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the clock stricks 12 as I walk out of my room all im hearing is boom what the fuck is wrong with you what did I do to you did i entaganizze you all i hear is that boo hoo from your room and im saying shoo shoo two wordes fuck you
"A deadly weapon in disguise But i keep my head down Horror fills their eyes I search for patterns on the ground Bright lights fills night skies But I still feel bound I look up wishing I could fly
Depression Have you ever heard of such a thing? A dark passenger that takes your soul A marriage without a ring   Anxiety Have you ever felt such an emotion?
I once wanted what anyone wants: compassion. There was something about me that people couldn't stand, Maybe it was my apathy, sarcasm, or something of that fashion.
Some days I just wanted to scream I just wanted to runaway Or melt as if I were cream   They make everything seem like a dream
I been hated, I been loved but most of all i been hurt. I have felt the sting of hate the embrace of love and the burn of heartache. The pain that last an eternity and feels like a knife.
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