Unknown Boy


Olathe, Kansas
North Logan Street
United States
41° 36' 56.9952" N, 87° 30' 22.338" W

Unknown boy

Unknown life

By me atleast. 

I didn't know of your existance

And I'm sure you don't know of mine

But maybe you do

Atleast now. 


I've been thinking about you a lot

And I've been wanting to write this for quite some time

But I never knew how

Or what to say

I guess I can start by introducing myself

My name is Annelise

And we are family.

Yes, our family is huge and there are probably one hundred just like me.

One hundred others wanting to have helped you

Sadly, we never could get a chance.


From what I've heard, you were happy,

But no one knew the deep truth.

It was unexpected

Nobody knew except yourself

That day you made that dreadful choice. 

The choice of ending the pain

Instead of allowing it to get better.


I remember the phone call

And my mother's shocked expression.

I remember her later telling me

To never feel embarrassed 

Or scared

To talk, to speak out, if I EVER felt

The unfortunate way you did.


I keep thinking,

If only I could have done something

but I know that is impossible

because I never knew you

and I still don't.

Now I'll never get the chance.


You're no longer hurting,

And for that I am glad.

Always in my heart.

Unknown boy.



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