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Happy as a butterfly Smart as a bee The sugar to my tea You were there for me You watched me grow And begged me to dance As I jumped for the stars From my heels to my tippy toes
It's crazy how it is YouR my Friend And then The Next your gonE` Our Love is Like a Circle of Energy that connects us its Like your right in front of me And then your..😒 ..😯.
Honey            H               o                 n                   e                     y A drip, a stir Something sweet   Sweet like a star Bright like a note
“The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine.” -Cherry Wine, Hozier   The wine-red honey courses through her elastic veins as it had for years and years,
The golden honey rays flow Through the window, laying gently upon my face  Warming me from my head to my toes The magnificent yellow pierces  And drips its golden honey into my innocent iris
careless yet care ridden your lips dripping with honey so sweet you’re rotten to the core me, innocent innocence
There are two queens In my kingdom  There are two queens In my kingdom, you see   There are two queens And nobody is the 'man' In our damn relationship Do you need basic definitions?
it burns with promises of salvation or damnation which one is it! will it be sweet as honey, and bountiful like grass? Or might it be like a blade emotionless, ready to pierce you which one!
You ever wonder why something is the way it is?
Laughter drips from our mouths, like honey, sweetening  the room   The sporadic rise and fall of my chest
Paper mask you fold so well No one can see your crinkles and wrinkles 
The buzzing of bees, The raw smell of honey, The dark rich taste of chocolate. A glance and a smile
Love is more than this It is as sweet as honey Smooth as gentle waves
Honey-colored sunlight  Softly inching toward me  Warmth sinks   Through thin white sheets  Deep into my skin Filling my lungs  
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