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They always told me "You write too much" So, I stopped. At the dinner table, They'd silence me  With their glaring eyes. And all I could do was painfully smile
                                             took control                                            it took it's toll                     on you and everyone around                       with bloody fists you pound 
No, my parents do not fight. No, my grades aren't bad. No, my family's wallets aren't tight. No, I do not appear to be sad.   No, I am not called ugly or fat.
I wear this mask obscuredly, I hide it best I can. For this mask is clear and transparent, I never did quite plan.
Depression Have you ever heard of such a thing? A dark passenger that takes your soul A marriage without a ring   Anxiety Have you ever felt such an emotion?
I once wanted what anyone wants: compassion. There was something about me that people couldn't stand, Maybe it was my apathy, sarcasm, or something of that fashion.
In the blackest of the night, It glides through the overgrown grassand threw the sewers under the city streets.It swallows the minds of innocents.It rips into the lost souls.
Whisper your sweet stories of love’s fallen desires, To souls with unopened ears. Litter your soul with the fragments of joy’s crashing glories,
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