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Something quick Something fresh Nah I’ll just have some noodles At least that's quick
No one fights my demons cuz angels don't exist A scream without an echo  is an arm without a fist Must we lose the ones we love  to see inside our hearts? Aren't we all just souls with tear-away faces
It's hard to feel alone in the world A piece of you missing but no one knows No one sees inside you to that terrible hole The hole in a space by your heart The one that screams out for a hand
Twenty third day of the eighth month He was in a programmePhotographing the various elements of itIn varied anglesVibe, vibe, vibe did his phone vibrate
What if every substance known to man Was tried by a poet Giving him inspiration for each new creation Not that one needs inspiration from drugs, heavens, no You can get it from the sky
He made promises. Things he could never reach and things he could never keep. He saw things beyond his reach. He would gaze at the moon and stars
I made it!Everything that I've been through in life, i found away to almost making it out, after the late nights crying myself to sleep seeing my mom trying to figure out away that we can eat.
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