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Upon this dusty track I roam to see what I will see What will come and what has been, all that time brings And on this trip I laid my sight on an old worn memory Of two children who were young and full of  innocence
Walking the path Hundreds, no thousands had tread before Winding through the hurdles of life College, finals, work How does it all get done   I worked towards perfection Never stopping
A tree is a sight to behold,
I have become decided, That I will walk down this path. You may say what you will, But this is where I shall go.   I will work and strive, To prove that I am real.
There she was, under the bridge, beckoning me home again. Her hair like sunlight, amidst the darkness of the trees. Her milk white skin glistening in the mist. Her eyes were piercing, the temptation was strong.
Every star in the sky Is a different city Rooftop missions Summer ambitions Different paths  Dances before us Glazing eyes  Filled with wonder Hope
Which road to take? They both lead in different directions Left? or Right? They twist and turn along the barren ground Which would be better? Pebbles and stones decorate the sandy paths Up? or Down?
Walking down the little path, in the middle of the night Seeing your reflection in the water as you walk by. Lost blurs of silver and white expand across the dark night.
The peoples of the earth have looked wide, But few have looked at the side   Where the light shined the most bright. They didn't want to look straight into the light;  
Stepping to the beat dancing in the silence swaying in the stillness standing in the storm step by step walk the walk talk the talk trail the sidelines crossing pathways
Deep in the darkness of the forest The quiet death lay So still and so pale, It's sight darkens the day.
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