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Walking on eggshells in order to please you,  you said that if I didn't listen you would sabotage me.  Send my pictures to college admissions, tell my parents that I had begun drinking again. You claimed it was 
  Rising from this hell Who’d want to see their past Yet my scars are all there to tell   Who could have guessed where I would dwell
My funeral was empty, my gravestone was bare The flowers that were meant for my mourning, were never there
Let me bathe in the light of your hate! For there seems no other place nor person who cares more about your thoughts than I.
Some are afraid to be abused, I am afraid to be the abuser, the problem, the one that brings pain of almost every dimension. The one that doesn’t understand why or how it got to that point.
I can't stay away.
DeadStrickenFrozen StillCaught in the hustle of lifeSwept along like a dust bunnyNot knowing who's to trust 
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