,poem,so,real.so real so nice so right so dedicated for me to be me so compassionately me as i stroll to the next faze in this lime you see the realness i be i have begun this is the beganing of just won dedicaited to me im the
texas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,i got my eyes on you who watching you girl i got my eyes on you for whatever the ocassion choice to be digging you front an center on the spot you know who eyeballing an watching you girl feeling you all over the life when
texas.dong.nutt,59.poem,so hard comeing straight from the streets like straight outta compton im hard from the words from the rhyme from the bottom to the top go hard boy throw down any city any town any spot any shine i go hard you know the name
texas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,river,flow,row row row your boat gentley down the river flow stream its the rock the roll the shake dont break its not a take are a lifes stake this riverflow,as the river stream goes an go in it deep let the sail boat roc
texas,don,g,nutt,59.poem,thugg,love,thugg ove withpassion from the hood known in the streets this thugg love is greatly thugg from the pants that hang an sagg thugged out like bone thugg this one know to be cuz thugg love the one she wants the one
texas,don,g,nutt,59.poem,beautifulman.beautiful man she likes she want she needs a beautiful man such as me i can see it in her eyezs, from the smile on her face to the feeling of her touch she adores the compassion of me so much a beautiful man i
texas.don.g.nutt,59,poem,drank.drank in my hand as i stand  front an center to the floor its much much more in the cup world wide pour up sipp drank bopp drop short stop lean im so clean in the mix of the clubb no typa scrubb  millions want love d
texas,don.g.nutt.59.poem.western man, ima western man from the swagga way i walk the way i talk baby whats happening howdy do you do mam surely one fine western woman ima westernman by the way i move to smooth in the game no dern shame total shock
texas,don.g.nutt,59.poem,strapped igotta stay strapped for the hood for the block for the ghetto boy in me for the haters the pretenders that follow my path feel it in the air tonight  im strapped better then ever most then more still strapped fro
texas.don.g.nutt59,lover boy lover boy i be loverboy i am loverboy she know loverboy i surely an truely be mr lover boy not shabba, still me reaping just a loverboy like me,texas,don.g.nutt59.poem.loverboy,8-7-2019
Upon the shallow river’s floor,Our protagonist is found,His clothes hang heavy,By a burden he is bound.He empties his fears,As they flow from his ears,He escapes them not,For a new guide appears.
my necklace is itching my skin its giving me rope burn pain thats self inflicted hurts like no other hurt my neck is turning blue im running short of breath ive kicked away my stool
BrothersFunny, SweetAnnoying, Protecting, LovingMake me feel responsible Male Sibling
The complaints long pending,
  I'm gay, I'm straight, I love, I hate, I appreciate I disrespect.  I'm smart, I'm dumb. I feel  but I'm numb, I fight but I fear. I seek, I hide I run but I stay in place. I won, I lost, I gave it my all. I gave nothing. 
i'll admit it i am not much of a poet i do not know much about rhyming i just know about the individual and how it is hard to be original how we sit here and talk about nothing
When Simone biles runs to the bar to do back flips in the air she is an athlete.But when I run to the bar and do a backflip holding a beer, suddenly I have an alcohol problem and need help. Perhaps they might be right ya know?
So many poems these days remind me of a college poetry class presentation. Not the students who genuinely want to be there there. No, the students who took the class for an easy A and are now forced to write to pass the class.
“More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through
I used to think that it was all about externalities, Do anything to fit in and don't get mama mad at me,  It didn't matter how I felt only how other people felt about me,
Kneeling to God my knee hurt, praying with caution and aiming higher, So many lovers but love is lost.
Walking through the halls of where I used to be. I've been gone for years, but it feels like yesterday. I know the smell, the taste, the touch.   Now when nothing at all appears foreign to me,
Now the leaves are turning to shades of oranges, yellows, and reds, 1   and the ash of yesteryear's past has eluded me, as have my regrets. 2
I used to read a lot more, That’s just a hardened fact. Now what I read is simply for school, Annotations, blue and black.   I remember loving books,
Period. Not the kind present at the end of a sentence, not the kind that boldly sends a message.   But the secret kind.
The Young Sapling By: Madison Winchell   The young sapling, small and frail Is suffocated by the roots of mature trees.
Money doesn’t grow on trees Which was clearly hard for me to see I’d ask my mom to buy for me
Sometimes we run. Just run. And run.    Sometimes not fast enough to escape our problems.   But sometimes we run  so fast we forget to  slow down  and enjoy our gift.
why did you become so easy to love               but       so hard to hate
You’ve been skating through loveYou must be on a hunt to EnjoiGiving away all the free hugs,Playing with my heart like a toy,Keeping yourself warm like a mugI want to feel your lips like a cup.
Some days I don’t feel like livingWhere is the calm to this storm?I was once in love and thrivingbut now I wonder if she’ll be coming home;back to our bed; and back to meThis love can be madness sometimes
I realized I wasn't a kid anymorewhen I stepped out of the front doorby myself, backpack on my back,eyes looking straight ahead, above the floor.I was going to school on my own,No longer feeling alone,
Another line written another test taken no one could see what i think until I found your black ink   When I was young I used pen because I thought my work was perfection
Ode to my glasses   Handy, Flexible, They are a part Of me. I couldn’t live Properly without them,
I was a girl who was afraid I'd walk in fear and walk in shame Left, right, left, right, just keeping straight Don't make contact, or you'll be made A fool for being human too,
She went back to her room where her favorite song was just ending at the best part. The little twinkles that faded with a high D flat that made her emotions fall apart.  
Fear,  There’s plenty of it, it fills us all Paralyzes us, keeps cautious, wanting to avoid the fall Something we can’t outgrow or out run When it’s there we wish it were done Thought of the past plants it, thought of the future grows it Can’t bru
Fear is my closest friend She knows me better than I know myself She is loving and she is kind and she keeps what's best for me in mind as she guides me through this tumultous life
Winter has beaten the color from life The dead rustling leaves and the old skeleton trees join in the chorus of death. The wolf and the fox turn brown just to harmonize with this solemn song.
Shadow... Now she's the girl he told everyone about, bragging, changing, manipulating the reality of what really happened. She got stripped of her clothes, stripped of her trust, stripped of her youth. 
When I was a kid, I hated speaking in front of people I used to hide from any opportunity there was to speak From speaking to a relative or my teacher, I hated doing it
You emobody the vessel of pure isolation what more of an effect could you embrace me with for your friend has seduced the one who's given me life into a life of nevermore  and now we stand face to face 
I can’t speak on behalf of 1.8 billion Muslims But I can 100% assure you this one thing I am not a terrorist! This all started when I was in fifth grade;
i am tired exhausted drained  completely of being afraid fear anxiety worry a perpetual chain locked around my ankles always holding me back
Girls Acrylic nails and blond highlights Always smile Don't be difficult Sexy but not slutty Be a girl Do it right I'm a fuck up I don't have highlights or acrylics
 To win my heart, cross my roads  To get my love, you knock my doors  Let's to start, to earn cruise  To build a nest within love rose     Adore you much, looking forward  To keep in touch, even one word  Eager to fly, to reach sward  Where your f
Mirrors would always tell the ugliest truths Reflection found in front face camera or frankly placed in front of bathroom sink faucets fed the unacceptable attributes Unallowing any filter or photoshop on face or body
i’ve seen people in my own mirrors come and go like seasons   and just like summer  soaks up the heat of spring,
Cálidas fueron las noches que grabé ayer.cálidos y también sonrientes,blanco como la espuma,tan frio como la arena,¿Estás listo para soñar?Oh!
You awaken with bright blue eyes, They twinkle with flecks of your future.   Wrapped in the blanket of love, You are safe In your mother’s arms.  
PRESENTING: "Technological Habits." Paid in part by the subliminal masses.   (OFF MIC) "We could start by listing all the reasons why we can't have this. For instance, Class.
someone scream when the night falls for me in the West and for you In The East at the moment we both blink   for when we rush  through our safe doors and plunge into stardust
I whistle a tune  unbeknownst to all subjugating aerodynamics take flight in the V, they quack no? I chose the letter G   I hum a melody that pricks the ears of Grays shall they
treat me like Tuesday even if it is dawn on Friday ask me not of my spiders cushioned under skin but of my beloved socks   not of my whys or nos  more so of my whys to yeses
Hiding the face So no one can trace The feelings of pain That make me brave Open the cage I want to escape Give me a chance To turn the page
Poem Story: 1 Black and blue, like starlightA boxer wins the fight of his life.Thru the ropes he goes homeTo hold his wife, of so long.
I wrote a poem about you I called it 'I wrote a poem about you My heart spoke to my mind My pen wrote words that were hard to find Nevertheless I wrote you a poem To tell you that I don't know who you are
always follow your ambitions even if you don't know where they may lead. chase your goals and grasp them in your hand like a rope that's pulling you into the life that you want.
There’s a feeling that threatens to burst out of your chest the anger, the disappointment, the passion And every time you fail to speak,
Meetig first time, Exciting, Meet halfway, Compromising.   Get there before you do, Mind starts wandering, Think what to say, Want to appear interesting.   You turn up,
Look, beyond, a girl awaits,Walking through a sea of grass.She twirls and sings within the green,Her voice so clear as crystal glass.Her hands, so gentle as a dove,Around she fingers reaching stems.
Since the day I was born, my father new I was special. He always poured into me and made sure I did everything right. Day in and day out he worked and worked till it was night.
He was ten with his face always stuck in a book Tales of wizards overcoming abuse at home and having adventures with friends to help him escape his problems, 
Guide me, until I break the surface of the water that held me down. Hold me, as I gasp for air that was denied to me for so long. Help me, as I swim with struggling, unsure strokes
A love, a memory, a habit, Eyes of lunar luminance and Fiery coldness- This is what I remember, This is what I know.   Urges to spend Unnecessary packages, bottles, and boxes
Gitara, Thank you for your qualities. You’re kind and you see me for me.
A star in the sky, A spark in my eye, A lady so strong, is not here any long. An inspiration for all, Is now forever gone. You left us without a word, You went away like a bird.
You told me, "It's over..." again. I know that, Jorge... It's been over. You know that and I know that.. And of course... You KNOW I know that.. So who was the validation for?
Abandon the thought held on only by doubt You’re allowed a few mistakes as you figure yourself out
doesn't it rain sometimes  on the inside and isn't it funny your umbrella can't be opened because it's bad luck.  
You cleaved me open And left my sun-bleached ribs Scattered Across the shores of our youth.   There, by the sea, I gathered sea glass with which to build my home –
Euphoria, the feeling a bee feels when it finds a daisy. the feeling a dog has,  when it finds a bone a bird, a seed. a lion, a zebra  me, you. 
Your hands slowly,  Trace their way down my thigh.  Your lips, Make their way to my chest.  But what is lust,  If we don’t have love?
Smile.“I’m fine.”Smile.“Just tired.”Smile.“oh, sorry, I’ve been busy.”Smile.Smile.Smile. It’s funny,isn’t it?How hard it is to tell the difference between a smile
We need to have control. Not control on how we’re taught or what we wear, but on the weapons put on display to be seen everywhere.
While i fumble my words  my eyes dart to the ground, but I feel the touch of your soft warm hands pushing my head towards the sky. Your booming dialect guides me through the deep dark corners.
You were in and out of my life for as long as I can remember In a place, you might as well call home Three walls, behind bars, all alone You made friends whose names were pen and paper
mama said to eat well and study well and be well, so i never told her when i fell down the stairs tumbling and tumbling down the bottom until my bottom was on the floor.
Thank you Tears For getting me through the rough nights the failures the stress. For teaching me  that it's okay to worry and that it's okay to smile that I'll feel better when it's over.
time is like sand it slips right through your fingers. you can hold on  and squeeze as tight as you can but in the end it slips right through your fingers  
time is like sand it slips right through your fingers. you can hold on  and squeeze as tight as you can but in the end it slips right through your fingers  
I wrote a poem for you I wrote a poem for your hands and how they hold me for your lips and how they soothe me, with words and with more I wrote a poem for your eyes and how they cry, soft and quiet but loud to me
RESPECT *1Respect is the Desire of everybody's mind, But is only given to people who are kind. *2Respect is given to those who deserve it, And is not given to those who are unfit for it.
Melts between the fingertips and slips onto the floor Just another tragedy that seems to go ignored All these stopping clocks and no one ever really cares
They walk, full of confidence with their bright red feet Moving their heads to the rythem of the city red eyes, staring far away, into a distant memory
Every night i stride through the endless corridors of my mind. I look for doors i Never find. I keep searching for freedom from these cells i have built for myself. One cell for each broken piece.
 <h1>SCATTERED      ASHES</h1> <ins> <p>I am from a family where bubbles exist</p> <p>From a broken home and a messed up wish</p> <p>I am from a crippled yet standing still keeping secrets injured an
The puff of helium meeting the ever-expanding foil until the state of which it reaches complete fulfillment.   The last stroke of the marker when the page becomes entirely covered in ink.  
You drag me down into darkness Making myself fill with darkness The darkness come over me from my other side and release me from the pain The pain that you give to me so deep Crawling in my shadow remove my pain
To sit quiet and be nice wasn't kinda his thing He was known to all as the mighty sarcasm king He was shy and so very quiet He was the perfect man with that touch so polite ©mynightprayerwords Selly A
That rage was meant to reveal the truth from behind those eyes open wide He was stubborn and stood up for what he believed in Even though he was a man now,his childishness was still a part of him
He looked like an angel sent from above With those sparkling eyes,he seemed the true face of love He was so wild but he had a beating heart His savage way to live was like an only art
He was strong because he was forged in pain Today he ruled because he never stopped when it rained Even though it hurt,he was still holding on Waiting for a day when all that suffering will be gone
the Corners of my life were my home. pushed into the spaces in between—unseen, side by side, shoulder to shoulder beside other shadows of Perfection.  
Our faces bounced off of every wall, as well as the bodies of many with faces of despise, Some of theirs would shrink and some of theirs would swell  
Poetry taught me how to write Poetry Prose has lots of rules and grammar and punctuation and it’s very cluttered in paragraphs, orderly yet stifling Poetry                                   has less rules
What I love about a poem is that it's easily read, No more, no less  than what needs to be said.   Abstraction of language Each line a breath, Tasting sweet words
A poem is A puzzle to be put together Or a web to be unraveled.  A memory to be uncovered Or a thought to be deciphered. It may be aa simple as describing  a leaf  falling down,
As I awoke and sat up in a room with only bare white walls, I thought I was all alone Until I turned to scan the space and Poetry was standing in the corner Watching, waiting.
It’s the words I can’t say, but need to let out. It’s the emotions I can’t express, but need to release.   It’s that moment in the middle of the school day. It’s that 11 p.m. scramble
This, this is poetry, the abstract sitting beside me, like a long lost friend exchanging thoughtful memories while Discarded thoughts of tomorrow sit like old men, forgetting themselves over the horizon remaining just beyond the water's edge remin
  I’ve always liked the idea of slam poetry; The passion that translates through the poets hands, As they excitedly emphasize each word with a new gesture.
Poetry is a short, loaded outlet Many interpretations for knowledge Writing poems is so unique
The love we shared was shattered in pieces When I placed your photos in my book's creases I was torn apart when it all ended Badly crmupled and emty-handed   I knew it was the last goodbye
I have been through it all From dawn to midnight I survived the heartaches, bitte truths And yet I am alive   I have been through it all From a start to an end I learned to walk, to run
It is the eyes for the blind And the ears for the deaf It pours life into my mind And kills every closeted breath.   It releases a fire of emotion And opens a floodgate of truth
I would say Shel Silverstein was our first friend That's how we learned where the sidewalk ends.  Bet you thought this poem was going to rhyme But that was the only line I could get out my mind (just kidding) head . 
Diplomatic  Emotional tyrant. Distance. Why are you so distant. I haven't even told you how I feel. Yet I feel trapped, pulled in by reel. Throw me away. Don't throw me away.
No Rules Poetry doesn’t have rules Just like life It has guidelines that almost everyone follows Of course To be successful You must follow the rules Or so they say Or so I tell myself
Many can say that Poetry is a simple concept However, they probably don’t understand that it’s difficult  to create a piece of literature with technique, symbolism, and depth
A poem is a song without music,  a story without paragraphs. Like humans, it's diverse in language. Not the language of the tongue, but the language of the heart. Those that understand one of its languages,
On this day, you were born. From your mom, you were torn. We've waited so long to meet you. We've longed for your debut.   At this time, 5:35 am, you have arrived. Another beautiful soul for mankind.
I am curvy and nerdy  Self-esteem a little sturdy Hmm.. can 't even count how many times I've been told I have a body that people pay for 
I am curvy and nerdy Self-esteem a little sturdy Hmm. can't even count how many times I've been told I have a body that people pay for But how is that supposed to make me feel good, when those people are always shamed for
Power to the fist  Power to defeat  Power to challenge  Vested in a pen, a pencil, a feather was the power to plaster my emotions  Doesn’t sound too strong but let me fill you in on a secret  It is
Poetry, So simple a word that creates sentence, These sentences turn into verses, Those verses form a story, And within the story you learn about the writer. You read their emotions,
Red is love. It is the blazing sky from the setting sun. Red is the coldest color.
Best friends forever? More like best friends for never Every word you ever said to me was a straight lie. You played with my head and I just gotta ask "why?" Your selfish ways will never be forgotten
I hurt so bad, it's getting hard to breathe How I feel inside, well you wouldn't believe Thanks for making me cry, what I total waste of makeup This nightmare feels so real, come on Maddie, wake up
Dipping out from the cloud-covered sky,the Tree Swallow returns to nest, surrounded by a thousand of its kind,the sultry summer air brushes off its glossy, blue topaz back.  Like an arrow from the quiver,it plunges down from its nest hole, almost
Wish, not I, to dedicate a sonnet To surreptitious love, brutish sorrow,
Wish, not I, to dedicate a sonnet
I don't want to feel this pain anymore, I want to go numb I'm laying on the floor wondering how I could ever I be this dumb Life is cruel and if you think otherwise, then you're a fool
My family and I have been through some rough times, but them kicking me out is the worst part They left me confused, feeling unwanted and with a broken heart I'm going to have to find new ways to let all of this pain out
Poetry seemed easy; A simple rhyming, kiddy-scheme. If you look a little closer; You'll find out what they might really mean. So, You Should Never Read Poems With Your Eyes Closed.  
Poems convey obsequiousness They declaim hurts and faults And lessons aqueous Engaging in reconsults As mysterious as a maze Poems Telling
you can be as  kind & as loving  as you want.    but  i still won't believe that  i deserve you. i'll  disappoint you.   suck the light
most days i don't  know what to do  with the poems  stuck in my lungs. or begin to know how  to set them free. there  is no air & i've let go  of the hope that you  would understand
Poetry has taught me to be free,To be completely me,Poetry told me, "Don't worry about this or that."Poetry whispered in my ear and said,
Poetry is good  for giving perspective to those who do not see
l built a home for us With the bricks of our memories I painted the walls with our promises And carpeted the floor with our feelings
They grow long, coming out the same homegetting thick by each slicerarely pulled by the core.   
Dear, My mother’s ex-boyfriend of two years, My biological father left when I was six And ever since then, I've been looking for someone to fix
This is NOT me! This is NOT who I am! This is NOT who I want to be!  
i should probably  thank you.  when you left,  i had found myself. in pieces.  when you had  gone, not just with the flat screens & fine  china, but with the 
so here begs the question. can one really become ontent in loneliness? we are social creatures after all. but  yet we find ourselves alone in the  crowded coffee houses that we 
  i'm too depressed for poetry so i keep writing prose that never goes anywhere looking for happiness between my legs and handstand kegs
I see you running through the rain   I know its a stretch Even for my fantastical childish dreams But I still can see it  
Grew up on planet earthBut wandered oftenSaw the eyes of friends and felt ashamedMistook the softness for the angerLed to the fogged chaos, to the sadnessTo the lonely nights that hissed and heated
Poety has taught me Many wonderful things. From songs, To haikus, Each has given to me A different view Of the world. Songs breathe rhythm Into flat words And limericks
 I hope the thought of me hurts you and tears you to shreds,  And makes you never want to see me again.    I hope you fight yourself back from calling me, every time you look at a picture that reminds you,
You are all the beautiful things in the world  
Two years, three years, five years passed Now we're in this chapel Everything feels surreal It all feels like a dream   Two years, three years, five years passed
My heart began to ache I felt my limbs shake I wanted to run I wanted to hide I sobbed And cried Then I began to write I knew it would be quite all right Poems taught me to grow
Between rhyming lines and desperate sighs A truth begins to form What started as a poem Ended as a solution Lines and repetition and a steady beat Can make you think  Shedding new light on old problems
The days before I knew how to turn my static into water were hard.   Screams and scratches and cries and suffering. Unsurpassable mountains of anxiety and unexplainable chasms of depression.
this mind soars amongst many dreams   and they come in such excess in such a multitude
     Poetry is the lighthouse of lifeGuiding the lost from a stormy sea.Without it's presence darkness prevailsKeeping us from all we can be.  
I have late night conversations with the moon  She tells me about the sun And I tell her about you  What we used to do underneath her other half  And during her time when we went our different paths 
Sticky kisses and blue butterflies, Long nights and adoring skies. Lingering kisses and yellow flowers, Suspensful nights and everlasting hours. Passionate kisses and red wine,
In the world's second most incestious hostel there lives a family, Due to the misconception that home is sweet home They have all come here To run away to find - to rebuild - to destroy
 One day she is totally convinced it’s true the next the doubts crowd her brain A wonder to which fate is due It will not refrain
The mind, my mind, is a melting pot. I add and add stuff and singing Baggage and things. The pot can only hold so much, Not enough it seems. People dump their stuff inside
Divorce   The word divorce is defined as the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body, But that’s not all it means.  
I come to seek a Great Perhaps In a world where I can be okay i'll confess my sins and won't dwell on the cut communication i won't Divide the world into versions of me or You
We sing like Rain We scream like Thunder We shine Like lightning hitting the Crashing Waves We Mourn like the Storm finally calming itself We are gloom like the grey Skyies after a Hurricane
Do you know what it's like to open yourself up to the world....
Your heartbeat is my own. You smile, I smile. You dream, I dream. You breathe, I sigh. Love me. Hold me. Trust me now. I'm cold. Warm me.  You dream, I dream. You smile, I smile.
CheeseFor some unknown reason,Everyone believes that MarioEnjoys cheeseFar too much, most would say. No point asking whyNo one quietly (nor loudly) knows.
Subtract from these 20 years,Those that I swallowed without tasting-Anesthetize the clocks,Sprinkle Father Time with amnesia,Whisper the year 2011,I am 13 again-
I’m scared of losing my ability to write Like the way essays seem to escape me right before i have an idea
Walking through the talking woods, looking at the reflecting water, I see a bag of old goods and empty bottles underwater.  
Dear childhood,
Dear “Home,” While there are many, your flaws complete you.  I love your flaws because they add to your value, rather than take away. But you are more than just a home. Your foundation, while cracked, supports me.
It has been a few years since I’ve last talked to you. You’ve slipped my mind as I lived and grew. I write to you this poem of mine. I hope that it’ll make it to you just fine.
Dear Love,   Sometimes, Your soft brown eyes Fill my Stomach with such a strong boiling rage I want to light your curly hair on fire
Dear, Nephew   You are so full of life right know  so full of energy, joy, happiness, light. You make my days brighter than they were yesterday; When I was feeling alone and depressed.  
Dear old me,   You played me like a puppet Rugged and brokenhearted I saw through your lies
Why I Still Eat Ice Cream Never has one enamored me more than you, the one that hurts me You enter me and fill me with your cold, sweet touch but you leave me With the runs,
Life,   I wonder what it would be like to be filled with love. With nothing more than the feeling, I get when I look up above. Those stars, they are a part of you and not apart from you.
Dear Kelcee, It’s okay that we drifted apart, That’s just how things go sometimes, Just know you’ll always have a home in my heart. It’s okay that your life came crashing down,
Dear,  Generic love,   generic poetry.  
I am from where you pray over every meal you eat - whether in your bedroom or the dining room table.  
Life, so sunny in my home country but yet at times so gloomy born in poverty, better is seeked forced to immgrant to a alien country but better it is, learned the language my kids will not suffer 
You didn't love me Because you didn't know how to love You only knew how to play So indeed you played, With my heart. My feelings. My time. My life. My mind.  
father, they tell me to break free but it is not easy to tear out the roots of the weeds that you planted in me. i am so sorry that i'm not the person you wanted me to be.  it's a little ironic
Arielle, you were light you were gone before we saw this when you left it was dark I couldn’t see  who could replace such a beautiful thing   nobody  so it stays dark, like the darkness right after the sun sets  i pretend like it’
I’m praying for a troubled girl,who wishes for a change.Everyday she feels different,everyday she feels strange.
Filler full of toast, see That'll get the ghost, see, eat it up, you're close see, knave. Give it to your ghosty holler to your host-y Callout til your toasty babe
 Inbetween it seems to be, I miss you deeply with all disbelief.  you've left my side, how can this be? When four years ago you stood tall next to me. As the trees grow taller and nights get longer, I'll always miss you. 
Dear, the unwanted note on my whiteboard,   You stated, "Shut the fuck up cuz"   You were staring at me.  
Greetings, wondrous world of mine I hope that you are doing fine I know I'm not, but that's okay That's not why I write today   I'd like to speak of those less known
I write this for you, for when you're feeling blue. Through the dampness of the night, know that there is always light.   I write this for you, for desicions you drew. For your mistakes,
My “fashionable” addiction to cigarettes has given me a few things: One. A metallic flavor coating the inside of my cheeks , paired with a yellow tongue that tastes it.
I see that day now,it’s gold-sunlight kissedwith apple crisp air on my lips.Tart laughter stained our cheeks,and our eyes glittered,feasting, on the velveteensincerity of each other.
dear lover, there are pieces of myself that simply belong to you. when you leave, you take, & you fill me up with lies in exchange for what you drained of me. this is the best way manipulative men will get me to stay.   
Perhaps I was wrong, maybe my accusations have been oversung.   You were, as far as I was sure, the problem that made me fight.   But as I leave you in the dirt and move on, it seems
Failure,   I want to say thank you for always being there. The fear of you keeps pushing me forward. And even though I’ve fallen into your opens arms before,
Dear J,    You've grown into a man that has been through the ages  But the little piece of you reminds me of the guy I've known in high school Makes me miss you deeply like a rain that doesn't stop crying 
Dear Me,
I step into silver slipstreamsof SEMI conductor dreams broad halo days of golden innocence buried in the hatchet holes of this aging tree bark frame my thoughts are limbs that lead to falling leaves
It was as much a hinder as a clatter a soft splatter of broken love delicious  melted caramel on creamy lips of summer fog.   I do not forget her of hers a fine progression of my past;
I have seen the splintered timbers of a forest losing pine, waiting ona fire to carbonate its time. I know I am chemicals reacting to their tidesbut my mind it overulesa simpleton's design.
In the piercing heatof the unfolding daywe set sails for Avalon. Guided by winds wetested our fate, provingit was fragile in thedesperate side-by-sideof our changing lives.
Some came to satisfy their queer attractionto be close to something deadthat draws such loud attention
Last I saw you we were in the north woods guitars in hand searching for that place in the music where harmony resides traveling down the highway of notes and chords from opposite directions 
Her ways that wet the windin cloud drips close to clandestineraindrops hidden in the grays of ghostswhere broken-hearted loversplayed hollow games of what ifor, worse what if NOT?
In the wake of thingswe surrendered below cutting cloudsyou to me, me to the reign of ages. In a moments timethe world was bornour love's deathtook decades to complete.
They are confined in canyons of chaoswriting crayon graffiti in the dark corners of restless mindshither too, and hither from, come hither to a have not,a has been, a has to have, a half a man,always incomplete
Dear Fear, I was told by a character in a cute little movie that you used caution to keep me safe— —So please explain to me why I’m scared of sharks in my swimming pool.
You were wrong and I want to thank you.    
I want to be part of something better, sail skies to unknown paradise while finding love in bones I call my own.
Dear Current Generation,
Have you ever heard the story about the rose that grew from concrete The one that everyone thought its growth would be obsolete The one everyone thought would wither and die
Dear Everyone, I think I'm failing life. My brain tries to decide what's important, But it always gets it wrong. What am I even doing? Missing homework, Missing friends, Missing a purpose.
  Dear Future Self,   Hopefully by now I've changed a bit.  Pursued what I've been wanting to produce. 
Lonely girl, why so blue? Breathe out, breathe in,Lonely girl without a clueTrial an error, alone she will goClose your eyes dearJust go with the flow
Without rules, Without restrictions, No need for a guide or a handbook, Life would be simple.   The birds would sing, A beautiful song, Wrapped in the comfort of their nests,
Dear People With Money, Attending college is tough when the world ain't as sunny.   I've learned people like you make my debt appear. And it's also you who brought me great fear.  
What is it that keeps one from reaching its highest quality?It’s an epitome I️ received, tugging at my curiosity.
Dear Savannah,   It's okay to be afraid. And it's okay that you don't know what you're doing with your life. Most people don't have it figured out. Life is scary. Not disappointing people is hard,
Roses are red Voliets are blue As I look into your eyes, I just want to stay lost in them Know that I love you with the utter most of my heart you are my knight in shinning armor
The first time I saw you, you meant nothing to meThe second time I saw you I forgot your nameIt's been eight months since I first met youYou have been very good for me
Have you made any sand castles lately- with that absurd, red dust that fills up your shoes? I have stains on my socks from it still, and pictures of you in my room in an album.  
Pain makes you strong, it will be with you lifelong, when everyone will say you are wrong, you will stand headstrong...
Dear Daddy,
Dear Past Self, How many words I wish I could say... So many things I wish I could let you know. I know its too late now, but I just want to make sure... that you know you'll be alright in the future ahead.
My Dearest Lover, I don’t believe in using metaphors to define people. Metaphors are romanticized. If someone is defined by the metaphor in which I put them in, people no longer see the person,
  Bring me Heaven, bring me HellYour love has gotten me trapped in a spellI am indeed the angel who fellThe Devil in my veins, the blood marks on my nailsIf I try to catch you, I’ll always fail.  
A life with you is a life worth livingEven at your worstyou still made me feel betterEvery moment with youis a moment worth reliving,For better or worseYou are the only love of my life.   
it is easy to love you in the fantasy i’ve formed in my mind, for under the protection of my imagination, we are together. we are perfect. we are infinite.
Dear Death, Why are you so unpredictable? You can strike with little-to-no warning, or you can lay dormant for years. You'll wait in the shadows until something
Dear citizens,  My heart swells with pride hearing the “National Anthem.” Living in a country without freedom is something I cannot fathom.
Dear haters,
Tears are not unfinishable In the ducts of my eyes There are tears of joy Have I bled tears of pleasure? Mine are from deep my heart Those of anguish, sorrow and self-pity.
The vast ocean, transcending over lands, Peacefully. Its waters calm as silence on a wave less, Windless day.   It is as tranquil as sitting waters in a test-tube.
What is Great Love? Great love is this: Someone who lays down His life for his friend Someone who will love you till the end Someone who will never pretend
Dearest me,I start this letterWith you 
She confesses her love                And covers her mouth Just to make sure                             The snake won't slip out        She embraces the change                    And tugs on her sleeves
Hey whose that fella over there? When the light hits him just right. God I swear I can´t breathe He knows this  But proceeds to do nothing with the facts Makes me mad  Makes me sad
You're so goddamn beautiful, you gorgeous black goddess. I done found myself in a situation with infatuation, this unbearable desire that I have, I can't help but wonder. Its certain things that you do, that drive me wild.
Dear The Shower,  “Don’t touch my stuff!” she yells “It’s my turn for the T.V.” he tells I’ve learned to share, compromise but with you can I be selfish, greedy
I'm like the sun  Beautiful with a bright personality You can't look at me long  You'll see my past that contains pain And you won't look at me the same  That's why I burn So your eyes shy away quick
Having a crush on someone is not something intentionallyCrushing on someone secretly is inspiring and frustrating Crushing on someone is the lightest feeling ever
Dear baby sister,   Always remember to love Love with every fiber of your being And with no regrets Let your walls down And accept the happiness That you deserve And always know
Because I love you  I became a better me  How can I love you properly  If I don't take care of myself Because I love you  I prayed for you  So your spirit may be strong 
The day you entered my life I know we won’t have any strife Our family: Dad, child, wife But that is just a big fyffe   A lie just to give you hope Daddy don’t need to elope
The lonely heart is somewhat naive But because I love you, it grows like the dawn Warm, subtle, and so radiant it's entrancing Because I love you, it means unrestrained mirth
Because I love you, hurting once, hurting twice, given in the impact of love. When will it stop? It doesn't, this is love. Relationships, simple word right? Meaning more than a word, it's phases of life and impact of actions.
The day that I met you, We were stuck like hot glue. Because you were all I could cling to When everything inside me felt dark blue.   The way you wanted me, I always strived to achieve. 
Because I love you You have to love me back You'll do as I say Don't you dare talk back   Because I love you I'll have you to myself It's either me or them
Love to me is less like reality and closer to a dream, Love is the driving force behind everything Love is to humans as water is to nature,
I ask if you've eaten and make sure you get home safe I ask how's your day and if you're feeling okay I support what you do and I'll try to help too I'm your shoulder to cry on and your partner in crime
Love is the way the sun sets each day to reveal the moon. The way the ocean unforgivingly clashes against rocks is not love. Passion is the way leaves dance calmly in the crisp autumn air.
Love is a challenge, but it’s worth it for you Because I love the way you smile and do the things you do You understand my flaws and love me despite I wish I met you earlier, I do with all my might  
I only want the best for you For you to be at ease Call me in the midnight hour Or when you just need Someone to talk to, To love or to hold Clutch one end of the phone I'll clutch mine
"My Dearest Love,I come before you nowA stranger on my kneesCan something so beautifulTake interest in me?How amazed I stand before youAs I look into your eyesI'm struck-here wondering
What is love? Is it a a feeling or an action?  Who can I love, who can I not? Will love make you happy or make you cry? Is it true or is it a lie? She said she loved him and yet he cried.
inhale exhale it's twilight and you've lit my flammable heart, created an aching kindle in my soul. i feel your tabbaco lips on this early somber night, my hands are hesitant to reminisce the warmth of you.
I'm drinking Sprite out of a coca cola cup  Am I bad enough for you?  you're my daddy but it's been real tough Sorry to tell you that you're through    Cause you're too expensive 
her hair hangs loosely  dark, curly, and beautiful  no one else like her 
it makes me mad to see how you don't care about  how your children feel 
Halloween A time to laugh A time to scream Takes up the entire month If you’re enthusiastic My favorite time of the year
just like adam and eve you are the god that breathed life into me
Halloween A time to laugh A time to scream Takes up the entire month If you’re enthusiastic My favorite time of the year
When did because I love you go from a phrase of endearment to a justification for abuse? When did relationships turn into obligations? I’ll tell you when.
I stayed. Because I loved him. I let him beat my brain and tear me apart. I took my dark marks, and made them into art. until one day, I finally ran away. Because I loved him. It was for the best.
You should love me. Because I love you. No. You should do what I ask. Because I love you. No. You should tell me everything. Because I love you. You should - No. I should not. But I will. 
Love ignites a passion inside that can't be describe in words, but actions. A blind dedication, a motivating sensation. A kiss that only you can recognize. A long and beautiful compromise. A touch that sends shivers down your back.
I am from oppression hate, judgment, and fear The years of pain of my people great-grandparents And shame lasting a lifetime  
We can make the stars align even on a sunny day I see them in your eyes As we stare at each other over the strawberry field we stand on On this radiant day Was when it all felt new to me
Being with someone, your are with them Not just them for their looks, or the way their body is, or for one thing only When you love someone, you are there for them
He said, "I love everything about you," "Even your lips," But according to him, I should love his lips, His forehead that leaned against mine, And his hand that rested on the back of my head.
here's a lot of pop songs about love, and as a Bio major? Yikes.Your heart skipping a beat isn't love, it's cardiac arrhythmia
Marcus my love Because I love you I do not yell at you when you make me mad  I may be quiet when I am upset but I do not push you away I open up to you about what you do or have done that bothers me 
Marcus my love Because I love you I do not yell at you when you make me mad  I may be quiet when I am upset but I do not push you away I open up to you about what you do or have done that bothers me 
Because I love you, I will try Beacuse I love you, I won't pry Because I love you, I wll fight Because I love you, I will trust you on your absent night Because I love you,, I will sacrifice what's mine
Because I love you I will put you over me, You before me. Because I love you Respecting you will come before all, No matter where we go. Because I love you Your dreams will be mine,
A prisoner in my mind, wearing a mask like Foley's Mankind,  living my life like a quarantined patient,  my mind was racing, I wrote equations in the mirror located in my basement, 
   I lay my back against these doorsAnd crack my bones upon the decorsI wait and sigh and listen to encoreI wait and wait for the girl on the 44th floor     I ride these elevators up and downI sift silently from town to townBut away from stairs so
What does a father do? He lead and cares with honor and truth. His strength is comforting His mucles are proof.   He fights for what's right in the midst of the storm.
How long will you wait for me? "An Eternity" they say. I don't think you know what that literally means in any literal way.   You think you can wait forever, Wait?
  Have you ever wondered what Eternity is like? How far is it? How wide? What is it shaped like? A circle? A square? Can it be described? You might say it's never ending
Sleep is for the weak, or so I've dreamt it said, by the people in my dreams, while I lay upon my bed.   Sleep is for the weak, and the weak lack sleep, and the ones who say this phrase,
Wow, this is such an honor, I so glad I had to come, It was great that I could meet you, I so glad you had some fun   No, I wasn't in a hurry take your time, I mean it
There lived two people long ago who sought to love more than you know. They practiced poetry all day, a song most meaningful today. It makes your heart so sorrow and gray, for the man turned out to be awfully gay.
True love.  An idea warped by society, Only known to a select few Who have found themselves Lucky enough to be in a Healthy relationship.   Trapped in an idea
Because I love you I will be patient, I will be kind I will look not with the eyes but with the mind   When Shakespeare speaks I will not hold it against you That you do not love him with the velocity that I do
The little ant who bit my hand Who makes his home in hard sand & protects his brother's land   Your jaws are fierce Even my skin they pierce   Have nothing to fear
I remember begging him to stay In a place where there were as many holes in the walls as there were in our hearts In a place where bruised hands longed for each other's warmth
Time slip beneath no wind as the purple star shaped petals glisten Voices can be heard within the hollow air The clouds hold heavy as it grew by the minute
I am happy for I have dream To meet my faultless princess Where my shackle eye’s will be hung for you Because only you gave me glamorous life
I'll give you my all- And you, my love, in return, Will fall just the same.
maybe when you left my tears weren't because i lost you maybe because i was alone with my own thoughts maybe i was in love with the attention you gave me  maybe i was in love with you
What is love Love is a chemical reaction   Love isn’t black eyes and bruised cheeks Love is gentle caresses and soft kisses on Sunday mornings  
I let you in at the beginning, because I love you. I grew to like onions and watching horror movies, because I love you. I lost every friend, every other relationship, because I love you.
A hockey team skates slowly over thin ice. Lonely but not alone, the goalie stands, Guarding a meaningless area That has been assigned temporary meaning. Her head held high, she takes the puck,
I love you like no other, When I'm around you I stutter, My heart starts to race,  You can see it on my face, That I genuinely care about you.   I give my all to you and you do the same,
         Her eyes, brown, like dirt and ridgid with anger and pain    her hands bruised and torn She let the fire engulf her in its flames   No one would think that him, with eyes so gray and dull and callous 
Because you are important to me I want you to be at comfortable Love at your own pace You have all the time you need   Because you are precious to your family I understand you cannot leave them
It's this weird feeling like someone just gave you a sip of water  after a life long drought like seeing the sun set for the first time after years of being blind love is something like that 
Life is...   Life is passion Life is meaning Life is the sun’s shining rays. Life is a game Life is complex Life is the musical sound of laughter. Life is running
Love, an emotion that we feel Percieved to be decadent  Beauty all around in our eyes and soul. It means that we should be kind,  open to learning.    Arms wide open,  hands extended. 
Love heals Love serves Love hears.  It takes some time to decipher  the truth from the noise.  Love is falling apart  and knowing they won't change their mind.  Finding light.
“How was your day?” “Please let me know when you get home.” “I miss you.” “I promise.”   “That’s my girl.” “Let’s go somewhere.” “I’m making you cookies.” “My family adores you.”  
We all know the story of Cinderella Snuck out, lost a shoe and met a fella They change the story as time went by But I have the non-fiction, refreshing lines She did sneak out, she lost the heel,
We do not have to plead our case For he took our place Tracing back-to Genesis When we were molded by His grace
O LordHow I have fallen overAllowed my fresh to take overAddictions of old uncover
Step one is to think statistically To believe that you are different and unable Boy, You are not superhumanYou are neither Jesus nor Michael Phelps, so don’t you dare swim More than fifteen meters in
She was a girl of only seventeen And knew her way around a sewing machine. Marriage wasn't on her radar But one day he found her. Now she has to file joint taxes.
My mind is a constant war,Brewed from the dross of the emptinessAnd confusion drawn from decipheringThe concepts of reality and falsification.  
I love the way a flame dances;Slowly and gracefully moving aboutWrapping itself among the wick and emberMelting the air that we breathAnd how it does it’s gentle danceIt brings everything else to move with it
His moansAre more beautiful than any songI could ever listen toBecause through such a simple soundThat escapes from the depths of his lungsHe is capable of expressing more emotionThan words could do alone.
I am Icarus who is in love with the Sun.   In your own sweet and delicate way,You are a burning light of emberThat has sparked what is nowA raging inferno within my soul.  
Once upon a time, there was a little Italian man named Pine who was precisely one of Santa's elf in his workshop.
No chance.No way. Next click. Sent away.  Being a princess isn't always easy, particularly when the tuition deadlines breeze in.  Fees to high even for a king.
Once upon a time lived a shoe maker for the elite. He sized then crafted shoes for plenty of feet. His shop located on Royal Ball Street. With large windows for all to see
Once upon a time- In a land far before the days of rhyme  stood one wiser than all, and that would be I.    Knowing all, naive to none, I once upon a time, was a brilliant someone.   
On a warm sunny day In the middle of May Allie Lovell was sitting. She wasn’t a normal girl – she hated knitting And being polite made her want to start hitting. So on that warm sunny day
The Untold Story of Alice   Woke up from a dizzy spell   Lights
'A real boy?'he muttered behind slim glasses'he wants to be a real boy?' Had he known how the devil triumphedIn votes cast, In voices muffled  Or the trials, misfortune: the way life bent you backwards.No boyish joyNo smiling toys Would he still w
My name is... Well who cares, anyway? Who has truly cared as to whether or not my mouth formed words? I was an outcast, A weirdo, A lame boy, Geek, Nerd, Goggles...
Little Miss Magic of sweet song and sound. Little Miss Magic of perfect balance and crown. Little Miss Magic of passion and care. Little Miss Magic consumed by love and redacted of fear. 
Under the sea is where you will find her Along with sharks, sting rays, and other terrors. More than such species also stir; The most frightening is human error.   Oil spills turn oceans brown,
From the Boiling Point In the Glory of Morning Faced with a Stairway to Heaven We Travel with Gulliver In Overland Trucks None shall be caught in Hades’ Toilet Bowl For we feed on manna
My words tend to be abrasive sometimes abusive. They are painful and will wear you down it’s like sandpaper versus toilet paper
When Afrika is seen not heard All mothers mewl for they are so With Afrika portrayed absurd A father’s place is soon let go   While Afrika by fools is tamed That brother hunts for joy with lead
There once was a girl who lived in the sea. She lived with six sisters and dad, And though she was not sad, She also did not find herself to be happy.  
Seven hands, seven mouths, Seven people to feed. Cleaning this and cleaning that, A vacation badly in need.   Snow White this and Snow White that,
Once upon a time, There was a beautiful girl. Her hair smelled of rotten pine, Skin rotting off in whirls.   "Beauty," the Prince said
I am past the unbridled nature of humankind, That which rises from the soft ground below me, Men drawing straws from the thicket like pencils, In hopes of writing the next chapter in my story.
“You see I haven’t a clue. For a rabbit, that’s nothing new. It’s plainly clear In here, my dear, We’re crazy, but how do you do?  
In Baconville, USA resided three karate masters. Extraordinary pigs named Billy, Blanco, and Baxter.  One more tournament, one more fight. One last round and they'll be done for life.  
Feathers weighed down by the grey colors Of melted snow in a New York gutter; Beak stained black with an unknown curse- To die, or live looking like this, which was worse?   Wonky-looking, ostracized,
Kidnapped by the Beast All good; pull out my iPhone Drop my location
Chorus My own little world  where diamonds grow out of pearls where hearts light on fire eyes burning with desire   everytime I fall asleep  I hear a sweet melody
her lips part at the arduous notions of  stepmother bound to her trail of agony, shallowed dress keeping pace  with its tendrils attached to tressels of white lipped fingernails 
I wake up, ready to die But every night, I fall asleep wanting to stay alive.On this depression, my soul does not thrive.With this expression, I hope to revive.
We were kids turning pages, in a couple year long love story and it ended pages ripped, i'm sorry.    My starry eyes didn't last, dear diary, I kept them waiting, then left them
Once upon an Ending the Earth fell on my shoulders as if I was Atlas carrying the whole world The sky shattered like glass on to my skin making scars deeper than they have been  
Once there was a princess, Born upon a moonlit night. Her destiny was to be beautiful, and to fall in love with a dashing knight.   Her name signified the dawn, And that’s what she wanted to be.
** this poem serves as a voice for those that may struggle to express their depression/anxiety. fill in the blanks with the name of your choice.  
There once was a Baker with piercing blue eyes,  a cranky old Baker whom all despised.   There once was a Baker with hair flaming red, a crusty old Baker a man many dread.  
It was the beginning of the weather, The sun shone through the leaves, A fair maiden sat upon her bench,  With a stare of many greaves.   By the end of summer, Her father wanted her wed,
We know the story of Red Riding Hood And that lecherous wolf she met in the wood But what if the wolf hadn't wanted a snack? Would Red have been able to find her way back?  
They say suicide is painless, but is it? Your life has ended yet you only passed your pain to others. You look down at your wheeping friends and family. You want to comfort them but you're dead, remember?
Once upon a time...there were three bears. Yeah, I bet you think you know where I'm headed with this story. I can assure you, it's not what you think.
The blood flooded from your vain caused your brain to ich in pain My flow cause a murder scene in my bloody dream The diss caused a conflict in my switch pit Slick Rick was the king of the king pin Flow caused the Earth to spin in million blows Co
Once upon a time In a land of song and rhyme Was a girl named Little Red With a hood upon her head Who traveled through the wood Carrying all the cookies that she could To Grandma’s comfy home
"Go kill yourself" Okay What would you say if I did it Can't take back what you've written You're like a snake And I got bitten   You think I won't make my bed And lie in it?
She flies away  Blissfully, swiftly away Like an angel lurking for an innocent soul to take But not life, no Age is what she seeks
  By, Zac Simons     Blushing his mind was suddenly buzzing With a rushing kind of thrumming thundering
By, Zac Simons     She bottled the impossible With silent gestures she kept audible
Why? Why do we hope for peace when people die and people bleed? Why? Why even mention the word when people continue to let this more forward? Why let this happen? Why let them die? Why start a war with guy against guy?
  Kids come in like snow on a winter’s day All their smiles just light up my day They come inside to run and play
As one, we are the people. As one, we are the world power. As one, We were once the United States of America.   Slowly, but oh! so slowly... The rivers came, angered, shunned, alone.
Oh Chicago, how you eat its young with passion in the night. Oh Chicago, how you reveal a love soliloquy from Frank himself.
America,The land of the free and home of the brave,The ‘epitome of freedom’ that is said to have saved,Those who were previously held and enslaved From those in our society who corrupt and deprave. America’s real intentions are disputed, Our leade
Bring back the old land the one we used to be proud of like the times we still uphold our own values when we still care for respect for dignity those olden days when race isn't a big deal
Turn away, don't look back. Even though no one believes you, go on Tear those pages break free measurements and rhymes are nothing throw it hurled it into fire
Land of the free, home of the brave. Will not being able to afford health insurance, force me into an early grave?  
When I close my eyes I Envision the deep waters of the ocean Spreading it's arms across the sea Holding hands with distant waters From another country Never to break apart Brotherhood's one magistic bond
I guess I'll begin with something deep: "America the beautiful the land of the free." Is what they say, but that depends on what freedom means to me. Freedom means I can say what i want, freedom means i can be who i want.
 need to be made in the great US of A a great democracy was ruined by greed and rich in a powerful way a democracy corrupted by the money sucking machine, taxes the middle class so hard in hopes of wiping the nation debt clean, we need to stop bei
I once believed in the American Dream. Now its dead, like Malcolm and the King. I have a dream. One day, freedom will ring. 
God Bless America ​Land that I love The land of the free and the home of the brave But is it really the land of the free? I do love my country. I was born and raised in the state of California.
Soup with only one ingredient, salad with only lettuce. Women, gays, blacks, we can speak only if they let us.   Indivisible under God, yet my country is rooted by evil.
Land of the free and home of the brave, A place with endless opportunities that outsiders crave, A nation where the flag of red, white, and blue, constantly wave, This is America.  
Just a second agoThe magnificent flowThe room filled with soundThe noises that drownedVibration, scientifically speakingThis is what I've been seeking 
I am an American. Living in a country built upon the dreams and aspirations of previous generations, But it appears our country has gone through some alteration
Oh say can you see? By the dawn’s early light The big wall towering Over us all upright Whose broad bricks And bright clay
    Heavy breathing pounding heart sweaty palms shaky arms A worried mind and no place to hide
The city roads are full of potholes. The railroads creek and squeak with the passing of heavy machinery. I sit in the garage at my borther's home. I am a homeless college graduate--in debt.
I've seen grief in the form of quiet tears in the dark of night. I've seen grief in the form of checkered pillows to muffle the screams. I've seen grief in the form of cigarette smoke puffing in from the garage.
Sometimes she gazes at the world outside her glass cage and reminisces on how insignificant she is  in a world that can only neglect and belittle  
Roses are red ,  Violets are blue If you were my girlfriend then I'll do anything to stay with you. 
in my america, i’ve found that there’s a darkness in it. it’s grown darker these past few months; it’s breaking apart at the seams
I dreamed the unspeakable Nearly to the realm of unimaginable But not quite Rewind to last night Moments before I awoke To the beep of my 6:30 alarm And the vivid imaginings I held
Jazmine, I hope you remember to open this time capsule To read this poem, and tell me if our country is still a haggle To live in because of its unfair system The country where you get dirty looks for being a victim.
Whispers and shadows were all around As someone knocking the door But no one was there Illusion No, not at all Than what it was It was love That never came to me The shadows chased me
I'm with her and feel at ease   No   That's a lie I want to write something to convince myself That her is you  But it's not If I kiss her I miss you 
It is true that I traveled a lifetime away after teaching my hands how to dance around two wooden poles My grandfather watched me silently as my fingers ventured inside exquisite bags of coffee beans
Far away I left my fears  Become strong enough  To control them all.   
When mistakes are made and all hope is gone,When you're no longer seen with trust anymore,The school year, tonight, is said and done,All opportunities have closed their door.
Have We Lived?   The blank faces, tear stained faces, the distant faces All within a few short paces   Walking, swimming, running on
I've danced to these rhythms before. They've run in my ears through my neck down my spine curved through my fingertips as I mimicked the waves.   I've seen them before - my dear.
It feels like I’ve never been alone before. Obviously I have, but that was so many years ago. I grew comfortable, you were a huge part of my life. Although, you were the part of my life that held me back.  
Senior to Freshman all over again The end of something old The start of something new Tiptop shape to Crippling from the outside in
For the future I am prepared For the future I am also scared. How do taxes work? I do not know. And in those swirling, hazy shadows
Grades have forever defined me. They no doubt made an effort to confine me.  But this year was the year they designed me.   A 30 on my ACT FINALLY free college for me! A chance for me to get to be
"Just a second," the typical reassuring lie I spoke aloud I stopped more frequently than I had been walking. At first they would wait for me, But after a while it was simply no use to wait for another person
- You're cold, stone-hearted... Void of feelings! - Yes, that's me.
wrestling with an impression of myself,confidence scant and creativity diluted,I found solace in the arms of a soldier who decidedmy dreams encompassed all the world-just not the war he was fighting. 
  Little house with four walls - all lit up with smoke two inches from freedom - six inches back Traped
Lacy trails of light shroud her in golden fog, Feline figure illuminated, nature’s sunny spotlight dancing softly over her Tiny paws stretch curiously along the shadow cast by the open window.
In the beginning, I felt like dying Everyday was the same filled with my constant sighing I could not bring forgiveness to myself I am alone   I settled for someone who only brought me stress
I learned So much About my maturity through my art. As I develop a style, As I expand my medium, As I draw less smiles and more true expression, I learn  That I'm seeing the world differently
I sit facing this wall This wall is all I see I cannot move my head from left to right In fear that I might miss something Maybe when I look off
  There is a girl she doesn't like to bother people even though she does not There is a girl she stands quietly  she has thoughts She has entered some where new She can speak
  strangers again You were a stranger. Stranger than me? not by a long shot friend, I’d see you, you “see” me. As someone deeper, perhaps deeper than the rest.
I am overwhelmed at times with a sudden wave of urgency.   A pressure builds up inside of me and leaves me with only the racing thump of my heartbeat and heaves of breath  from my crushed lungs.
Every Day I Wake, Their Smiles Keep My Heart From Ache, Even Though My Life Quakes.
The pain I feel is irreperable, Kept in a cage, As if I was unstable, Yet what of that saying, Of sticks and stones may break my bones, But these stones were rose bushels full of thorns,
Tick-Tick, Round the clock, Time's spinning, What a shock, Open the doors, Take off the locks, Another hour goes by.
Twenty Sixteen sucked. I complain with my friends "wow this year sucks" Because it's the year I realized we're all small and so out of luck   Deaths and chaos
I can almost see it, A future set in stone, A future I know I want to see through, I can almost touch it, Yes, The feeling of accomplishment on the tip of my fingers, I can taste it's rich and sweet,
A year and beyond, A time I'd forgot, I had had a heart, Booming with life, I could fill a room, With bits of ethereal light, But then sunny days turned to stormy nights,
All I need is declared acceptance  I feel in order to make you happy I continually need to repent  Be as I wish, as I may  How I choose to live
An un-giving brought up culture             Changed in a college environment             To reputable, distinguished, hospitable persons.   A lethargic, weak system before
A year defined and caged by a measurement, and constrained by time, could never explain the revelations, or cover the cost of my silent frustrations.
I am from the seeds dropped from familiar hands, dug into the cigar box storing old memories, sprinkled lightly onto the soil which bore me into this earth,
I want to mean everything to my everything. I want to be his weakness, As he is mine. And when all he sees is darkness, I want to be the light at the end of the tunnel.
  In love, an infatuation, as deep and rich as love can ever get… but I couldn’t make any words come out. I had trouble breathing.
i promise to never let you go do everything i can to never say no i promise to always be by your side no matter what happens ill always be your guide i promise to be with you till the end of time
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Mondays suck. I'd rather pet a duck, Or maybe a lamb, 'Cuz they're so adorable, man.   You probably hate Mondays too, Enough to whack its inventor with a shoe.
There is a world Where I was from Full of black, and white, and grey. But then I saw A silver line Come through on misty day. It's hard like steal,  But small and light
How it runs down my back, Over the arch of my calves, To the base of my heels. Bubbles of lavender and coconut Absorbed in the steam, wafting Through the air, coating the mirrored
What gets me high, what gets me low; So many things that you could know. When I wake and bring the love into my day, It's her who makes me feel this way. Her smile when she laughs, her eyes when she cries;
The awkward, quiet, concentrated air fills the morning As the birds try to sing but only sound like sandpaper to my ringing ears I sluggishly move the plush covers on top of me to the side
Ty and Me.Instantly connected.No matter how scary life may have been,We stick through to the end.Just Ty and Me.
Cheerleading is a lifelong friend. It's a huge part of my life and it will never come to an end. The sport is very friendly and always makes me smile. Unlike other sports that can make you competitive and hostile.
Cheerleading is a lifelong friend. It's a huge part of my life and it will never come to an end. The sport is very friendly and always makes me smile. Unlike other competitive sports that can make you competitive and hostile.
There is something that can change my frown, pick me up when I am down, My favorite teddy bear. He has the softest hair, He has always been there for me, Even when I lost my house key.
When life has got me down, and I'm feeling blue. I know no matter what that I can count on you. You bring me joy you bring me life and wash away the pain.  I know that without you
up, Up, UP! Say “hello”, “Goodmoring” Get Dressed, GO! Day-in, Day-out Quickly, forward go, Go, GO! Pass it. Bye.   A light in the distance A Spark in the Sky
Today is the day, the day to rise. Rise above all that has been lost, all that has been done. I have been told that hope is lost. I believed that all hope was lost in this imperceptible darkness
Dawn has never been my muse Though my spring to her may disagree A slumber sweet and succulent Brings unwanted tendencies   To wake I must for day has come A friend or foe she be
When I want to feel good, I watch How to Train your Dragon. It is about a viking named Hiccup. He is shunned for being unorthodox and careless, but he befriends a viking's enemy; a dragon he names Toothless.
you always said the wrong thing at the wrong time  you told me it was because you didnt have a filter but i think it was because you didnt care i realized that trying to forget everything you said works
The night comes alive with dreams hopes of a future to come bursting with imagination at what is possible Eyes open, and the haze dissipates, but thoughts remain in the clouds
Jay seems like a monster in the morning Angry about having to leave his bed Yet once he has his coffee a change happens Relaxation, relief and more awake than before
[ Me writing a letter to death] October 10th.. Sending this letter from DeVonte, to.... to.., Im going to start off this letter saying i dont like you, I fear of you but I will fight you,
[ Me writing a letter to death] October 10th.. Sending this letter from DeVonte, to.... to.., Im going to start off this letter saying i dont like you, I fear of you but I will fight you,
It might just be the perfect day, It could also be the worst. But does it really, really matter? Of happiness I constantly burst!   It comes from the warm cup of coffee
you made my words stumble from lips untamed like the wind in my hair when we drove all night
 listening to songs
From yesterday to the next day The future is seen unknown and grey What we can perceive as current time  is actually the catalyst of cause and effect The past, what you may choose to reject or accept
When the bad days come And life is not fair At least it's better Than Donald Trump's hair Though you may be stuck in A terrible position At least it's not during The Spanish Inquisition
they told me to rise
 with dawn, but i fade
 with every daybreak. maybe some are meant to live in darkness because
 shooting stars can only
No feeling at all Nothing to recall Living my life Day to day While others have a ball   Can’t breathe nor smile
I see no color Not red Not pink Not blue Not orange Not yellow Not purple Not brown
I can hear but you never tell me- how you feel that’s why I’m drowning- in these ashes of flames that we caused, caused to burst since we showed each other our flaws.Though we try we just fill with hatred- for the agony of the other in the other’s
Little Brother Little Brother I’m here for you Don’t be frightened Don’t be timid I will comfort you   Little Brother
Sometimes you just have one of those days Where absolutely nothing is going your way you bombed that science test you spilt juice on your shirt you scraped your knee  dropped your ice cream on the dirt
I’ve been waiting for you Maybe for a minute Maybe for my life Yet, how come I’m waiting To see your face To see your body
  “Poem Cry”  Sometimes I get emotional Sometimes I cry for no reason Sometimes I feel alone
What do we fear the creepy crawlies under our bedor is it the wondrus voice inside our headkilling my thoughts until braindead 
I swear  that little poem you wrote to me flew off the page  when I read it   I saw the truth    the words were flying all around me they sank into my skin  or melted 
here my eyes slowly blink i'm not sure what she's saying the mechanical pencil in my hand clicks to reveal some lead   click click click i break the thin cyclinder click click click
   If welcomed into the arms of the people of talkWould it put you at easeDoes it make you growWould it fuel youWould you trade your friends For a famousWould your memories be betterOr stripped from destinyFrom being clouded by from anotherWould t
<p> Potato,Potato,Po-tato/ Everyday, Every hour/ Licking Potatoes /In the shower /Potatoes are smexy /Potatoes are fine /You wanna lick potatoes?
Fresh oranges and a sunset to match  The gap between his teeth, only visible when he laughs and freckles the that speckle the tip of his nose. We call them sun kisses.  
A question rises out of the dark, Spoken quickly, it darts like a spark   Into the ears of waiting minds   And behind closed eyes the question lies: "For what purpose each day do you rise?"  
'Calm down.''You're fine.''What's wrong?''Will you please talk?''I want to understand what your anxiety is about.''How's it feel?'
It's not just a string of words Set out before you like an array of different cheeses At a fancy party. That's not what poetry is. It's not just about the swing, The thing that moves you out of your seat
no pain is felt when all is painaching only lasts so longand then it’s replaced by a hole you cannot seea hole you cannot feel
The chair has been broken for a very long while   And the bruises on your lip darken when you smile   I cannot see you but your heart beats through the wall
I won't talk about who I amuntil the words are directed at no one,words shouted into air no one dare breathes.   I am a good person,but that doesn't mean I am honest.
Take me. Wake me. Up. Inside hi, my name is Kobe. Bryant. Halfway, 5 seconds on the clock i take a shot and yell Kobe. rafael de la ghetto is my mum. Rick Harrison my dad RIP John Delousie Skate
One two three, I am better than me.part of me is what it is. Dix are heads, their helmet cut, bleed to death like a rock
“Poet, breathe now.” Adam Gottlieb’s words soon stuck in my head. “Louder Than a Bomb” sketched in my notebook. Poetry. Enthusiasm from those slammers on stage.
I have a page, Confessional Slam, where people can send me anonymous confessions and I turn them into poetry.  Here is the poem I wrote for the confession, "Everyone thinks I know everything about anything and ask me questions.
The power of poetry is incredible. To pick up a tool and paper and decide, I will change something, with words... is extremely powerful.   Humans have the ability to communicate,
    The sensation was like lying on the bottom of a pool    Weightless yet heavy    A blue blanket wrapping me in eerie silence.   
The day you entered my life/ I know we won't have any strife/ Our family: Dad, child, wife/ But taht is just a big fyffe// A lie just to give you hope/ Daddy don't need to elope/So please baby don't go mope/My chance of love is a slope// Baby do n
It's more than just tissues and bone. It's more than just a pretty face or nice clothes. It's more than knowing right from wrong. It's more than your name or your favorite song.
No one sees the pain you hide.they look past you like your alright.their words cut right into your throatyou cant trust your friends anymoreevery word they say knocks you down. you keep seeing death surroundyour screaming out, crying loudbut all y
Short note: the following poem is in Villanelle style. As words that infuse life into a dark place, Poetry gave a face to the tangled mess in my mind, As strokes on a page that probe a soul’s triumph and waste.
Greener was the ground before we walked Purer was the air before we breathed Cleaner was the the water before we swam The future is many pathways, it eludes us Our past is the memories of the people, it haunts us
Girl How are you tonight?  A shield made of dark brown hair You tremble, turning away Are you cold?   Girl You've stopped talking The light from your eyes has faded 
Painfully shy, an introvert, without many friends A child of divorce, found salvation with a pen Black and blue world, smudged ink on her hands Wrote herself a ticket to faraway dreamlands
My peers look at me. They expect to see something that I simply am not. They want to see a good girl. Who has it all going on. Grades. Body. A strive for excellence.
When I was five years old By Kimberly Chiamaka Okeke I was five years old as I first barreled through the wooden doors of Kindergarten, My short, nappy hair, knotted into twists,
Touch the paper with a pencil Shouting thoughts come alive My mind is leaking ideas The words explode on paper Eventually coming together To create a world of mine Thinking becomes out of control
                                   Walking Closely in Brotherhood                                               By: Alesiya Walker    Only God can create peaceful unity,
Like a bird swooping in A pen in my hand gave me all the power to soar No need to be afraid of the world because the Raven always wins With a pen and a paper all my ideas would come to life and soar  
Funny how paradoxical the world is. Humans selling their souls for a dollar. Making profit off of pain and while their coins add up, so does their shame. But who’s really to blame?
I run as fast as I can.  The sky gets blacker and blacker. I hear laughter fill the air where the wind once danced. I can’t see where I’m going. There’s no where to hide. It’s after me.
I’m afraid to give my words to you I’m afraid of how they will taste in your mouth Will you get drunk on them? Or will you throw them up? I hope you get so drunk Ever single letter will become 
    Hey it's that kid with the ashen skin Skinny white b♂y who you could snap like a twig Ask me again how that story went Because the first time around my voice cracked thin
This place is hollow Musty lamps ignite the room The only thing to fill up space  Is noise of eating  chewing on bread 
Anxiety and me Go hand in hand with my sexuality and me I am not straight  And I am not gay I am somewhere in the in-between
<p>I'm no longer in step like a marching band member off his countsI'm no longer in the program like a singer cut from the choirI'm no longer in the loop like a roller coaster off of its tracksI'm no longer with the conventional crowd anymor
I take a look inside your eyes, A daring quest I know. I long to hear the lullabies, And feel the fresh white snow. I want to see your memories,
Drown myself in music, blasting it loud 
Drown myself in music, blasting it loud 
Sing in me Muse, And through me tell the story  Of a girl, who slowly changed who she was And ended up being betrayed by her best  friend. This is her story... Day by day, I thought of
Poetry is my sunshine My gateway to heaven I couldn't go a day without it Not ever cooncerned about if it rhymes My poetry speaks values It gives me a sense of importance Like I never have to wait
Oh bright light,Please will you shine,Down on me,Warm me up so tenderly?It is so cold here,And I feel alone,Surrounded by nothing but darkness,I have nowhere to go.So please,Bright light,
White and Black White and Black White and Black
A bullet costs less than a quarter A life is cut shorter   A bullet is made of lead  A life is dead   A bullet is fast A life's wound is vast   A bullet hits hard
Icicles are my fingers, stiffly projecting from my hands, wishing to gather under their frosty chins any sliver of warmth. For in winter’s womb is formed cruelty, and when she’s born devises ways to bite and slap and seize those unprotected.
At one point in my life,  I lacked things to do, So I pulled out an old journal, And that I went through,  I read the poetry I used to write and figured, that if back then I could write,
Anxiety is crippling Shaking, gasping, the world seems to spin The smallest things trigger it Do you know how long it's been? since I've actually had a calm Knees weak, eyes tearing
The sky is eerily starless tonight And it is like the universe senses that I am not ready to see the stars  Hidden in the darkness I am waiting for the clock to strike twelve And for you to admit that you were wrong
Some see numbers and it makes sense, but other can't even understand cents. Spanish is to an english speaker, as math is to me. Gibberish. I see words and can eloquently translate it's thoughts
The crevices on his face told a story, It spoke of his failures and glory. The lines around his mouth told of laughter. His ring promised forever after. His breathe was slow and silent.
Dear Friend, I must inform you of an ocurrance most absurd, a long-running line of separatio has ben blurred. Preparing pass the church this morn, the ghostly friar spoke with young Romeo of the Montagues
In 1668 silence sailed from Spain and invaded the shores of Guam The Spanish hushed the Chamorro culture with rifles and the sounds of extinction were deafening
Every year since kindergarten, We begin with a journal entry. Entering our thoughts on our day,  and writing for over a whole century.
Staring up at the midnight sky, hear the quiet passing by. We can't get those thoughts out of our head, so we keep them in until we are dead.   Twinkling stars that are shining so bright,
He walked in and he left He left and he came His heart and his soul Was put to shame   I watched and I waited I waited for his gesture I couldn’t compare him To any other sinner  
this is my reality a transcript of my morality a cloud thats full of bullets dropping rain just like a calvalry inside my head is rattling my brains conviction, battery
Poetry can be scary. Poetry is supposed to be scary. Digging through thoughts so deep, I cringe. But poetry can be happy. Poetry is supposed to be happy. Poetry is a lot of things.
why do i write such sad things people ask and i never know what to sing i guess its cause of the mental state im in i let the paper take away the sting the pens ink revealing the pain within
This poem isn't about depression.This poem isn't about a confession.This isn't a sad poem.This isn't another one of my Ho hums.
FLORIDA, COCA-COLA, A TYPEWRITER   I moved to Florida because I wanted to write a book.   I moved to Florida because I wanted to drink Coca-Cola on the beach and write a good book.  
When I wake up in the morning and stare into the mirror, who do I see.   I see a 6 foot tall person just standing there. 
The Mean Streets of Oz   When the world is spinning out of control like a Kansas tornado, You cannot simply go back to bed and pull the covers over your head.  
I think im too caught up in illusions the water is deluded  I dont know whats real  i barely see my refection barely feelin like im stuck in a form of slavery
A word was never uttered from your mouth But apologies was spoken from mine A group of friends hung around you all the time While I had no one to confort me when I cried You stole my heart
People talk about how opinions don’t matter but I think they do. I am united with my fellow poets as we embark on a journey leading us into deeper thoughts. You wonder what being a poet means to me, and I say everything.
I don’t get like this often When it happens, I feel my heart soften My body shivers with discontent Not sure of what I am meant To do, to feel,
I am young, impulsive, wide-eyed, and green, a sapling wondering which way to grow. Still needing some support, somewhere to lean, staked to stand tall when the strong winds do blow.
  Forest in the hills,stars in the sky, deer in the meadow, birds learn to fly.   Animals roam freely, coyotes in the night,
If I was on an island With nothing but sea All I would want would be a memory  of my family.   My wonderful dad,  who works to support, who can make you laugh and smile
Our fingers grip halfway intertwined and lip to lip we hang between birds and moonshine  it's 3 am and we’re making out on a park bench.  it's 3 am, we're making out on a park bench 
Ambition, my drive   My mission is ride all of these waves until the day that I survive, with my mind, body, and soul.
It is an intangible thing— One that cannot be touched or felt, One that is nameless and thinner than air, And yet it bears more colors than the world has to offer.
what am i who am i someone please tell me what to do but don't tell me too much i don't want to be like you i listen too much think too much am quiet too much i can't even write a poem right
Which way should we go In this land of woe  The sky has fallen to darkness The people broken and heartless Which way should we go 
You are all I need My Radiohead’s in the clouds The vacant thoughts succeed I was told looking up was really down  
         Spirit will ……never vanish.  The darkest hour…upon the isle's stage. No, I simply cannot let it be so for me ever.   On a desolate isle, I refuse to back down.      Standing before the Lord of Flies.
Dear Keyboard,
Thank you mommy Thank you daddy For teaching me that my curls are beautiful Thank you mommy Thank you daddy For teaching me that my dark skin was crafted by Him
Money (An English Translation of my German Poem : "Geld") Laying by a tree with my head hung. Many birds fly above and I think "Why can I not fly?"   Life with no wings
We think  we need but we don't.   Another  false alarm turns out that we don't.   Then you  come along your little paws and I do.  
Wednesdays, the halfway point. When you've finally accepted that school is back in session and are just waiting for it to be over.   It's the stage of acceptance and patience. Very. Little. Patience.
My eyes open, If I was truly alone,   All I would need is God. If I must walk by myself, Up and down the paths of forever,
A world without color is a dreary world at best, For I wouldn’t see the red dragons on Grandma’s vest, I wouldn’t see the brown ochre of a bird’s new nest,
Dreams, Floating along the fabric of my mind, treading into ideas and thoughts. Without these thoughts, how could I live? Nothing can be done without a dream.  
We are two havles of a whole, two sides of a brain, two atriums of a heart. Without you, I am broken, a robot with no heart, a robot without a soul.   With you, I'm alive,
I go in the coffee shop around 11:26, I stop before moving forward again, I have seen him for the past 3 month, oh god his smile always met me at the door, he always get the same thing small hot green tea amd a doughnut,
My imagination chauffeurs my sensation. Safely to where? I don’t care.   Afar from my fears, and my worthless tears. Keeping my thoughts from my battles fought. In the rain to ease the pain.
HAPPINESS Life is full of surprises; There will be days that Everything is going great – Then, there will be days When you lose hope in all fate. It can be quite a roller coaster,
Being stranded on an island would be unfortunate, and any item we bring compared to the big picture may seem disproportionate. But being logical has its perks, and i've heard this survivalist book really works.
A miraculous adventure was coming for me Although the fields of roses were still as the night I felt that shake that brought me to my knees And once i opened my eyes, what i saw was pure fright
One thing I cannot live withoutTrust me I have no doubt that this One this would be my heart  Pumping blood into my veins When the room goes silent the Thumping goes insane jumping Through my veins as though they are  a long trail of trampolines B
When I saw the prompt for this wonderful poem, I thought to myself, "Now what can I show them? Shall I be brave and smart, or strong and heroic? Or shall I be a normal teenager and just be stoic?"
Is it the way she stares at you while you comb your hair, Or the way she rushes you out of bed? The way she can make you regret every decision you've made, Even prove to you that you still care.
Purpose is the driving force behind all action. Is it to much to ask, to know one's purpse? The answer is never where you look. But One thing is for certain; one Thing remains the same as time slides by--
We're living in a society where 13 and 14 year old girls dream of a relationship even remotely close to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' but can't even tolerate the cramps coming from the heavy flow of their monthly red room of pain.
Pages torn and frayed The feel of paper under my fingers I get lost in the words The vividness, the scenery That the author paints with words
“Have you ever heard of the power of words?” He sounds like some sort of Jehovah’s Witness, standing there on the sidewalk with his books hugged tight to his chest, staring at her with eyes so impossibly wide.
I curve, the lines flow elegantly onto the surface Dark curves, long curves, jagged curves and smooth curves All becomes a piece of the puzzle.
I couldn't live without my flash drive. I've written a book on there that I always want close to my heart. Even if I can't plug in the flash drive to a computer and read it,
I simply can't live to see another day,Without you, my friend, the world would be grey.You bring out the best of me, You help me escape and feel free.
  Your face against mine is meant to be Like when the seashore kisses the sea   On a deserted island, you’d be all that I’d need.   Even if I was feeling alone and forgotten
Supportive, dependable, yet completely silent. Tells stories of complete fiction and the happiest of memories In a language only comprehensible to me. There for me when I need to cry
I am going to live I am going to run with the stars and Scream at the sky   James Joyce will hold my hand And we will walk in a connected world As the trees mutter a familiar tune  
Rakish reflections pass from an Aging streetlight to grace your cheek; The soft touch of that fragile golden glow Compliments the green looking back at me   The smell of smoke is fast asleep
A journal is a simple thing, with lines, or blank. Freedom to express yourself. I would bring a journal.  Documenting my life.  My turmoil. My strife, my joy... Happiness. Solitude,
All I’d need Would be God With His wonders he’d keep me alive Because He parted the red sea when his people were being attacked Made it rain fresh bread from an empty sky
My eyes flutter open to a world draped in a haze a sight so unclear and undefined that I am left in a daze. I blink and adjust to the warm light peeking from my windows
Life without love is like the sun without the moon,  life without love is like a flower that'll never bloom.  Life without love is like a star that won't shine,  life without love is like a poem with no rhyme.
How can love be sweet like a summer's day, When it will always leave a bitter taste? Capturing and blinding mystified prey, Defeating mesmerised loves in the chase. It smothers the heart in an icy grip,
Don't panic, our blue planet's a wonderful placeDreamers, we live, we fly, we soar, we singUnlike the desolate rest of outer spaceAlthough all curious wonders always bring.
The smile is a lie, a lonely cryMisunderstood perception of the mindThis moonless night no sorrows' death defyBut twisted and undone for fighting blind.
Everyone needs a helping handFor the heart and soul. I talk, listen, and most of all,I care about you. Don't be afraid, you can tell me,And I promise I won't tell.
Black for her darkness hidden. Blue for her not yet cried tears. Green for her pain that is there but not found. Pink for all her fake smiles. Purple for the laughs that pains her but she tries.
She sits in the room full with her friends. They all laugh and talk. But why cant she seem to smile? She tries but their all fakes. She had plenty of reasons to be happy. She had her friends.
Wisdom in each droplet like a sea of broken roads with each forgotten memory to lighten the weight of loads . For every breath forsaken and every tear forgiven
A cloud so unreliableto provide such decent shadethough many stop to watch themthey're perfect, they're God made..They're made of wispy waterso white up in the skycollections of lovely ice
The air currents swirled like water in the ocean, swift and calming. . The air reminded me of fall, though life blossomed like spring, new and refreshing. . A garden green,
A svelte owl, on wing through this dark mooned night, an ego ghost on the prowl, to find what has been for his might. . Elusive moonlight, scattered over frosty grass,
I choose to be meIn a world where others disguise who they truly areLiving a facade to hide any imperfections or scarsPressured to live their life just like everyone else
Authors are powerful peopleThere is no limit to what they can doThey have the power to make you ecstatically happyAnd make you have a heart attack, too
Words can't describe the feeling inside, the pain, the sorrow, the laws you were supposed to abide. You say you understand, but you could never seem to comprehend the pain you put me through.
Let's go hand in hand to the middle of the ocean. Let us sink in together and come up with great emotion.
As the world lay in ruin, I asked myself,"Did it Pass?" Did the horrible war that forced us to conform,Did the preachers whom to God they're sworn,Did the witches,Died of execution form? Is it past,The reign of terror?The fog through which is uncl
I'm not sure I like my reflection;He looks at me funny.There's something in his eyesThat boasts he knows me too well.And I just don't trust him-I think my secrets he might tell.
                A human being, sentient and breathing, cannot truly live without seeing.                 If eyes are windows to the soul, then all you know comes through your pupils.                 But count the eyes first.
All I Need is my heart But oh, much more Than for my own life   I need my heart To care for others To love the unlovable To help the incapable To understand what is confused  
                A human being, sentient and breathing, cannot truly live without seeing.                 If eyes are windows to the soul, then all you know comes through your pupils.                 But count the eyes first.
In order to survive, You need love, Water,  Shelter, Food. But what if you don't have that? What if you're  stranded on an island? You'd need to make with what you got.
“loved ones, your feelings determine mine” this is what my voice proclaims but does my heart truly sympathize?   i encourage you to confide in me but is just it to reciprocate my ego?
Lately I ve been distracted Writer's block so powerful Hands crippled aching with regret Turning to my temptations My soul, my creativity dies a little each time But now Im bac..I hope
The morning dew, My Adoration, Wash away the moonlight- A depression, a crease Within my Soul, Aching for cleanse Wash away the limelight-I seek tranquility. There is no climax In Reality 
 I hear the Bells ringing, ringing. Menacing, treacherous- silence. Pain is imminent-But I think Differently. I was a beggar for your Release- But not twice- For you are not worthy ofMy sacred Pain.
To Whom It May Concern- The bed is wrapped near the River, Let my memories enter the Shore.Nevermore, I never felt, As if it mattered- Hesitation marks fill the Paper,I could not bear to write it-“I love you, I love you”. Past words are dead.
My body rejects the writing because writing is like an I.V. in my veins. It clears the venom out of my body and dries up the river of words in my mind. I do not want to be a skeleton 
Hey look, it's my teddy Bear or should i say my care bear When I'm down i hold him near He lets me know there's nothing to fear That's how i know he's always there.   My problems he would love to hear
I can't live without chocolate. Chocolate is like the soul to my heart. It makes me happy, like the chimpanzees. The way it melts like butter as the flavor explodes into your mouth.
There is one thing I do need it is my dog, Ozzy, indeed. Of all other objects he does exceed. Only needing little feed, he is a fine dog of the Peek-a-Pom breed.  
Live life without hindrance, please sir It is something taken for granted, all should have None of us truly do… not even you, do you defer? Might as well do it now, it is only gonna get worse  
Wilson is brave Wilson is round Wilson will be there, and even roll around. Wilson can't walk He can't even talk Sometimes you'll need to set him on a rock. But Wilson will listen
Have Faith Faith we cannot live without A life without it, Is it a life at all? No The idea of believing that crumbling humanity will overcome the odds
My mind races with my dreams.What it is I seek is somethingWorth more than a nine to five,Worth more than a park to drive, Worth more than a pay check in my hands,For I will find my satisfaction.
I am art. I come off the walls when you least expect Like a chameleon I come in disguise Illuminating opaque hearts My wings radiating iridescent hues Of purple Tantalizing your mind's eye 
My dear Velvetine was the richest Queen No, not rich in gold but rich in life She spent her last days before her unexpected slumber dancing in the Roaring Twenties Swinging to the beat of the saxophone
I looked into my eyes one day Stared right into my soul But scared to go that way I turned around and fell into the black hole
I reached out  And held on to the whispers  Of my past  With time prying away at my Soul  Afraid of letting go  And falling into her Grasp
Thinking too much  creates bad thoughts.  The negativity in those thoughts  are from depression.  Discontent, sadness, anxious, hopeless  is what you feel.  You feel ignored, alone.  Isolated. 
Grew up an only child  In my eyes you were the only idol You tamed the untamable You were the unbreakable  Others sit and watched things happen But you got up and made a difference
You saw our picture, on Facebook. Wedding details and happ faces.  Yeah, I'm a lucky girl.  You had big dreams for him, falling in love. You were two kids in the front yard, all insecurities and young.
 When he took the last breath, I knew it was real. I had not only lost my father, but the most important man in the world.
In a mind where there's no rest  In a body to the test  You only need to close your eyes It's not you you have to despise   All there is is music You can never choose it  In a mind so misused 
I have had a love affair with the idea of you You are like a tiptoe and then a hurricane Dancing so softly on the edges of my mind
Poetry Oh Poetry  What should I write I'm not good at this, but I guess I will try Here is a story That I just made up It is wriiten in a poem To show the other people up
They tumble down your cheek Each time you lie A feeling I Reserve inside So I cry
I could not live without it It is the banana to my banana split Why, you may ask Well, let me unmask  
I could not live without it It is the banana to my banana split Why, you may ask Well, let me unmask  
I could not live without it It is the banana to my banana split Why, you may ask Well, let me unmask  
To feel
The eyes reveal truth, Hate, passion, where the heart fails The eyes prevail.  
They're a whole, But seem one. I need them more than the moon hugs its stars. If life was stranded and not a soul was in sight, I would need them by my side.
It started with a big boom Matter, thought, a spark, she forms She emerges from this She has nothing to show   She begins to grow
If there was ever one thing that I could never live without, I'd know exactly the object, without the slightest doubt.   Every day since I was born,
  It's hard being funny. They wait for you to ease the tension. "You make awkward situations comfortable!" You cool the place down with an allegory that's so random they'll reminisce about it for weeks. 
If I were left on an island alone, I would miss all the comforts of home. I couldn't decide what one thing to bring, An object to help me through this horrible thing. I could pick some tarp to cover my head,
I never would have noticed the Abscess on my elbow If they had not pointed it out   I strained to see it Red flushing my skin Darker than leather   O, you’re right
I spend a long time waiting waiting, waiting. I don't really know what for but I just am here Waiting for a change I guess I mean What else could I wait for?  
Imagine yourself on a stranded island: the sand in your hair the broken boat that is near the loneliness that's with you there.   Personally, that scene seems unbearable
When I Perform My spirit takes the world by storm.  The curtain opens and I ascend up into the clouds. I transform into a beautiful being. Bright and loud. My heart thunders up in front of a crowd.
I am a black male I am a teen i am a leader searching for the way I am somebody to take action I am someone who wants something I am destined for greaness I am looking I am searching
This pen is perfect I really don't know why I love it so much  It's purple and green, which is an odd combination I have no idea how the ink hasn't run out by now I've had it for two years
Silence so loud it screams in your ear Ringing inside your head like a never-ending screech Echoing through the mountains of your mind Muting the outside   Left alone inside your own mind
The quiet girl in the back of the class looking through the glass. No one knows much about who she is they only know of the silence she gives.
Scared of what? I can’t say I got to go, have to getaway Heart begins to thump, to race wild Feeling frightened, alike a child Breathing quickens, I want it to slow, get back in control
I swear the night heals I swear on the dirt, it's healed, some a broken heart I see her come to it, the broken one With her heart aches And her head aches And her hurts
October 27, 2015, 9:36 pm
On the broken stairs of a trailer My weary soul sat On the broken edge of a rusted sink My hands rested flat They followed themselves up the mirror
The thing about anxiety is I may look fine from the outside, but On the inside I am erupting like a volcano. Except I do not get the privilege To explode in public.  I am forced to hide the bubbling emotions
A piece of the price of pain Is hatred And the price of a piece of hatred Is pain Highness, I bow to nobody But I kneel to a body of water and blood Every Single
Somewhere between the changing color of porcelain white skin, to cherry red flesh My mind wanders I wonder if it’s that hotter water that hurts so good
For fucks sake I haven't eaten in three days I am too tired to stay up this late To do this stupid assignment that I hate I would rather be digging my own grave
Young King, Stand here with me as we face the darkness And as light seems to fade and the shadows rise Fear and hopelessness take hold And as my strength weakens I feel the end come near, only to be
I've been shot. As I lay here, I always wondered the feeling of death. Scary thing is, I wasn't afraid....hmm funny; I live right up the block. And the trigger man,
Let it fly, fly aloneSince it has a formAnd fibres fineMade by hands divineHappy is HeAnd beautiful is itAlways full in dressFinest of all the insectsIs the butterfly!
SAD   IT Will BE   For A Father TO Feel For the Death OF HIS Daughter   Who was HIS “Precious Pearl”   IT would have Been A very  
I am water formless flexible soft and slow powerful potent on with the flow   
How can one word define infinite possibility. How can one sentence define a future. If it were up to me I would write a book.  A feature length film.  A memoir on the lives of each of us. 
The universe is made of elements. Everything on earth is made of bit sized little bits From Hydrogen to Ceasium to Ununseptium But there are three elements that make me tick
You are his Summer Girl. His Early June. His Late July. You are his quick fix. His in-between. You are his fall back. His default. You are the One That’s Always There. Baby. Do not mistake this for love. 
Like unturned gardens, My familiar voyage pretends, Courage if you dare,   She falls asleep, My life is in steps, And I blow through the seething cold, I am unto you,
Conform they say You'll be just fine Hide the truth away It's only  a matter of time   Society has clipped my wings I can no longer fly No happiness this brings Some days I'd rather die
I am a teenage girl I am silly and helping I am friendly and outgoing I am music I may be young I may be old I am somebody
   Everyone wants to find the love of their life. We entrust a stranger with our thoughts, souls, and our entire existence. Does the very thought of it frighten you?
    Who am I? A question asked by many Asked  by my job to score a penny I am an outspoken force to be reckoned with   What is your ethnicity? I am a Panamanian Princess
I would not give you the pleasure of Killing you in your sleep. I would be making it too easy for you. You definitely didn't give me the pleasure. My eyes were wide open. I witnessed every moment.
What am I if I think of this? What is this thought of mine? What was the seed that from this grew This budding vine of life?   Whose great hand that from we grew? Whose great lips that give us breath?
As time goes by, You stand and ponder, "When will I die?" So you wonder. As you wander through the graveyard, You ask yourself, "Why is life so hard?" You say to oneself.
Follow me down to the willow trees,where we can sing and dance along with the bees;With our youthful hands in the air, set your spirit free.
With chapped lips and an aching heart, I dream of glaciers drifting apart. Heavy tears freeze as they graze air, a blizzard arises as I feel your stare. I recall the first day you loved me, 
Looked on the TV saw trumps tupee. That man has a lot of words to say today. I wonder if he would still like my vote though, i'm gay? Righhht... That's enough FOX  for this stud 
Soaring through the waxwing slain One sound, one bearing None to fight the slain waxwing feign   No contortions and no appobations of collegiate youth but the mere understanding of what  it is
Waking up to you is like discovering a foreign place. I trace every birthmark on your skin to find your face. I was a vast land, long forgotten and claimed my none. Curious eyes reached beyond the horizon, it had begun.
At that very moment I wanted nothing else, I just wanted all of him to myself.
I used to be fragile. As light as a feather. As delicate as a dandelion.   I used to be lost. So unsure of everything. Never knowing which road was better to take.   I used to be afraid.
One wish.   I watch the delicate eyelash tremble and then float lifelessly away from my finger. I ponder my inevitable wish-making superstition, questioning why I would even risk the puff
  Hushed within myself the instrumental softly incurred.
I remeber day one, when you walked in the room without your usual kick to your step. You told me you were moving into the city and away from our nowhere town.
I am not the harsh words of insecure bullies from third grade I am not the cruel laughter of my classmates watching me get tripped on the playground I am not the pitiful words from my middle school counselor,
There are many ways that I can define me My major, my gender, or my history. Lets start simple, something easy. My major is definitive, it's Biology. I am a scientist at heart, a studier of the sea,
My heart is like an orchestra: Full of sadness, joy, and song. My instruments are tuning still Though it's been so very long.   Percussion plays my awkwardness; The strings, all my compassion;
Depression is the song of my mind That sounds just like a cry-- Quietly the song begins And quieter the lie.
Our eyes lock on each other l
Who am I? I am shy But around my friends I am loud. I am smart But sometimes not so much. I am funny But it is mostly myself that thinks that. I am young
Another year I go to school. Another year I see my friends. Another year I lose sleep. Another year I am educated. Another year I am anxious. Another year
Cancer, I want answers Oh, Why did you hurt me so?   Cancer, Like a tiny dancer, I have been weakened, Why do I feel mistreated?   Cancer, I hear the banter,
Look at my life All the struggle and strife I deal with on the daily Haters are spineless Like snakes, scaly My words never fail me King Liam, hail me grew up like a peasant
Trancending reality Get in my way You'll be a fatality I do it automagically I say to all my haters Go ahead, have at me I make a joint pop like acne What? That's ridiculous
I don't pretend to be a g Bustin' slugs and sellin' drugs I'm just tryna get a hug from a chill honey But no one fucks with a homie Who ain't gotta lotta money I save my change in a jar
Life, life is hard I knowYour a girl who thought this would never happenThis is your storyYou go to workYou love itHanging out with the guysThats funYou trust the ones you work with
I was born into this world without direction or a clue.  Born into my mother and father's ocean, streaming blue.  They taught me how to swim up the current as I pulled through.
I Am Two Faced. I wish nothing more than for the people around me to get along. I wish even more for my friends to be without any drama. But that will never happen.
My soul sinks deep out like a ship, a sole shepherd without his sheep, silence of the lamb in friendship. Your absence's killing me softly!
As easy as counting one, two, three I tend to learn with a breeze A fast learner who’s quite free From the struggle of trying to see
Night’s existence has inhabited it’s customary frame of space, which has been allotted.
I am who I could not have imagined I would beFrom mama's early blue eyed baby boyto her lanky nineteen year old spawnI am still growing into who I am aim to be
I am contradictive, Bitter, Ill tempered, But I am human. They don't see what's internal,
Sometimes you pray to god things work out. Sometimes you wish upon a star. 
I am madness, 
The definition of love faded.
I am the quiet music in the background That none can hear Unless they were listening for it I am the single drop of rain That a little girl will brush off her cheek
It's like the taste of bitter coffee in the morning. Like a gaping hole in one's chest & a constant gnawing of bones & the drinking and drainage of blood.  
It is the kiss of life Your breath against mine This life is like a rollercoaster Neither can bring back time   Your past haunts my everlasting wakes Please baby come back to me  Come to life
The struggle of oppertunity The day that i broke of so much misfortune  With several scattered roads   The past with my mistakes the choices that i made poor the impossible oppertunities
I’m from my mother's cooking
You pushed me, kicked me, you didn't care cause I was unknown, I've heard you thought school was your zone. I watched with tears in my eyes, as the sky darkened, everyone seemed to cheer you on,
In the days of our childhood,
Let me write till my fingers are numb, 
There he was, a clown grasping for the balloons in his belly reaching outside the classroom for more than this, he finds himself in clouds, puffyness, a softness in colors yet is bound to the ground,
don’t ask me those questions they are self-erasing and ugly in nature unidentifying and dreadfully   hollow.  
I don't know where are you,
I am what my parents always wanted me to be. I am a good girl with good grades and good friends. I hold doors open for people. I say please and thank you. I do what is asked of me. 
On airy cliff side sits the falcon’s nest, A perch of splendid vacant seaside view, And in it does my youthful spirit rest, Absorbing breath of air and sky of blue; While body lives the life of down-below,
Rhythm and Meter. Rhythm and Meter. Rhythm and Meter. Stressed Syllables (/). Unstressed Syllables (^).  A one meter foot line. A two meter foot line.
They say that it’s an addiction, An impartial accusation, Blame best left with the man in the moon   But Hell hath no flame Hotter than lust   Steam rising up Breath heaving out  
You're the only one I need  In times of despair and tragedy Hold me intact as I'm falling apart  Keep me forward as I turn away  Be my anchor and hold me down
You wrote your own story And didn't let anyone else alter it Living in your own book And that's why we couldn't be together   f.s. yousaf
What do I find awesome? Education and the fact that it helps me blossom Everything from reading to color coding notes Reading lets me discover new worlds and teaches me cool new words
This is the link for the video, but it wont let me add it to the video/media section:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY6WSXUGdZY
Let go.   Wash your sins away or your heart's vacancy will find guilt, an ever burdening resident   Let go.   I'll carry your ball and chain.
It's when someone changes your life
What does awesome mean to you? When you think of awesome You think of that great big success You think of acing that end-of-year test We think of celebrations and parties And being our best
Laughter Independence Friendships Expression Imagination Smiling Adventure Wondering Endurance Sincerity Optimism
Everything Is Awesome It is amazing how we rest and store energy To wake up again and again from the kissing sun
Reptile; Cold scales abraze my once soft flesh, An egg that never hatched. Now basking under hell's sun is hell's son Parents tell me "do better, You don't want to go to hell...son."
The song of syreni
Funeral visions of half remembered pasts
To be is awesome. To even truly exist is fantastic what a feat of probablistic chance. And a dice roll universe struck Yahtzee with none other  than yours truly. What absolute insanity 
I ask myself Why all these things in life, matter.
Do you know the love I could have gave, Is only the love I really crave
  Dearest Love.
Every one tells me how beautiful the stars are and you tell me when you die  you want to be a star and watch over those you care for, I look down and laugh a little.
“Tired of hurricanes or tornadoes carrying away your home?
outside a man in a suit whistles    Briefcase set on sunbaked sidewalks  
I feel as if I'm just a compliment to your exis
A Revenge bounds across the open plains with speed and beauty looking for payback                                      Hooves pounding into the ground, jolting the surroundings with every step Snap!
What is hope but an endless rope  not the one meant to choke
Strings are her muscles,  And the amplifier is her heart.  I feel the music travels, 
I'd appreciate not being lied to Or made a fool of. I'd have sch joy, I'd pick all theflowers and plant them where rivers had fell down my cheeks. I'd share a dance with the rain
Having a bad day? Feeling down? Are the skies gray? Just smile and turn your life around You know why? Because you are wonderful Don't let your happiness die Life isn't awful
You are the reason. The reason I am me. The reason I will be, the only one you will ever see that is as happy as can be.   s.f. 7.19.15
Do we ever feel alone? yes. Do we ever feel forgotten? yes. Have we ever gotten help? no. Have your friends ever offered help? yes, but I think I don't need it.  
Time, I’m begging you please Slow down for me You’re going too fast Like a child running mad   Yes, Like a child running mad   Time, please go real slow  
I'm glad that when the sun goes down,
I remember when I was younger
I lost another poemthis morningin the early airbetween my home and my carI failed to net itput it in my poem jarit flew awaywill it be aroundsomewhereover therewhen I get back?
Earth's memoriesBuried deep in stonesThey remember large creaturesThe cataclysmAnd the fallSometimes they show picturesOr give bonesBut I hear their wordsAnd I write their stories.
Him. A Poem The first time I saw Him, I was thirteen, The classroom bold, and My thoughts clouded with Thoughts of him.
I can’t go back,
See a kid from high school like all the rest he just wanted to be cool.  Wanted to be the best. He Smoked what they spoke, and drank what they wrote, 
Teenage angst, women wearing spanx to insecure to say thanks can’t take a compliment their disaster’s imminent don’t really know if this is relavant but im doin this for the hell of it
Two mountains before me have been put,  Towards the first I look, 
That night rain made the skies look like wet parchment
Being sick to me, iswaking up due to that small subtle crease in the bed causing
I sat alone one evening, Nearly dreaming upon my table propped, Stopped had I from work to rest,
Awesome is life.
I know you hate smooshieness Crackers that make you feel uncomfortable But I can’t help sharing with you
Cold stars reflected in the water Abyss beckons us his dark distance. Our world, only one of hundreds, In which we can not see the sun. In this world, I am uneasy,
I have nothing to write about I have been staring at a white screen for fifteen grueling minutes and I still have nothing to write about Inspiration is everywhere And I am looking around for something
Ten minutes is ticking. Can't find the time losing such minutes. Close to such hours I wait patiently, for my moment to shine. I ask myself when will that be?
Unlike the potion #9  I hold no breathtaking purpose  or rhyme I'm simply written  to be that #25 poem,  you see.    And with this my master,  will be so happy to find
I was glowing and I was beautiful, 
It's late at night that I realize why I'm here,
Knock, knock, knock.Love's arrived and his fists leave knuckle prints apon the door in front of me.Knock, knock, knock.Love's knocking earthquakes at my feet
Come to me My dear women Let me tell you The story of An incredible woman Carefully listen Once there was a woman She would get up early In the morning And then Wait!
Patches of Dryness  
I think you have anger issues.
How do you write one?
There are a lot of things that have been plaguing me. It is something that I really need insight on, especially when wisdom is abandoning.
It’s kind of superficial for me to be writing a letter to myself when I’m only so young.
If I was falling through the sky
I know I'm not the bestBut I'm not the worstI know that I'm blessed
I don't want to fall in loveBecause I'll never be the same
Love is confusing
I am but merely a pawn on this chessboard of yours my King.
  what does it mean to be complete? is life a school to teach us classes that complete, whether we learn or not? is it a stairway that we advance to the next step the same way everyone else does?
You are not a second choice, 
I am alone at the sea. Bound by the wind. I only go where it flows. I've only been where it's been.   I am transferred to the desert. Sit on top of sandy dunes. The sun scorches my skin.
your mind starts to crumble like a sheet of paper written with words that no longer have meaning,
It's a simple little thing,
People ask me why I'm bitter. I say add sugar, sweetie. People wonder how I stand it. I tell them optimistically. People say why bother with living like that. I scream "It's my decision!", 
You grab the purse off the rack like it'll save you from God. You take the drugs at the party since He can't really see. You kill your feet in new heels because your "man" said they're sexy.
First thing's first I smirk instead of smile  This is who I am with #NoFilter  The latter done only once in a while  When I laugh by cause of my mister   Fond of all that is medicinal
Without accessories I may look plain but do you know anymore than my name? I may be simple, but it is not that easy. I am very deep, and very needy. I am a mother, but a wild child undercover.
Breathe Take a second to breathe A diaper needs changed Immediately I'm a father. You Intimidated by nature A pill bends my creator Finally I'm relieved of anxiety
Eyes torn, eyes bright; reaching  Hands clasped, outstretched; speaking. They tell my story, they lived my days: of teary-eyed nights but persistent days, spent studying, searching, for the ones who helped me see,
Before the mask an urged facade we were shamelessly us but they found it odd   An idiosyncrasy  among their "perfection" trying to fit in  there was a disconnection  
Free From everything I used to be                      Re-writing my history Picture by picture I’m finding me   I’m alright My hair plain brown, my face aged with time
Behind the big picture Is a small, fragile woman. Forget the smile And look deep into her eyes. Her eyes tell a story. A story of: Danger, Heartache, Misfortune,
Haiku born of simple tongue, spontaneous feelings decked, one with daffodils.
The picture of myself is thus: fading, losing color, changed from smile to frown, gazing back my eyes, alien, hurt.
Do you know a life at home?With heart felt loveAll around and above
I got hit up with some plans for the night.I told peeps that I'm down and he said alright.
Don't just listen to the "MUSIC"Pay attention to the message.Its the ignorant that has kept the intelligent arrested.
I lost myself again last night. That tight feeling in my chest overcomes me and I’m drowning; Sinking myself into dangerous parts of the sea.
The man behind the photo is unknown his true nature are within the pixles of a picture his facial expression like the cover of a book
Daddies been out drinking, yet again
Cut offs instead of skirts, t-shirt instead of sweaters, earbuds instead of earrings, is what makes my life a lot better.   Didn't fake a smile as a kid,
Woken up by morning light,
You said you didn't like lipstick I didn't wear any But I bit my lip Until it was flushed deep red with blood And tasted better Than your satin skin ever did  
When I round the corner, and touch my nose to the real, cold glass of my bathroom mirror, I am faced with everything I've ever tried to cover up. My skin that's pale and reminds me of my father,
Me and Instagram we go back and forth like a pendulum
I’ve eaten my heart out in the rain,
The tears that are surfacing upon my eyes and leaving glistening trails of a salty substance are not there for the comfort you had given me.
  And it’s all, just an act...
Bully Beatdown       I was doomed from the start   …Born   Torn apart   A dart through my heart   Self-hating Bogart   Some called me sweetheart
Behind the filter is a girl A girl who has been through the hells of growing up Behind the filter is insecurities Insecurities the girl doesn't allow to define her Behind the filter is compassion
They’re breaking the orchid ribs,
We sit in silence puffing our breath into the frigid air,
Boredom is killing us.  It makes us reckless.    Veronica Russell
You wake up today Ready to fade away.
"Who is that?" you ask as you stare her way. shes changed so much. "Why is she like that?" you wonder everyday. "Look at her stomach!" You say, grossed out. She hates herself
No one saw it coming, I mean out of all people I was the least to expect anything. The way she still looked at you, and the way she stared at me, and had the words, "I love you" jump off of her tongue.
Perfection. Is the definition of perfection perfect? Who could really define perfection? If someone added a picture to it, who would it be? Certainly not me. I would be plastered in the antonym section as
The harmless freckles that cover my face, The numerous scars on my cheeks and my waist, The extra skin that exists on my thighs, The obvious bags that surround my tired eyes, The size of my large and annoying ears,
Yo soy del fondo del mar Nadie me puede provocar Las olas vienen a mi lado Y se acercan sin vergüenza Los peces me besan con sus labios Y las plantas me abrazan sin hacerme daño La arena me ignora
She feels the sun upon her skin. The flower in her heart blooms, Gentle and abrupt, It takes root in the being. Sprouting from her hands, She breathes it in, And all around, she sees it manifest
It feels rather cold tonight
Old Soul Who I am exactly is perplexing to say,
I am the clutter
Something old, Something new. Time that's borrowed, Days are few. Stories you've told, Do meanings hold true? When I wake tomorrow, Will I be next to you? When does truth unfold?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 144 characters Is that enough space to cram,  Your fears, Your lies? That tear in your eye? What happened today,  becomes a post. And the winner is,
Many different people like lots of different things. Some like fame or TV Others like rain when it goes drip drip drop down on your window. But me? I love words.
Through the lens, you see is a smiling girl. On the screen, she stares back at you with glistening green eyes. Everything about her screams "happy!" Everything you read makes you smile,
I treasure my heart It's my beating conscience It tells me the rght path to pick at the crossroads of my life-
I know America I can speak it But not sing it For I sing unusually In a separate language “Mi vida Americana”
You were a bird Free, fragile He was a vulture Cruel, devious You were a storm Somber, dark
Behind the filter I am Sylvia. Behind the likes and "thumbs up" I am Lucy. Before the mascara I am a daughter. Named by my free spirited parents' Name sake of shimmering light in the forest. 
Trying out something new for the first time can be a nightmare, but this site just let out all my fear. I can express the way I feel inside, because to be honest I need the world's eyes.
I slouch too much For my own good Tell me to stand straight I know I should I have nothing to be ashamed of Yet I act like I do I should listen more Try and stand true.  
Being alone left to think is a scary, scary thing. The silence in my head is painfully loud. Each cluttered thought makes its own sound. All the noise from my brain makes my ears ring.    
I am the future I am a leader I can contribute to changing the world It starts with me, with you and I together 
Where I’m From
#NoFilter Scholarship Slam
What is human existence?Is it to pronounce our unfathomable desires in a rush of uncertainty?
In darkness I see a speck of light Fleeting in my realm
Your time will come, little soldier when you'll proudly walk the streets,
Ah how did I get here? My curiosity has awakened. I don’t have many qualities, But don’t shed a tear. For I love myself, I have never-ending curiosity, And I always fulfill it without any fear.
I was made like this; created by a higher power, who took much of her or his time to make sure she or he got all of this right.
why cant i be enough, turned asied like a stray i cry why arent i enough. he stands over me tall with hes head held high no hesitation just pride.
To know oneself, is to see yourself through others eyes. Through strangers words. Through societies lies, and still be able to sleep at night with your head held high and heart still beating.
I am just Me. I have stretch marks. I have scars. I have cuts. I have demons. I have lost. I have bruises. I have acne. I have fat. I have weird birthmarks.
I am flawless. I am so flawless...you could say that I am lawless. My feet sweep the streets and keep the people who act aweless. From being in my presence.
She stands looking in the mirror and what does she see ? what she appears to be  a young woman of faith  filled with promises from above Her flaws run deep  yet she is washed clean
Eyes crawl all over the pla
For as long as I can remember, my best friend was me. Until I started to turn on myself, feeling trapped rather than free. I felt ugly and worthless inside and out. Being stuck in my head
Sometimes I'll lie awake at night thinking of everything and nothing all at once (Another sleepless night) And every time, a thought will cross my mind (Never welcomed) And I become sad
I hate it so,
Avoiding, evading,
First we need open minds that could in brace new things, second peace with our inter self and with everything in the cosmos and finally a love for everyone 
I am a mirror. I reflect the look of others. Even with no influence I am never blank. Elusive, colorless, sharp I sit there and stare until one day I shatter
    Everything just seems really fragile
 The sophistication of a thought virus
 That erupted in my soul
When I look in the mirror at myself I see deeper than what's my image on the surface, When I look in my reflection I am the rain and the sun nothing that can be easily undone, Most see sunshine and a halo in my reflection because I can do nothing
I wake up every morning standing in front of a mirror, I take on the habit of wasting time on adding a mask that only seems to be acceptable to society.
                                                Husky throats,
Waking up day by day, slowly trying to take the stress away Days going time by time,
Ode to books
This is a war
When I read this and when you do too, you will think... How can I be so stupid to not be able to control this feeling
Flawless My words are flawless. My mind is far from perfect And my spelling is atrocious I studder and i stumble,   But my words. My words have never failed me.  
Burn into the color of a sunset,Painfully bright in the white of every color,Standing out against the snowy day of Impressionable blissful drift of Flakes; catching gently upon his head,
It's a journey all the life... Sometimes for wisdom,  Sometimes for bliss, Whoever any where I meet, There is something they have to teach, Positive or negative both give teachings,
When did hair define my intelligenceI'm blonde but I'm not dumb.
I wake up to a sea of white. Is this what society is preparing me for? Being marginalized as "that black girl".  I expected more.    Perhaps my standards were too high,
  A single  drop of a  salty liquid
It is so Tremendously unbelieveble how one can kill for paper imagine how such simple thing is fougth for  when it can be destroyed so easily it is weigthless yet again careless it is not bloodless
people will never recognized a simple girl. who is like other girls, simple as a paper flower. who really is nothing compare to the real flowers. whose color and petals are different from others.
Inside my head A universe lies Galaxies far and wide Farther than can be seen by the eyes. A planet for my nightmares A place I never go All things terrifying in this Dumping ground, this hole.
"Up from the ashes"
Tuve un vistazo del cielo Exhalo un gran exhalación Un aleteo en mi pecho El mano en el muelle y empujón  
Abandonment... Insecurity Self-doubt Has paved roads Created an army Constructed a masterpiece. Instead of trapping Caging My conscience  It's built and mustered forth courage
My home got taken at a young age. I was catapulted into a state of rage,  A state far away from any one I've ever known.   Loneliness was my only friend. I did my best to try and pretend
Expressing how I feel sometimes confuse me a great deal Can I understand myself? Or better yet can you? I dont always say what I feel But when I do I keep it real Anywhere any place
I love the smell ofRain. The thought of being cleansedfrom dirt- I can't wait!
Work hard and when that is not enough work harder, Work until your flaws fade to black, Work until people stand up and take notice,
I hide behind a silver cross that hangs from my neck, My grandmother’s, Because here atheism is a shameful word. But it’s true, I don’t believe in God. I don’t believe things are “meant to be,”
I lost my way And finding the path back was anything but easy.
As I go through my day Trying to keep my head up & just be okay.
I asked for answers to my questions 
Why should I change..
Some people hide behind a curtain, But I wear a mask.  My mask needed no purchase,  It came with my costume of skin, and can not be recieved via pay pal nor cash. I wear this mask every day
Hair in waves, eyes so green,
Him. He is all. He is one. He knew what would happen when time was done. Time. The time we live in does not last forever. So how can one say that we will always be together? It’s not a gift.
For a second,People laughFor a second,People shoutFor a second,People cryFor a moment,There is peaceFor a moment,There's a songFor a moment,
Who is that girl with that frizzy,curly hair? Well that's me that looks impefectly, No need to dress up or try to impress, As everybody knows, I am different from the rest, From my long toes to my big nose,
She smelled like wet roses With the weight of her words Heavier than golden kisses.   In a pocket full of ashes, We danced naked in vineyards. She smelled like wet roses.  
Taking subtle breaths,  I glance both ways and take two steps ahead. Away from the threads  that bind me, I push on  toward the verge.   Sleeves and wishes
Play Pretend Imagine: There is a girl standing by herself, observing her features and physical characteristics in a mirror.
Started my day before sunrise Started my day after noontide Started my day at witching hour 16 or 12 hours, all shifts I devour   Started my day with sarcastic smiles
Life Failure, Success Living, Striving, Winning Failure is just an obstacle Irony
I love my dimples I love bellowing laughter I love being loud.   I love violin I loe making punny jokes I love seeing smiles.   I love uniqueness Because I am not like you
Like olive oil, The first press is the best. It is pure, unrefined. It is the true essence of the olive.   Like chicken, The more you process it, The worse it gets.
The world is a swirling ball of chaos So many people Rushing about Not looking up from their job Remaining blind Ignoreing the crying child The lonely man The woman with bruises
I have created and started activies before. This isnt new. My problem was never finishing. Im starting over to a new beginning. Everyone needs that once awhile in there lives.
Nobody said anything. And in that nothing, I felt everything. could you hear it? or could you tell the silence near it Hid it well. they came into the house, the one abandoned for years,
English is a language far too complex, Ordinary man or scholar it will perplex. It seems nothing will translate directly, Because it cannot be expressed correctly.
You are quickly blinded by light, as your ears are blasted by noise. It even dazzles during the night, and captures you in its joys'.   The city never sleeps, as Frank Sinatra once said.
Welcome to western society. The civilized man. The one with the answers The reason we stand The reason we fight. . The reason we judge others and assume we are right.
Chasing you until you
I am me and no one else; A cluster of stars, Made of gentle fish kisses, Covering my flesh, With tender softness.   My eyes reflect the moon,
From the moment I walk into the door, Up runs a familiar face. Huge chocolate eyes open wide and a mouth open even wider, A small rosy tounge drips with excitement.   The only sounds to be heard are
  What uplifts me? Such a simple question But difficult to answer What does it mean? "What inspires me?
My love for fashion wildly grows, For everytime I walk into a store I cannot help, but buy more clothes; I shop, and shop until I snore. Blouses, skirts, and pants alike,
Trudging my feet across the street Waiting underneath a foggy, humid sky, Yet again, the bus is late. An hour long ride from my home to school Foreign music blasting my eardrums
Your eyes Benjamin, why do they droop? Why new quarter, do you feel like plastic? Why, paper dollar, are you so thin? What makes you valuable? Money.  We kill trees for corporate needs. 
Her Happiness By Adriana Gutierrez    
A feeling is awakened in your soul Somewhere only music can reach A swelling in your heart A tingle all over Emotion rushing over you Peace, sadness, anger, happiness Beauty in the form of emotion.
Little things are my happiness and joy. Like the way a pencil dances across a blank piece of parchment, the way a large group of people can harmonize with each other. Even something as little as earning the A-B honor roll.
Preceeded not once by a warning sign, and prior experience forgotten, a crush Is discovered when one spots The One and their heart abruptly pulls the brakes.  All of a sudden a sensation of falling,
Doesn't it
  Oda a La Danza Una Memoria Bella   Danza, danza, danza Hay mucha vida en sólo una palabra Vida les da a los bailarines O, danza danza danza
its a cover its a page its a hand with a pen its a rainbow Its a sky its the waves And the sand its hopefull it inspires its what i love Its happiness.. its mine  
Uplifting? You want to hear about Something uplifting? That's something That's supposed to Make you feel good, make You dietarily regular, make you Want to eat yogurt and dance on
What makes me smile? Well that's a funny question, For the things worthwhile, To me at least, Are simply a facial expression.   A sparkle in the eye,
Nightmares in my daydreams,Everyday the same scene
Lure them in with your evanescent gleam. Bind them into your eternal paradise. Throw their hypnotic nothings to the wind. Craft velvet wings from jewels.  Your primrose shimmer must never dull.
To those who died, for the things you believed Do you think the world, has gown from your seed Has the tree expanded, to its furthest height Becoming overgrown, even disppearing from sight  
I said i'm going to rise to the top of the mountain....wait wait wait... I said I'm going to rise to the top of the mountain. Stand on this stage declaring my Name,say. Because I am a king, ayee.
Donuts I don't mind if my studies whirl me through space and time, Time, the dime that pays for our studies, our crimes, The buddies, the lines, defined in our minds,
When all is gone I will always have my factory. Her gears twist and turn and shout out with the clank of imagination as plates drop from one machine to the next, proving that it was worth the stretch to the next step.
The day you left, Marked a day where a part of me was gone. When your spirit left your body, It took a part of me with you. I was in despair, Yearning for the days that you come back,
The thing that makes me happy is out of the norm,     it doesn't have a specific shape or form. It can open wide, or it can stay shut.    Watching it spin is more than enough, I love the way it shines in the light.
He Is Bliss    
Dearest pinky, so small and frail,
Love the scent of Chicago cuisines, 
There I sat staring As every color flew by Oceans of madness
Singing the melody of a song
There comes a time,
In my mind, the time rewinds--to moments, to memories, 
Great in battle, the strongest warrior- I am that I am. Loving and merciful, grateful and beautiful- I am that I am. The one who is, was and is to come, Elshaddai, Emmanuel- I am that I am.
The coming of freedomThe trails ablaze from our stepsLighting the spark to our final showdownRefuse again, the cries of defeatCome, let us get up again on our feet
I own my daysWeekdays? I got this. I succeed.But it's on Saturday and Sunday that I feedMy soul.I do what makes me happy.I live my life the right way, but my wayWhen I do chores, it's still play
Wherever I am, As long as I’m out, Over the blue waters I go To catch some trout.   But never after a full moon. That’s when they have their feasts. With the moonlight shining over the water,
The beauty uplifted me.
As soon as the rays of the sun hit my eyes A smile lines my face because I know it is a new day As soon as my feet touch the ground The fresh air moves my hair
Twisted and tangelled I think I fell out of the skiy. Red flesh kept mangeled, is not how humans feel alive. To live and feel life where the sorrow and anger has been. Was written like a map in my layers of skin.
I want you to write me A poem and serenade me Like bygone days I will wake up with snow Reflecting blue on white ceiling And hear your rough voice
Happiness can be considered as different things People find the joy in money Others find it in drinking But my happines is laughter I never knew that a smile from someone can make your day
Hello, you there!  With the two eyes and feet, With a mouth so red, Looking so clueless and in defeat.    What are you, there? With the mystic sorrow gaze, Appearing so solemn,
Happiness is key to life and finding inner peace
No one cares  about your hair.   No one worries
A white porcelain doll,  Is never hidden in fear, She is never covered in regret, But she has something I love, The power: To forget...   No mind to consume her time, No passion to lust for,
Hey dude, its your birthday today, You are still so small but you think like a giant wall, The days we spent together, all that stuf in library, for me its all about memories, today i take stand,
Look into my eyes and you will see, the different side there is to me. Secrets that I've hidden so long that I sometimes forget, all the lies he told me, and all of this regret. Look into my soul and you will feel,
I was uptight I was angry I was selfish I was alone I was stuck up   I am fun
My Eyes Are The Seers Of  Treasure, Among The Limbs When I Dream Of Leasure, The Brain Is Wealth, As A Thieve Is To Stealth, The Future Is For The Dreamers,
Is it really going to be this way?
I look too serious, call me deliriousI am too quiet, but they never seem to defy itI seem too angry, can you really blame me? Because I am in a world Where love and peace no longer exist,
you can act like you're my friend but we both remember the end let's stop pretending it's alright
Is it all there?Some think there isSome think there isn'tTruth is, nobody knowsIt's so simpleBut so complexHe loves sports,She loves music,They love science,
We all have our preferences You and I, he and she From our individual tastes In food, friends, music, coffee   Friends may say or speak In ways that influence us Though, the result be bleak
Criticize me. Brother. For we are not the same. Keep that hatred pouring outward, Because, you are not to blame.   You see things in black and white, For you know not much more.
I don't want to tell you how much you mean Meant Mean Meant Mean Median  Mode To me.  I wish to not reveal how lost I become around Within
I was in a jar  No hands could untwist my lid Trapped. I was in a car No hands could break glass Save me I was in a house No hands could crack through
I laid with you in a field A field full of memories  green  This is the field I have run through half naked Peed on trees  Played loads of games. But on this night 
Sleeplessness encapsulates my thoughts Riddles holes into confident Tarps Roofing Windbreakers Breaking wind all over my  Overjoyed  Overstimulated 
This earth is being attacked by what we produce And we live as if there is nothing wrong
What makes me happy is my ability to overcome, I thank god everyday for making me as strong of a person as I am and being able to fight through the hard times to find that ending light.
the Stars make me happy. the Way they’ve lived an eternity evolving, but not changing.
  Those Negro Boys Now you see, I know something about them Negro boys, The ones who don’t do nothing but sell weed and drugs,
Blue waters and sandy beaches Pudding and diced peaches make summers so cool sun bathing by the pool. No need to worry nor scramble for books finish papers in a hurry
When I entered high school, I thought I had it made.
I write for myself a girl who's perceived as  small, quiet, and has nothing to say.   i write for myself  because I too have thoughts, thoughts that stayed unspoken, waiting their turn
Sitting on the beach Hearing the waves crash against the sand Feeling the sand betwee my toes Wrapped in the arms of the ocean and feeling save being around the ocean Being surrounded by the waves and the sun
By chord or page by leap or stroke by chisel or chainsaw  creation is done.   Process,  more or less can impact success.   Chord by chord notes bring melody 
Why do we wake up? Humans are evil . Humans are dumb. Humans can think yes. But only of what suits them best. Humans walk beside the rest of us. Forgetting they are the rest of us
I've never been an optimistic person. To me, the glass was always half empty; The sky always gray,
I'm just tired, so very tired
Lately I've been having so much trouble forming coherent sentences, and I thought maybe it had to do something with you.
Everybody loves a girl that is confident. Everybody loves a girl that is beautiful.
By the efforts of two and the stomach of one, you were given the gift of life With expectations that your birth would bring their trying life a new light
Why her? Why me? Why does she feel like the whole world is out to get her? Feeling like no one wants to see her succeed or follow her dreams. But she loves so hard that she wants to see everyone make it in life.
a still, clear pond lays robin waits for a response but knows what awaits
I want to help you I know you are in mourning Your dad died too soon
  There once was a girl I met Was the best girl out there yet From bein’ together To barely ever Someon’ else got who I didn’t get
  Antonia We remember I remember Our childhood Had its pros and cons We’re adults now All grown up It’s crazy how time flies The few moments I spend with you now
  Let me tell you my friend, she was special Not that I could’ve chosen from several But she was my favorite out of the rest We became close, on the journey out west Antonia was my best childhood friend
You think you know what I'm all about, you see me walk, you see me talk. You see the way I care for others,
The world is a dark place All people are bad Never trust anyone We hide behind a mask Darkness is within us   We must better ourselves Negativity is dangerous Light can brighten our soul
She was a sad girl Although, no tears fell from her eyes. Her sadness was hidden Her smile full of lies.   She had so many dreams
Can you feel my heart beat Out under the moonlight Can you see the Horizon As the sun begins to rise Can you Feel this love Right here you and I Can you be my one and only Can you be my forever
Not a curtain, not a shell, not a wall, but a heart It’s not about coming out; it’s about coming in   The special about ones personality it’s that’s unique
Power doesn’t equal money Power doesn’t equal muscle strength
Growing up is tough, rough, but I''m learning a bunch. About Who I am, Who I want to be, and all the new people I meet. Sometimes I wish my life would all slow down,  I'm becoming a Junior in High School 
You saved my life.  I was slowly killing myself. One slash at a time. But now I am on my way to recovery. You standing by my side, what could be better?
Suffering by choice. Oh, glory that crossed death. Life! My chains are broken.
You are divinely created uniquley  de
Captivated I feelwith a whirlwind of nothingambitious to leavebut can't A girl with a dreambut just dreamin' it seemsnothing farther than that
There will always be a tree alive or dead to climb or to sit under feed it and water it growing and growing it gives its life for us to have warmth and coziness there will always be a tree
You said to me, "I am Lost" So I etched the constellations in every freckled part of my skin, so you would always know where you came from when you traced your fingers across my hips.
I want to let you know not just you, but them, too.
"Speak up!" They say, "You're too quiet."
are the shadows chasing me or are they my slave? if i can trap darkness what does that make me? just the same as you. asking questions to improve on another persons point of view.
tell the truth but tell it false success in obfuscation lies for truth makes wintry ill the spring and sickly pale our green delight;   like pleasant sleep to children
Lately, I’ve been writing to feel more human. I’ve been writing to feel closer to humanity. These days I’ve been feeling like a mere pebble Lost in a tragically made rock garden
They aren't just scars They are demons I fought at 00:00 They are my insecurities My deepest fear And my lonely nights They are my insults I have recieved and the Emotion I can't contain
We see him walking down the empty streets He looks just like us, 2 hands and 2 feet. Maybe he's strong, or, maybe he's weak But no matter what, people call him a freak There's one thing they're thinking:
fear i once heard of. it could damage your life it could bring you down it could hinder your mind fear is not from God it from the devil Fear distract you from your blessing fear causes to give up
The darkness is taking over my thoughts, I try to escape, but I can't. I'm drowning in a pool of my own madness. I can't seem to keep my head above water. No matter how hard I swim,
If you see her today and you love her today like you did yesterday then tell her because tomorrow she will be 2,000 miles away and the next
Having a new life is like finding love at first sight. being change is like allowing yourself to in a hand that would never fail you. as my life go on daily i gain more strength
their is a unique part of you that no one could be.
  I find myself staying up late at night No end to my destructive worries. Jumping from one topic to another in my racing mind.
forgiveness is like releasing guilt and hatred in and out your life.sometime forgiveness is a really hard to deal with.you have all type of memorie that hinders your mind.
We all want to be loved But what is love if we're all blind Not able to see their mistakes We think our partner is perfect I guess we're just too kind We don't umderstand why
A poem from my future serving as a past and present reference:     Life in its many stages represents various shades.  
You know what? You are absolutely right. I'm not the skinniest, thickest, apart of the group of five stars, dimes, and bad bitches I am a real woman
I have a secret identity I don't want others to see You need a key To set me free I have a big weakness  I can't love myself I have my uniqueness But is there anything else?
The reason why I try to hide 
When words can't explain my frustration on how a boy can change your mine completely 
I have a dry ass reality A reality filled with corridors  And cobwebs of unrequited dreams I’m within a dimension That I can’t fathom Unsatisfactory Dissatisfied Putting on of my hands
Two words, one meaning: gratitude.   Thank you.  
Those memories with you
No. Is all I hear.
Five Twelve Fifteen Seventeen
I walk a lonely road in the dark Filled with thorns and thisles I hear music, see a small light I am wearing tattered old ripped blue jeans I am cold
What can you do when you can't take it no more  Like there no place for you to be Everyone has attack you in so many 
Ever since 3rd grade I was changed for life  The though of failing a grade was a nightmare  It brings chills to my skin just thinking about it 
I don't want to be alone but be apart of something where people can except me for me 
Be yourself  when some ones looking be yourself even when no ones looking Don't stop being yourself from rejections you might get in your heart
We long to be accepted Whether by society, the media, or family I scream out loud but nothing comes out I am a human, I am my own being I do not conform to what society wants
Our E.T (Ending Truth)   We are not the only ones, That’s selfish to think so, Billions of planets,
Theres days when I fall and can't get back up  only to find a solution for me finding my balance again 
The countdown of it all. Months passes into weeks into days. My mind has been circulating on this for years. The time has come. New school, new friends, new enemies.
Follow me and
Look before you leap That's what my mother used to say to me
The struggles that seem to always fall, no matter whether they are BIG or small. Struggles always seems to find my way.
I hide files of myself into steel vaults keeping the code to myself not letting anyone else see who I am  and what I hide But only what I pretend to be In all these years I still have not come 
  my mom always warned me about the drugs on the street
dad 2 daddy your my superhero  3 daddy mommy said i am not aloud to let peeople touch me there 4 momy where is daddy
It's a whirlwind, you feel like you no longer are in control of your heart because you gave it away unintentionally. It feels like constant emotion of happiness and want.
As this day became the most worst of all
Are you the person who seats in the back of the class and when someone calls on you  everyone looks back and ask whose that 
The reason for my anger is that I'm frustrated that no one seems to take the time and listen  to many opinions but no real facts 
I prayed that I was dreaming When I saw that big wave The water was not normal But as dark as a cave It was full of weird greens and reds and blacks
I’m confused in this world. My Parents tell me one thing And my friends tell me another. I watch all the movies. I thought what I was feeling was real. What happened to love, live life.
It would be blissful to feel your presence as I walk across the stage, It is quite a shame you could not watch me become a better man the older I age, The persistance to fight through agony and reject all the blasphemy,
I wonder to myself how you are still here When thinking of you made me shed tears Knowing that you might fade away Wanting you to stay But then light appears Brightening the atmosphere<