use-to-be-smooth skin


her scars itch as if they feel her pain

they want friends

more of themselves to add to her collection 

it's like they can feel her bring the blade to kiss her use-to-be-smooth skin 

they can feel the blood and pain ooze out before she knows its going to happen

every now and then she can restrian from her addiction of release

but not today

not after this

the pain tears at her heart

begs to be free

begs for release

and the only release she knows of is that kiss

that sting that lasts for only a second

watching the metallic red drip from her new kiss gives her of control over that tear

another kiss to mark her new release of constant pain

only the observant ones notice them

but for now at this moment

untill shes ready to share her story

they are her reminder that when the tearing comes back

that kissof the blade on her use-to-be-smooth skin

is her friend

her release

her quick escape  


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