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It is a cliche But nonetheless a truth That I like  Long walks on the beach. Walking is heaven but running is hell   On a beach
I can never seem to wait I always rush into things I wish I'd give more time I hope I can learn to abide   My emotions lust to hurry for the ones I think I love But how can I be certain
I dont like patience, waiting around isn't my thing.   I dont like space either, too much room for my mind to wander.   They say the best things come for those who wait, I believe it.  
Father,  You eat your porridge at such speed  That I wonder how your teeth 
I made it!Everything that I've been through in life, i found away to almost making it out, after the late nights crying myself to sleep seeing my mom trying to figure out away that we can eat.
Honor body spirit and emotions feel, them then watch them pass Rushing suppresses; all spirits are free until they arrive into our bodies,
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